AAR "AMC Shared Can" 1/26/2021

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AAR "AMC Shared Can" 1/26/2021

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With a trend in Opsec lately, Myself and a few others hatched a plan to bait in WeR4 with a QRF fleet ready to go, enjoy our adventure below.

The Plan

We know WeR4 enjoy preying on AMC's miners and decided to setup a bit of a trap. Knowing what they "generally" run we decided a group of us running a QRF in RLML Caracals with some Bait Procurers running tackle. We figured between dedicated logi, tackle, ewar, and DD we could take the 2 Battleships + support ships they normally run in or catch the Hecate and/or Proteus who normally drops on our miners...

The OP

Everything started good, we had ships ready to rock and roll if we got engaged and pickets setup for eyes in Enedore and Carirnogottin. I passed out some Free T1 ECM Griffins to pilots not in the Opsec pool of folks as a "just in case" we get into an engagement. About when we put the fleet out to start mining we got word from HSC there was a group of WeR4 in Amy/Juf and it was a lot more dangerous than we anticipated. The Intel was they had a few tackle ships, Stratios, and 5 battleships and appreciate the heads up from Nexdoom, Sanata, & UU.

As the FC I then had to make a decision do we go as planned knowing how badly out shipped we were or dock up. I made the choice to give them to bait and see what we could do against them. I had all the non opsec folks dock up and jump in the free Griffins and we left 4 Bait procurers on grid. The tackle landed on grid and were instantly grabbed by our Bait Procurers, FC failed at swapping into his RamJag and ejected it into space from the Orca hold and decided to stay in the Procurer and help tackle.

We ended up losing our QRF fleet (3 Caracals, 2 Scythes, a Blackbird & a Bait Procurer and taking out the Punisher and Stratios, while two of the Bait Procurers were able to warp off.

Battle Report

ISK Destroyed: 388,093,115.22
ISK Lost: 285,941,498.88
ISK Delta: 102,151,616.34
Efficiency: 57.6%

Afterwards we let people in on the plan and formed up for an RLML Caracal Roam with extra ships for additional "content". We first went to Dodixie to attempt to bait out the Vexor who had been playing station games. We did end up getting the Vexor to take the bait and lost a griffin but sadly tackle wasn't quick enough getting in on grid and the Vexor was able to bounce and land back on the station. We did get tackle on the station but as their weapon timer expired they were able to dock up. Then reshipping into a Kronos which... station games vs a Maurader. Fleet headed to Tar where the regular gang of WeR4 were sitting in station but they decided to stay docked up and the roam was called at 04:30.

Don't forget to submit Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for the Cruiser QRF folks

Shared Can Info

Fleet Members
Bullitt Houston
Burberry Coggles
Dairek Alamari
Eitch Q'Lancie
Fasha Ren
Kirby Enyx
Louis Del'arbre
Metti ar Virksen
Mors Mihi Lucrum
Purple Wysp
Randolff Ozenbud
Remco Steen
Rowan Mosley
Shogi Kaine
Tenzo Cyphre
Trajen Syn
Xenotaff Livergarde
In our short time mining we ended up with the following

Azure Plagioclase 13,403
Concentrated Veldspar 353,231
Condensed Scordite 5,730
Massive Scordite 82,836
Plagioclase 187,827
Rich Plagioclase 9,849
Scordite 167,714
Veldspar 688,688

SC Spreadsheet

Ore Value - 40.3mil
Random Loot/Salvage Value - 22 mil
Total Value of SC - 62,305,982.88 isk

Payouts should be going out shortly and if there is any loot/salvage which didn't get contracted to me let me know and I can split it up later.

Overall Evaluation
  • ✔ Positive
  • We executed the plan as intended to bloody WeR4's nose a bit
  • Opsec was mostly maintained
  • Hype generated for fleets in the future

    ✘ Negatives
  • We were badly outgunned... 7 Battleships easily overwhelmed us
  • FC fails at swapping ships from the Orca
  • Logi wing should be offgrid when the battle starts
  • Level of opsec meant we didn't have as much DD available
Final Thoughts

I was very happy with how the op and resulting roam turned out a decent sized fleet. I look forward to future ops at AMC (including our ventures into Pochven. Sorry to keep people in the dark with opsec who joined for a Shared Can but glad you reshipped into Griffins and understood the need for it. Hopefully in the future we can have some ships on contract here at AMC so we can pull in more reinforcements at an increased speed.

Appreciate everyone involved and fly dangerously folks.

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Re: AAR "AMC Shared Can" 1/26/2021

Post by Eitch Q'Lancie »

It was a great experience, thanks Vis!
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