[AAR] Ganking Leshaks down an EOL chain 1/27/2021

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[AAR] Ganking Leshaks down an EOL chain 1/27/2021

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The prelude

This engagement started with Jynn keeping eyes in a C5 after seeing a Zephyr on D-Scan. We had previously fought with the Zephyr's corp ending in a fairly one sided victory, and had left the chain due to our connection to them being EOL. https://zkillboard.com/related/31001766/202101271400/

It seems that they thought we were totally out of the chain and ended up undocking 3 leshaks to farm their C5 static. We ended up forming LA to gank them, roughly 8 dd, 3 augs, and 2 sabres. I called for dd to refit scrams to stop MJD's and radar jams to jam out the leshaks

The fight

After getting a bookmark on the MTU, we jumped into our extremely EOL connection, and warped to the C5 in hole. The C5 they were farming in had a HS connection, so we decided to punt one sabre on the leshaks, and bring the other sabre to the HS connection to stop them from escaping. We all jumped the hole into the C5 and set the sabres off to get bubbles. I then cold warped everyone onto a perch from the leshaks instead of the MTU accidentally leading to the dd and logi landing about 15 seconds later then they should have. While on the perch I cold warped again, causing the logi to land 2-3 seconds before the DD, leading to one of them being blown up shortly after the DD finally landed on the leshaks. When the fight actually got going, we blew up the leshaks pretty well, though I forgot to blow up the MTU until after 1 leshak had already died. We managed to kill all the leshaks without any other losses, though I cold warped before checking for scrams, and lost the rest of my logi due to the drifter battleship holding them down. Had I remembered to check for scrams and warped aligned, I could have saved atleast one of them. Overall a pretty big success, as the augs cost a fraction of just one leshak. https://zkillboard.com/related/31002233/202101271600/

The escape

Shortly after we had jumped the in hole where the leshaks were farming, I noticed that the hole went crit. After the fight, I decided to take the HS hole out of the C5, as our exit hole's mass was unstable and I didn't want the fleet getting split. The highsec hole took us about 7 jumps away from Amarr, though was fairly far from any connection to innuendo, and thera holes were unhelpful. We decided to drop the loot off at Amarr and then brave the lowsec connection that we had ~10 jumps away. About 2 jumps into our lowsec trip, still 5-6 jumps away from our wormhole our, our scout spotted an Apostle and Redeemer camping our outgate. We decided to brave the gate after warping to a celestial, and found that we were now being chased by 2 arazu's. We kept ahead of them for a couple gates, but were finally caught 2 jumps from our outhole. I cold warped everyone, and told those that were caught to crash gate and try to escape. We ended up losing 2 dd, with everyone else getting away.

Things we did well:
-Got bubblers in position well, held everything down long enough for the fleet to get there.
-We formed quickly, considering that the hole was EOL and we had to go quickly.
-We remembered to swap out some mids for scrams and radar jams
-Got all the kills

Things to do better:
-Stop doing so many damn cold warps when I shouldn't
-Tell logi to exempt from fleet warp and warp 2-3 seconds after DD has warped
-Should have either not transited through a lowsec that is highly camped, or told everyone to make best speed home to save time when being chased
-Make sure that scrams are clear before cold warping
-Consider warping in after the drifter battleship has been killed or before the drifter has spawned.

Overall a fun time, and very isk positive :)
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