[AAR] Merlins with a surprise! 16 dec 2020 20:00

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Asuka Rossi
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[AAR] Merlins with a surprise! 16 dec 2020 20:00

Post by Asuka Rossi »

Roam members (24)
Alexei Erkkinen - Burst
Analee Tsasa - Griffin Navy Issue
Arkady Marten
Asuka Rossi - Griffin Navy Issue
Ben Lear
Casimir 1981 - Merlin
Eugate Maulerant
Fudster - Merlin
Gaelys Aarmenvar - Burst
Indy Amatin
JohnPlayerNotSpecial - Merlin
LucianusLuciferus - Merlin
Major Layser - Merlin
Mike Kingswell - Slasher, Malediction
Nienke Solette
Orangesoda1 - Griffin Navy Issue
Otto Shultz - Merlin
RLoagan - Merlin
Red Fish
Ronnie Hollie
Sparklez Ripper - Slasher
Woody Lo
I wanted to test something a bit different by adding some Griffin Navy issues to a Merlin fleet to see how those perform, and after a bit of brainstorming with Urban Oxide we got out a nice fit (see only GNI death for the fit).
Really good logi numbers (6) and GNI (4) and really well balanced fleet.

Kills and Losses

got him on a gate, he popped.

(20:34:28) Loes
Anathema +50.55m

Mike died on a plex and 2nd scout was slow to get secondary. Target warped off.

(20:36:27) Ouelletta
Slasher -7.95m

Mike after he reshipped he found a gating tempest and he got aggressed, some ppl tried to help him but all died when the fleet was a bit too in front.

(20:44:15) Melmaniel, Murethand
Slasher -6.06m
Griffin Navy Issue -30.1m
Slasher -2.74m

Target tackled and disappeared.

(21:10:28) Reitsato
Incursus +14.27m

(dont remember the system)

Scout found two drekevacs running those event sites so i bring the fleet in, target warp off and we got aggro from the rats, we killed them all and everybody does an amazing job with broadcasts and by staying alive.

(21:16:27) Tama
Slasher -6.05m

After nobody wanted to fight with us we Yeeted in null and headed to R10, where we didnt got a fight either so we yeeted again, got a system even further from HS so the fleet became jump simulator.
Everythign was dead tho so fleet got back safely.

Mike died, nothing strange.

(22:42:40) AY9X-Q, N06Z-Q
Burst -7.84m
Merlin -14.05m

I dont really know what happened here, nobody sayed anything in comms about this.

(23:10:26) Onatoh
Malediction -36.33m
Capsule -0.01m

Mike got smartbombed for the happiness of Sparklez.

ISK Destroyed: 64,822,222.24
ISK Lost: 111,131,042.31
ISK Delta: -46,308,820.07
Efficiency: 36.841%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    -Griffin work really well with the fleet, need more testing
    -Some pew
    -We learned how to jump REALLY WELL
    -Mike Died
    -Sparklez Died

    (Negative stuff)
    -Nobody wanted to fight us, idk if was for the GNIs
    -Mike Died too early
    - Sparklez didnt died too much
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Instant Italian Coffee
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Re: [AAR] Merlins with a surprise! 16 dec 2020 20:00

Post by Instant Italian Coffee »

Asuka we should do this again, with more Griffin Navy!
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