[AAR] The Forgotten Fleet - Drop Dead!!

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Raas Caslo
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[AAR] The Forgotten Fleet - Drop Dead!!

Post by Raas Caslo »

Hello fellow gunners!! Thank you for flying today. I hope you had fun!

Today's fleet had 8 pilots, we managed to get a logi and a scout, the rest were Garmurs and Merlins.

Roam members (8)
Ben Lear - Garmur
Leguim - Merlin
Raas Caslo - Garmur
Space Warfare Development - Merlin
Tomcat Evergreen - Burst
Trew Berserk - Garmur
Uedachi Versace - Merlin
Z3L0s - Merlin
The fleet took Thera to roam around the Scalding Pass as it had 2 WH exits. One of the exits had a near system with a positive NPC Kills, but once in system we found nothing to engage, so was decided to cross the region to reach the other Thera WH. In F-5FDA our scout Space Warfare managed to tackle a Caracal and the fleet got the kill. To our surprise, there were several ships in the nearby POS tethered, but no response happened and we could extract from the system without losing ships.

On the way to the exit system, a Kiki fleet landed on us at one of the in-gates which we managed to evade, while heading to the exit system, a second attempt happened and the fleet got divided in three different systems as we scattered. Immediately we started to coordinate the regrouping in N3-JBX, but, I made a mistake of not leaving the out-gate quickly to bring the fleet into safety where we could focus in the regrouping effort and few seconds after the Kiki fleet jumped in, which I didn't notice as I was distracted reading maps and some of us got caught... -my bad- :-/

At this point the 2IC Trew Berserk took command of the fleet and managed to regroup the remaining pilots. The fleet kept heading to Thera, but, once they jumped into it, a party camping the WH managed to kill the fleet.

At this point we folded the fleet. While reviewing the kills I noticed that I made another mistake. I did not verify that I effectively switched my training clone when I requested to do it in station. Losing my pod became my pain today as I was actually asking my fleet mates to ensure they were in clean clones before departure.. so embarrassing. :-(

Kills and Losses

(21:12:06) F-5FDA
Caracal +35.36m

(21:33:39) N3-JBX
Garmur -68.73m
Merlin -12.83m
Capsule -544.04m
Burst -7.97m
Merlin -7.88m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

(21:44:58) Thera, V-F6DQ
Garmur -68.91m
Garmur -68.27m
Merlin -9.57m
Capsule -0.01m
Merlin -8.66m
Capsule -9.22m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 35,357,119.29
ISK Lost: 806,119,964.47
ISK Delta: -770,762,845.18
Efficiency: 4.202%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    - Having New to PvP pilots be part of the fleet.
    - Having a 2IC that got in charge of the fleet with a lot of confidence.
    - Fleet members that kept cool and managed to survive as long as they could.
    (Stuff to improve)
    - Need to get the fleet to safety before looking into other tasks.
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The Forgotten Fleet
"Live to Fly, Fly to Kill"
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Ben Lear
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Re: [AAR] The Forgotten Fleet - Drop Dead!!

Post by Ben Lear »

Thanks for organising this fleet again Rass and to our fab scout with the great name 'Space Warfare Development' (who we all kept thinking was a structure when called....) and the 2IC Trew Berserk

I rushed back from the latest shield bash to join in the form up with my Garmur and it was another terrific experience. The nice thing about these fleets is the 'content' is so different every time (because it verses people rather than rats I think)

I was great , worm holes, low sec , nul sec, the fleet getting kills and them being jumped and split, the survivors traveling in two groups to the wormhole and then just when I thought we were safe we jumped into the worm hole to die in a blaze of glory (and bubbles...)

Already looking forward to the next one, please Rass :wink:
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