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Fonggar Akiga
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LSC Roam /Gate Camp

Post by Fonggar Akiga »

Thanks to all the unistas that came out to the roam/gate camp.

Glen Burney invited us to join his gate camp at Tama, which we did, forming a roaming wing in his fleet.

Magic merlins, 2 bursts, 1 griffon, 1 helios, and 1 ramjag was our fleet

Roll call
Suriya Wiggin
Vex Clover-cloaky scout, punter
Hikaru Sakai-logi
Adam Cion- scout
Alcohol Inspector
Mors Mihi Lucrum
Julius ReifrardRenlard Toten
Makito Luyenson
Sean Yakin
Vlye Annages
Elemag Vtori-logi
Kithian Hastos-ewar
We formed up in Eugales, and proceeded to roam to Tama.
We chased an atron from Aldranette to Nennamalia and prober scanned down the ship and we blew it up.
We lost a ship to trig guns, so we'll have to set up a pochven standings fleet soon.

We didn't see much more action till we got to Tama.
We played bouncing games between the sun, gates, and station, with a stiletto and Slicer, which wouldn't engage
within 50km and we didn't have any luck landing on. So we disengaged and warped to the Nourvukaiken gate camp.

We gate camped a coercer and badger, while folks learned to warp off from the gate guns.
We warped to a complex and took out a salvaging Tormentor.
We returned to the gate just in time to see a gate camp crashing fleet engage us. The were positiong themselves at 70km below the gate which was well outside the range of most of the gate campers.
We bounced from an off gate tactical and landed on the orthrus, which everyone seemed to be shooting at.
We also snagged a Stiletto and Scorpion at that same engagement, bouncing off various bookmarks to get into position. The scorpion was closest to our gate camp fleet, so we bounced there to engage.

We were steadily losing ships throughout these engagements, and were down to a handful of ships. Both logi and ewar was taken out first by the enemy fleets.
We were at the end of our fleet time, so we called it a night and headed home.

106mill vs 740mill

-lose sight of grid awareness when convoing in chat. I almost got taken out by a stratios.
Fortunately the fleet warped to me in time to scare him off.
Unfortunately I didn't have a scram on my merlin, but my shield boosters helped keep me alive.

Unfortunately punting didn't work in this fleet, and we'll need to figure out why.
Maybe a bug/fleet setup issue.

Lessons learned
Bookmarks and offgate tacticals are super handy when trying to engage kitey ships.
Landing on targets are a tricky.

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Sean Yakin
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Re: LSC Roam /Gate Camp

Post by Sean Yakin »

Had a great time in this fleet. Looking forward to next time. :D
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Re: LSC Roam /Gate Camp

Post by RLoagan »

Had a lot of fun, thanks Fonggar! Got on 5 kills AND made it out with my Merlin at the end of the day!!
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Kithian Hastos
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Re: LSC Roam /Gate Camp

Post by Kithian Hastos »

Fun fleet and I got to blow up my Griffin before the platinum insurance expired. Win win!
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Glen Burney
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Re: LSC Roam /Gate Camp

Post by Glen Burney »

That was tremendously fun! It worked REALLY well to have 2 seperate wings, especially in the engagement with Shadow Cartel at the end, your fleet of Merlins would pop onto them and get tackle, and then we could ride in and apply DD, and boogey out before the kiters could kite us too much. Thanks for working with the Spectre folks!
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