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[SOLO] Kelon Tournament - K'Anpo Rimpoche

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Conclusion at the Beginning

ISK summary: 1,743.5M isk destroyed, 165.2M isk lost.
ISK delta: 1,578.4M. ISK efficiency: 91.3%.

Despite missing half of it, November has been a pretty awesome month for my eve education. I'm loving looking back at my Geminate klutz fail efforts and comparing them to the vaguely-skilled and efficient bubble trapper that I have become. I know the locals and their alts, and it seems that they know me. I'm also very paranoid most of the time, and it's saved me from a number of counter-trap efforts.

My missed kills, and my loss, have been very good learning opportunities. It's been quite gratifying to see people do the right thing and avoid the claws of my evil little sabre, and I'm learning heaps from their efforts.

I've still not managed to catch any explorers in-site, but the rest of my operations have become pretty smooth and efficient ... and effective.

Key learnings that I gained by joining this challenge:

Theory and practice and effort. You need all three to improve. I’d read-up and discussed these techniques quite thoroughly before starting, but my first week was pretty much a continuous train wreck. By the end of the month I was picking likely bait with decent efficiency and catching targets in a range of situations, including drag-and-decloak type traps.

Ship losses focus your mind, and are great for learning new things. Paradoxically my second loss occurred while I was implementing the learnings from my first, but even that made me so much more aware of the system geometry. The sun is in the general direction that my threats are most likely to come from. I still found the losses upsetting, especially my 12-killmark sabre, but do also recognise them as learning opportunities.

Just because he tried to kill you does not mean he’s a bad person. In a way, I think this was possibly the best part of this challenge. It only started happening as I became more confident and competent myself, but some of the chats I had were very helpful and informative. Maybe even a few new space-friends out there that I can call upon in the future. I believe I also managed to repesent UNI in a good light, even though I was trying hard to kill people. A few people goaded and swore at me, but most I engaged with were friendly and helpful and seemed to appreciate the effort.

Eyes are critical for camping efforts. It was super hard work when I was watching for gate flashes and, basically, guessing about whether I had a decent target coming. A stratios would have completely ruined my day. Even alpha characters in pods gave me better info, but once I could use some cloaky scouts my capability sky-rocketed.

Interdictors are awesome. Just sayin’ :P



At the end of this month it is my six-month birthday in eve. Upon reading about this challenge I decided I'd give it a go. Having just pushed my training to accommodate the sabre, and wanting to learn how to use that ship solo I decided I'd make it Sabre-November and see what I could do.

I fly in eve's quietest time zone, so the options available to most players are not readily accessible for me. I did try a solo roam one evening after I first read about this competition. 4 regions, 50+ systems, and I found one fight, way out in Cloud Ring. That was a Broadsword and webbing 'ceptor camping an ingate waiting for me. I had zero chance in my lovely little jaguar, but I did manage to get back to gate and the jump activated before the HICtor's last 425mm broadside hit me .... 8% structure remaining and nowhere to repair :-(

Talking to a colleague about the Sabre, it became clear there was very little classical solo gudfites PvP that I was going to be able to gather kills with. I needed to be sneaky and try to set the engagement to my favour right from the beginning. I learned several techniques, on paper, and headed out to try them out. It seemed to me that this would suit my own styles and temperament, and also offer great flexibility for my on-again off-again gameplay.
My 12-killmark birthday Sabre, still alive, late on my eve 6-months 'birthday' of 29NOV20.
This beautiful ship almost made it through this November challenge, but died on 30NOV20 :-(
So, here begins the epic saga of K'Anpo's Kamping in November. I'm not gonna label each a different AAR, although every kill ... and every missed kill ... is a separate engagement. I'm just going to collate them in chronological order and make some AAR comments on those that - to me - are noteworthy.

02 - 03 November 2020

Following some advice I took my brand new sabre to Geminate to try and camp a pipeline system out there. It took a long time to move my sabre out there, and then even longer to setup my bookmarks and logistic support in 2E-ZR5.

I'd read-up on trapping covert ships and explorers, so that was my goal. I also wanted to try out solo camping, isolated, and deep in hostile space.

04 November 2020

My first day of actually hunting. There were numerous mess-ups, like pretty much everything I tried to do.

Missed kill. I'd setup a trap in a relic site. No eyes, just my sabre and directional scan. I made an offgrid perch, within 1AU from the site, so it'd be a quick warp when I needed. Finally an astero came into the site and I warped to the 'beacon' at zero. He was still in bubble range when I landed but just burned away and cloaked. We had a long friendly chat afterwards.
Summary: 0 isk destroyed, 0 isk lost and some friendliness delivered.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88380126/ - solo, only a shuttle but my first kill out here [25k]. Stop bubble on his outgate, because he had not warped direct gate-to-gate and I wanted to catch him whichever direction he came from.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88380131/ - solo, capsule from shuttle pilot [49.12M]
Summary: 49.3M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

This session was a great exercise in trying something new and learning the little details that matter, by screwing-up pretty much everything I tried. I have not sorted out the finer points of the drag-and-decloak traps for catching covops ships. Perhaps everyone out here uses perches all the time, although I doubt that. It's also very hit-and-miss watching for gate flashes and changes in local, to spring my bubble traps. I think I need to train, or otherwise acquire, some alts to be my eyes in neighbouring systems.

06 November 2020

I refuel and re-arm the sabre and head out again, into the Geminate wilds.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88415810/ - solo, shuttle [23.12k]. Successful drag bubble trap, but nothing particularly clever ... no decloaking.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88415814/ - solo, shuttle-dood's pod [2.7M]
Summary: 2.7M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88416515/ - solo, just a random empty capsule passing thru [10k]. Ingate zero-spot bubble trap.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88416638/ - solo, explorer heron [9.77M]. Ingate zero-spot bubble. He tried to burn back, and very nearly made it.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88416649/ - solo, his pod [10k]
Summary: 9.8M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88417618/ - solo, explorer astero [72.53M]. Drag and decloak success! My first! Oh happy days :-) I think the important aspect I'd been missing is to be precisely on my bubble-spot bookmark, like set the ship to 'approach' the bookmark after warping to it. It takes a while, after dropping the bubble, to also zero-in on my decloak spot, but there's quite a lot of time while they're in-warp. Maybe jettisoning a corpse will increase the decloaking success.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88417625/ - solo, his pod [10k].
Summary: 72.5M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88417780/ - solo, reaper [9.4k]. My Geminate camping had been mostly setting things up, and quite tedious. It was difficult to know how much was my own doing - due inexperience - but I decided to decamp from the region, and maybe come back later. On my way back to NPC-station system I saw a reaper heading somewhere. I gave chase and finally, several systems later, got a lucky bubble drop on him after a gate jump.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88417794/ - solo, reaper-dood's capsule [10k].

09 November 2020

Many, many gate jumps later I have moved a couple of sabres, and a few other ships and 'stuff' to NSC PC9 station ... and headed back to 6E-578 with my sabre. 6E- is not, strictly, a pipeline system but most of the traffic is actually travelling between MHC-R3 and ZVN5-H. I'd already built myself a collection of bookmarks for bubbles, decloak spots, and other useful locations in system.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88415810/ - solo, explorer velator [21.36M]. Straight-forward drag bubble trap.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88491986/ - solo, his capsule [1.52M].
Summary: 22.9M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88492131/ - solo, astero [76.3M]. Drag and decloak trap success. He almost escaped. He was faster than me and almost escaped while I was still locking him. Thankfully I got an overheated scram on him and another bubble just as he got to the edge of my second. Props to him. I've had a number of switched-on asteros just burn away and escape.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88492147/ - solo, astero-pilot's pod [10k].
Summary: 76.3M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88492156/ - solo, breacher [8.52M]. Drag bubble trap.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88492169/ - solo, breacher's pod [10k].

10 November 2020

Kattegaud war HQ hit fleet. I put the sabre in for a service and head over for the final timer hit.

13 November 2020

Missed kill. https://zkillboard.com/kill/88572085/ [84.1M]. Very busy RL, but I get a little evening-time ingame. Along comes a mastodon, awesome, and he warps straight into my drag bubble trap, even better. I tackle and start applying damage. Knowing my scram cannot hold him I keep him bubbled. He's quiet in local but his ship just laughs at my DPS. I'm thinkingmaybe he uses cap boosters or nanite paste for his repping so, maybe, I can just outlast him ... maybe.
A new neut appears in local, so I decide to dis-engage just in case. The stiletto lands just as i am getting out of my own bubbles and I try for a cloak. This fails because the mastodon has me locked and, because I am burning in an empty direction, I cannot align for a warp-away quickly enough. The stiletto tackles me and holds me, seemingly forever, while their buddies arrive for the kill. I try lots of things, but could not even get a lock on the ceptor. I die.
I did warp my capsule out to a 'sunspot' bookmark, enjoyed their frustrated pursuit, and got to tell my bookmarks class about it a day or two later :-)
I am not sure if it was a pre-planned trap, or they just QRF responded to my catching him. A couple of lessons for me I think: Disengage early if it looks like a lost cause kill (perhaps, tho I am not sure about this since pushing the impossible seems also the way to get tough kills); when bravely running away use an align point - bookmark or celestial - so you have best chance of getting a quick escape warp.
Summary: 0 isk destroyed, 84.1M isk lost.

14 - 26 November 2020

Shit happening in RL. No eve hunting at all :-(

27 November 2020

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88882307/ - solo, explorer imicus [851k]. Drag bubble trap.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88882314/ - solo, his pod [10k]

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88882823/ - solo, tanky astero [107.9M]. Drag and decloak trap. He tried to run and then he tried to fight. He died.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88882838/ - solo, his pod [10k].
Summary: 107.9M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88898420/ - solo, a passing pod [19.5M]. Drag bubble trap.
Summary: 19.5M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

28 November 2020

I'd remained in system the previous eve-day so just cntinued on, even though it shows as a different day in eve. It's my Saturday so I was off running errands, leaving the sabre cloaked AFK, and coming back to try and kill something - rinsing and repeating.

https://zkillboard.com/system/30003270/ - solo, anathema [50.4M]. Drag and decloak bubble trap. I'm getting better at these.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88899166/ - solo, anathema's capsul [10k].
Summary: 50.4M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88901052/ - solo, a surprisingly valuable velator [106.6M]. Gate drag bubble trap.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88901061/ - solo, velator's capsule [10k].
Summary: 106.6M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88901062/ - solo, my first goon kill, an empty capsule [10k]. This was entirely fortuitous. He warped into the bubble I had set for the velator, and I was happy to accept his offering. He did suggest in local that, since his pod was empty and his medclone was just next door in MHC, I should not kill him. I don't think so!

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88902439/ - solo, prowler [215.1M]. Drag and decloak bubble trap. I'd been dreaming about catching a cloaky hauler laden with billions of isk worth of goodies, so when this guy 'accepted' my trap offer I was hoping bigtime. It was not until after I'd killed the ship and pod, and tidied-up the debris field, that I saw the result. Not the multi-billion isk cargi I'd been dreaming of, but not too bad all the same.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88902451/ - solo, prowler pod [675.2M].
Summary: 890.4M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

Missed kill. Hound. Saw him coming. Rushed a setup warp and dropped an outgate drag bubble when he entered system. Burned to the decloak spot and waited. Nothing happened for a couple minutes then he appeared at the nearby outgate and jumped, decrying in local "[04:25:58] Lord Sad > -_- rude".
I followed up by mail and discovered that I caught him in my drag bubble, and that he was 1,400m from me, but was not decloaked. Eve-god Bob was clearly smiling on him that day.
This was a rushed setup and I did not have time to drop the initial bubble at the optimal spot. To try and balance the placement I jettisoned a corpse at the decloak spot and orbited it at 500m. My current theory is that, because I was orbiting, perhaps the server tick cycle (1s ticks) missed his ship being 1,400m from me. Anyway, we had a good chat about the near miss.
Summary: 0 isk destroyed, 0 isk lost and some friendliness delivered.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88903135/ - almost solo and would-have-been solo, and claiming it as solo, badger kill [82.22M]. I'd been joining the NSC standing fleet, because I thought that was what I was meant to do. After a little while I went to the quiet-room in mumble, because the majority of the chat was industry, mining, and mission / site running. Some purple gangs passed through my system, sometimes while I was trying to catch someone, and I worried a little about someone warping to me while I was AFK and uncloaking me. This never happened.
This badger was a straight forward drag bubble catch, but after I'd dropped my second bubble, scrammed him, and started applying autocannon love ... a random UNI person just warped to me and started hitting him also. There goes the purist solo :-( I dropped out of the standing fleet soon afterwards.
The fun factor here was that he dropped a jackdaw hull. While I was trying to sort out a hauler to pick it up, he came back in another badger to try and retrieve it. The bomber guy engaged him and, doubtlessly stabbed, he ran away. I eventually got the jackdaw ... and will be able to fly it one day :-)
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88903143/ - almost solo, badger's pod [49.3k].
Summary: 82.3M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88906716/ - solo, crane [250.47M]. Drag bubble decloak trap. I like this kill a lot. I'd seen him come through my camping system some time earlier, heading towards hisec. I took him for doing a market run, perhaps Jita, so built myself a disposable alpha clone and popped them into Harroule to watch for his return. An hour or so later I saw him returning, and positioned my sabre for the trap long before he appeared in local. Fingers-crossed I dropped my bubble and burned for the decloak spot. Sure enough a minute or so later he suddenly materialised 1400m from me, and died shortly afterwards. I'm getting better at this, but desperately need better 'eyes'.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88906721/ - solo, his pod [41.57m].
Summary: 292.0M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

Downtime = sleeptime

Eve is in mega screwed-up mode. I have either no local at all or local showing dozens of people who are not in my system, and the other chat channels are not working. DS still works so I keep trying. On the plus side I have some eyes.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88920841/ - solo, nemesis [36.9M]. Blackout kill. I saw this bomber enter system, dropped a bubble, burned to my 'spot' and hoped. He materialised beside me a minute later, made a valiant burn-away effort, but died all the same.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88920851/ - solo, bomber-pilot's pod [2.5M].
Summary: 39.4M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost ... despite the best efforts of CCP.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88921461/ - solo, pod [814k]. Blackout kill. Drag bubble trap. Just a passing pod.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88922596/ - solo, pod [10k]. Blackout kill. Drag bubble trap. Just a passing pod. I still can't see anything so am setup in just one direction, and applying a lot of wishful thinking and hope.

29 November 2020

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88925523/ - solo, nemesis [32.1M]. Straight forward drag and decloak kill, but rather extensive repurcusions. This fellow and his buddies tried to bait-and-kill me, and stayed around in *my* system for almost an hour. No joy for them with me, although they did end up fighting another gang in MHC-R3 and 6E-578.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88925533/ - solo, pod belongim nemesis [10k].
Summary: 32.1M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88927866/ - solo, empty [pod [10k].
It's not just mindless slaughter out here. We had a conversation ...
[04:00:37] Angelic Matriarch > ill pay u
[04:00:40] Angelic Matriarch > 100mto let me throw
[04:00:41] Angelic Matriarch > :)
He died.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88928208/ - solo, astero [101.6M]. Drag and decloak. This kill left me laughing. A friend had mentioned explorers [abruptly evacuating] themselves when you catch them. This was my first. As soon as I decloaked him, he started to burn, and abruptly ejected all the probes from his launcher. At first I thought he was fighting back with drones, but nope.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88928220/ - solo, empty pod [10k].
Summary: 101.6M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88931827/ - solo, explorer heron [3.2M]. The area has become superquiet. I had just missed a prorator, because he inconsiderately warped to ATY-2U and not ZVN5-H, where I was waiting. This heron was moving super-past. There was no way he was using perches or pings. It was a leisurely bubble deployment, dropping the second once he was visible on DS.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88931839/ - solo, the pod [10k].
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88932030/ - solo, the pod again [10k]. He was much more cautious this time, using a ping somewhere in system. To counter this I warped to a zerospot bookmark on his outgate, dropped a bubble, and waited. I think he tried to warp to the gate, from his safespot, in between my bubbles, but that did not work. He died again.
A few minutes later he appeared again in MHC-R3 so I setup at a zerospot on the MHC-R3 gate. He never came to me, instead heading out via UM-Q7F. I did warp to, and sat on, the 2X-PQG gate in hope. But he never came through. I
'll seek Travel Agent accreditation soon, for encouraging him the take 'the scenic route' - an extra three very careful jumps - through Syndicate.
Summary: 3.2M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88933118/ - solo, slasher [1.9M]. The chat channels are doing evil things again. I have 23 hostiles in system, but never see any of them on DS. I also have the same 23 people in the system next door, and none of the people I know to actually be there. I saw this fellow jump into system, and dropped a hopeful drag bubble. He tried to burm away, but I achieved lock just in time for my overheated scram to slow him right down. He died.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88933135/ - solo, his pod [10k].

Downtime = sleeptime

Good morning cosmos. I have coffee and local chat appears to be working.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88943500/ - solo, impairor [5.9M]. Drag bubble trap.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88943508/ - solo, his pod [27k]

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88943607/ - solo, velator [3.6k]. Ingate bubble trap.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88943640/ - solo, his pod [10k]

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88943678/ - solo, a random pod [10k]. Ingate bubble trap. He came through soon after the velator. I'd warped off, to a perch, seeing him in local in MHC and thinking him possibly hostile. I got a DS identity on him in time to warp back to gate zerospt and drop a bubble to greet him. He appeared to have felt CCP-cheated: "[20:05:59] Defense > ofc it didn't register my warp between bubbles". I sent him a little eve-mail explaining, as best I understand, the dynamics at the time. It was tight, but my second bubble had been commanded before his 'bracket' ship appeared ongrid.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88944013/ - solo, atron [7.8M]. Ingate bubble trap.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88944041/ - solo, his pod [10k].

This was my morning rush-hour of lightweight travellers

Missed kill. I tried for a viator a little while later, as he was travelling out through *my* system. I've seen him a number of times and know he uses perches and flies sensibly, so I reckoned my only chance was ingate bubble and decloak burn effort. When he started his return journaey I set myself up on his ingate. He jumped throug, I bubbled and burned, he cloaked and burned ... and a pilgrim landed at the edge of my bubble and locked me. Forget the viator, I ran away as fast as my little sabre legs would go. I don't recall evennoticing the ranges, but suspect the pilgrim was probably the opposite side of the bubble and unable to tackle me. Now I really, really want to catch that viator guy.

Missed kill. Hmmm, I guess it's a victory of sorts. Many people are now travelling MHC-R3 - 2X-PQG - 6E-578 rather than the shorter route through my bubble line. I just watched a caracal do that, a ship I'd have no chance of killing. I am strangely pleased :-)

Missed kill. Props to you Mr Hoarder pilot. I was slow getting to my drag bubble location, having setup on his ingate and getting interrupted by an unfriendly ONI, so he'd enterred warp before my bubble went up. I followed him to the MHC gate and bubbled it forcing him through. I followed, ready to burn and bubble again ... but there were several locals on DS. The Hoarder burned back towards the gate - if anything a Hoarder can do can really be called 'burning' - rather than trying to warp away immediately.
Paradoxically I felt trapped. If I aggressed him he'd jump back and I'd be decimated by the locals. if I bubbled and jumped back it'd be a bubble gone for no benefit, although he may jump back ... likely followed by the locals. Anyways, I decided to jump back before the locals arrived. He then aligned and warped, safely on his Hoarder-way.

30 November 2020

Missed kill. An very sensible explorer heron. Firstly he did not warp-direct, into my drag bubble, but went to a ping somewhere and scanned the sites. I setup on a gate zerospot, bubbled and waited. Sure enough, a while later he recalls his probes and I see him on DS. He lands on the bubble edge and, as I zoom at him to tackle, burns fast right for the gate. I'm about 20km from the gate, overshooting, when he jumps through. I had not even managed to target lock in the time this took.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88950442/ - solo, velator [1.1M]. It looked like a trap. He was travelling with a Stratios but jumped into my system first. I reckoned I might be able to rely on the cruiser's slower system transit time and pick off the corvette, perhaps catching the stratios 20km away in my second bubble and giving me time to burn away if he was intent upon killing me. I killed the corvette, but did not overstay my time in the bubbles just to get the pod. I burned away and cloaked. The stratios guy is still in system with me, 20-minutes later, so I am not unhappy at having considered this a trap setup.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88951344/- solo, venture [4.6M]. Very interesting! This guy warped to a safespot. He must have, he was so long on DS but not arriving near the gate. I'd decloaked and dropped my drag bubble, so he'd have been able to see both the ship and the bubble on his DS. So after a little while I moved a little out of my bubble and cloaked again. My bubble despawned but, about 5s later he landed at the former edge location ... about 10km from me. I decloaked, bubbled, burned, locked, scrammed, and applied autocannon love. He burned away moderately fast towards the bubbled edge. I dropped my third bubble and started praying, figuring him to be stabbed and able to escape if he got to the edge of my last bubble. Thankfully he popped just before the edge ... and he was not stabbed in any case (and in any case I am not sure if one stab would be enough to protect him from a scram anyways).
Only way I can figure this sequence of events was for his safespot to have been on the direct line between his ingate and outgate. We've spoken since, and he claims otherwise ... but looking at the system geometry I cannot figure it out otherwise.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88951352/ - solo, his pod [10k].

Missed kill. It seems to be more 'character building' than kills today. I saw a wreathe on DS in ZVN5-H and then, shortly afterwards, a sabre and confessor. Thinking it a trap I setup for a drag bubble trap, with the intention of being cloaked and away from my bubbles by the time they landed. The wreathe jumped first, I dropped my first bubble and burned towards their ingate. Passing the bubble edge I dropped a second then veered left to get out of their way. The 'fessor and sabre landed first, but I was well cloaked by then, and then the wreather landed with them. The sabre dropped a bubble and they proceeded to kill the wreathe. It was not a bait trap for me, but would still have resulted in my death if I were there to greet the wreathe.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88952703/ and https://zkillboard.com/kill/88952709/

Missed kill. Another lesson for me. A 'dictor from the gang living next door in MHC had, after the wreathe kill, stayed on in *my* system. He stayed cloaked, and so I stayed quiet. Finally, though, my resolve broke as a rookie ship burned across MHC and landed on the 6E- gate. I bubbled and waited, checking DS frequently. As the target landed I bubbled again and noticed a new neut suddenly appear in system. Having now planned for this I aligned to the sun, intending to either warp away or cloak ... depending on whetehr I was still in the bubble or not. The hostile Eris landed very near to me, on the right side of my bubbles (probably from 2X-PQG, the shortest warp). I was not outside of my bubbles and he was quite close so I managed to cloak. He burned for me, popping a bubble nearby. I thought he'd missed me when he turned back, right into me. I had a targetting delay (sensor recalibration time) so by the time I had started applying DPS to him all my meagre shields were gone. I died and, as I was in his bubble at the time, also got podded.
In keeping with our November challenge it *was* a solo kill.
The worst part was that that Sabre had 12 killmarks on it :-(
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88952972/ and https://zkillboard.com/kill/88952973/
This was a carefully planned, and well executed trap. I took the bait, and my exit strategy for such events is still not super smooth. More work required.
Looking back I think I might have been better to have continued to burn, even if he did bubble me. My sabre should be faster than his eris and, if he can scram me I can scram him. Of course, all bets are off if he is AB or dual-prop fit. There was a split-second decision to be made, and I am not sure whether I made the right or wrong one.
Summary: 0 isk destroyed, 81.1M isk lost.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88954912/ - solo, reaper [7.8k]. It's been sooooo quiet out here. Doing work and alt-tabbing across when something shows up next door. It's a kill, well sort of :-)
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88954924/ - pod from reaper [10k].

Missed kill. My last trap for the day by the looks. A nereus, piloted by Nyashko Karibyahko, hurried across MHC-R3 and landed on the gate into my system. "Woo hoo" and I decloak in readiness. Then another neut flashes up in MHC - Zoidberg Fonulique. The name was familiar, so I scroll up and see he'd been through earlier in a Machariel. "It's a trap you idiot" roared down on me from the heavens. So I bubbled, headed to the decloak spot and dropped another, then burned a further 20km as the Machariel landed on my gate in MHC. Some friendly banter was had as I stayed 20km from the nereus and dropped furtehr bubbles in front of him. Eventually the Machariel came in and shooed me away. We parted friends ... and all intact.

Downtime = sleeptime

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88963895/ - solo, pod [10k]. Drag bubble trap. November ends soon, and the locals appear to have made K'Anpo Killing a priority goal. Bait-trap after bait trap. This meagre pod was the only passing ship this session that did not have something nasty sitting on a gate ready to jump-in. My nereus / machariel 'friends' from last night have made a couple

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88964847/- solo, pod [10k]. Same fellow. This time a little more fun. I warped to outgate zerospot, waited until I saw him on DS, dropped a bubble, jumped through, burned back to gate, dropped another, and jumped through again ... to see him landing 35km away at the edge of my bubble. I burned at him but he warped before I got within 20km. His warp appeared to be towards the sun, so I warped there at zero. I landed right on him, bubbled, and made him unhappy.
A few minutes later he appeared again in MHC. I setup at zero on the ingate this time. He exited MHC via UM-, having decided that the scenic route offered better survival prospects. Another commendation for my Syndicate Tourism Award.

Missed kill. My Russian friend from last night made a couple more trap attempts. One was a nice variation, using a non-nullified ceptor to tackle me, while his DPS ship sits two systems away. I laughed and commented on that twist, and we got talking. His bait nereus has solo kills, and had the potential to hold me if I let it get close enough last night. He was very friendly, and helpful on new-player PvP matters. He also asked how uni NSC reacts when pirate types, such as himself, arrive in system. I responded that, from what little I have seen, it's greeted as an opportunity and no-one seems to get upset. We chatted for quite a long time. I think he sent another type of bait effort while we talked, although he denies it: "Just another Russian character name". I think I have made a new space friend :-)

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88968534/ - solo, inquisitor [3.2M]. Straight-forward drag bubble trap. With all the problems I have been having today I almost did not go for it, but then I figured that even a tanked-up inquisitor was unlikely to last long enough for help to arrive. He died and I was very excited to see BPOs in the loot, another first. I've mailed him, offering to contract the BPOs back to him from a station out here.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88968542/ - solo, pod [1.1M].
Summary: 4.3M isk destroyed, 0 isk lost.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/88969019/ - solo, ibis [1.1k]. It's almost midnight. I use a zerospot location on his outgate, so I don't miss him even if he uses a ping. He didn't.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88969032/ - solo, his pod [10k].

Missed kill. Two minutes before midnight, Atecake in a punisher heads into my system from the south. Having just had a long discussion with my Russian friend, including what T1 frigates could be easily setup to grief a solo sabre, I declined to go for him. He warped-direct and I made a "bait declined" comment in local. He jumped to MHC, then came back and struck up a conversation in local. Turns out he was very specifically trying for me, and his ship was heavily tanked and setup specifically to kill my sabre (He'd checked my fit on my recent lossmails). He was, apparently, trying to revenge my killing him - perhaps a pod - earlier in the month: "[00:06:33] Atecake > oh, so you know.. Relic I made this for you. It was embarrassing getting my pod atecake'd on the mhc gate :):"
It's nice to be appreciated. We chatted for a while, and he also gave me an awesome PvP heron fit that I must give a try.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/88898420/ - the pod kill, from a couple of weeks ago, that caused him to fit that punisher 'Relic' to try and kill me. We had a good long chat, as I started packing up my stuff in readiness for heading back to PC9.

Thus endeth K'Anpo's Kamping for solo November. In the uni-spirit I am gonna go through this saga and see what the main learnign points were for me ... and list them below in my conclusion.
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