[AAR] EDI Flash Fleet to Extractive Super-Nexus

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Arin Mara



Post 2020.12.28 14:25

[AAR] EDI Flash Fleet to Extractive Super-Nexus

EDI Flash Fleet to Extractive Super-Nexus



  • Destroy the Extractive Super-Nexuses in Triglavian Minor Victory Systems


  • Asteroid Belts with Extractive Super-Nexus in Piekura and Litiura, Caldari State, Minor Triglavian Victories

Communication and Planning

Used an ad-hock, hierarchy flat, Discord channel for communication.
The Fleet Commander said "check check" when they wanted radio silence.

Fleet composition:
  • 8 Damage Dealers
  • 6 Non-Chain Logisticians
  • 1 Salvager


  • Fleet form up at 16:00
  • Fleet undock at 16:50
  • Fleet underway at 17:00
  • Five minute bio break at 18:35
  • At 19:00 the Fleet was dismissed due to lack of Damage Dealers


Extractive Super-Nexus:
  • Located in Asteroid Belts in Triglavian Minor Victory Systems
  • Attacking it summons a Triglavian Response Fleet
  • Triglavian Response Fleets did not include Deployable Weapon System Kikimoras
  • Triglavian Response Fleets target Drones if they are deployed early
  • Capsuleers reported severe framerate drop at the first Extractive Super-Nexus [1]
  • Ore loot was underwhelming compared to the effort required to destroy the Structure [2]

  • Triglavian Response Fleets were often Neutral white instead of Enemy red despite having negative Triglavian Standing
  • If you do no attack Triglavians, but only provide Logistical support, your Standing will not decrease

  • Target priorities were delegated to the Tagger, but were often: Dazh Industrials, Anchoring role ships, Hospodar ranked ships, then what the Tagger said
  • Logisticians were divided into two groups and their targets were called by the Fleet Commander
  • Members used "I" and "me" instead of their name when referring to themselves which caused confusion

Fleet Commander:
  • Had issues with Discord
  • Delegated tasks to Fleet members
  • Warped Fleet from Stargate to Stargate
  • Set Fleet rules: radio silence, calls and responses


  • Gathered a lot of data about the Extractive Super-Nexuses and their Response Fleets
  • Destroyed four Extractive Super-Nexuses and two Entropic Disintegrator Werposts in two different Systems
  • Gathered loot and salvage that will be distributed based on how many Extractive Super-Nexuses each member helped destroy

Fleet Members

Damage Dealers:
* Angry Jakem
* Hikowa Dean
* Kaneda Emperis
* Lord Omega
* Mwadeeb2, Tagger, Command Burster and Anchor
* Sheila Lucis
* Talaxandrea Myst, Drone Bunny
* White Claws

* Aryan Aryaie, FC
* Arin Mara, yours truly :)
* M Matrix
* Mattio Ohaya
* Miran Tereven
* Pardy Gaming

* Subotai Zouken, alt clone of Lord Omega

About the EDENCOM Defense Initiative

Personal Notes

  • A Fleet member was banned from the EDI Discord which cause the Fleet to stay docked for much longer
  • There was no sign up procedure for the Fleet
  • Fleet Fittings were not published publicly
  • Loot management slowed down the Fleet: salvaging was an afterthought, the Salvager joined late, the Salvager was experiencing crippling lag in Jita, the salvage volume was too much for a single ship to carry

--- --- Appendix --- ---

[1] Capsuleers who reported a severe framerate drop

* Angry Jakem, DPS
* Hikowa Dean, DPS
* Lord Omega, DPS
* Sheila Lucis, DPS
* Talaxandrea Myst, Drone Bunny
* Arin Mara, Logistician
* Subotai Zouken, Salvager

[2] Extractive Super-Nexus Ore Loot

1) Rich Plagioclase 50000
2) Solid Pyroxeres 4526, Veldspar 173068
3) Plagioclase 5025, Pyroxeres 1326, Solid Pyroxeres 13070, Condensed Scordite 29875, Scordite 28080, Concentrated Veldspar 57810, Dense Veldspar 2115
4) Azure Plagioclase 23718, Condensed Scordite 42753, Concentrated Veldspar 78725

One of the great joys of attending a Public Fleet is that you never know what will happen next:
  • A capsuleer was banned from the EDI Discord and we had to move to a third-party Discord Channel
  • A capsuleer didn't want to jump into a System because they feared their 300M ISK well-tanked Battleship would be ganked and destroyed
  • A capsuleer thought that Command Burst charges were infinite and would never be consumed
  • A capsuleer was killed by the opposing member of the Faction Warfare Militia and their wreck was looted by a third-party
  • The Salvager responsible for handling loot was also the capsuleer that lagged the most in Jita
  • Capsuleers left the Fleet without giving even a five minute notice

Not only did I gather lots of valuable data for the Wiki, but I also met different capsuleers from all over New Eden. Comparing how they think, behave and talk gave me valuable insights into the size, complexity and beauty of New Eden. :)

If you'd like to know what it was like to assault the Stellar Fleet Deployment Site, check out my previous Report.

Does this Fleet appeal to you? Do you think a University Fleet could do better? :) If you are interested in attending a similar Event feel free to contact me. :)

Virgilia Coriolanus



Post 2020.12.28 19:24

Re: [AAR] EDI Flash Fleet to Extractive Super-Nexus

Thank you Arin for doing this practical research excursions! It is very nice to read that you are reaching out beyond the community. I look forward to more reports!

Arin Mara



Post 2020.12.29 07:28

Re: [AAR] EDI Flash Fleet to Extractive Super-Nexus

Thanks Virgilia :) What makes this particular Fleet even sweeter is that I got recognized by the Fleet Commander :D

They even gathered extra data from the report and approved a custom made Logistics Fit :)

Arin Mara



Post 2021.01.02 08:33

Re: [AAR] EDI Flash Fleet to Extractive Super-Nexus

Yours truly was invited personally to attend and report on the EDI dual-standing expedition headed for Pochven! :D

The Fleet will form up today at 15:30 and depart at 1600 EVE Time from an unknown System in armor-tanked Battleships and Battlecruisers with supporting tackle, probing, tackle and salvage vessels. The expedition will yield, yet again, vital information for the Wiki. For more information about the Fleet, Event and Ship Fits please contact "Aryan Aryaie" in game ;)

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