[AAR] Merry Magic Merlins - 12-23-2020 19:00

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Anidien Dallacort



Post 2020.12.24 05:28

[AAR] Merry Magic Merlins - 12-23-2020 19:00

Thank you all for coming to my first fleet as an FC. I had a blast, and I hope you all did too!

Roam members (21)
Aaron Beckett - Merlin
Anidien Dallacort - Merlin
Ben Lear - Merlin
Duke Bosch - Merlin, Slasher
Fonggar Akiga - Merlin
Gideon Mastracci - Slasher, Burst
Hideo Date - Merlin
Laura Karpinski - Merlin
Major Layser - Merlin
Marcel Eriker - Merlin
Mike Kingswell - Slasher, Merlin, Tormentor
Mosrael Kibeth - Burst
Nessie Black - Merlin
Orangesoda1 - Merlin
Otto Shultz - Burst
Pitheas Attikos - Merlin
RLoagan - Merlin
Sparklez Ripper - Merlin
Viscatus - Merlin
mneploho - Burst
s0ph0n - Merlin

Kills and Losses

We started out a little bit slow, undocking around 10 minutes late. I started forming scouts and logi a little bit too late, but I’ll have to claim a bit of a pass there for my first formup on my first FC’d fleet (don’t worry, I’ll call myself on my mistakes as we go!)

There was an incursion north of Eugales that scrapped my previously desired route through FW space, so we headed south, toward Ouelletta, to start.

While scouts were searching for content, we held on a gate in Ouelletta, and a Svipul ended up on us. With logi on hand, I decided to take the fight. In the end, we did not get the kill, but lost two Merlins to gate guns, and the pods to the Svipul. In retrospect, I was a bit too eager to start on content / afraid of a slow night – I should not have taken the fight so early in the fleet, unless he engaged us first.

(19:49:50) Ouelletta
Merlin -10.88m
Merlin -8.13m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

One reoccurring theme through this fleet – scouts took a beating. I can’t thank Mike Kingswell, Gideon Mastracci, or Duke Bosch enough, for continuing to grab content, get blown up, reship, and go through all of that again. The scouting, was absolutely fantastic.

Scouts found a couple of ships sitting on an acceleration gate. One scout went down awaiting the fleet. The fleet landed, and popped an Atron. The Navy Hookbill proved to be a very kitey fit, and Slasher#2 went down trying to land a scram. We disengaged the Hookbill at that point.

(20:08:03) Deven
Slasher -6.03m
Slasher -16.92m
Atron +9.44m

With both scouts down, Duke took over scouting in his Merlin. He located a Catalyst in a complex. Viscatus went ahead to help pull secondary on the Catalyst. Duke went down to the Destroyer, but Viscatus managed to catch him – and kill him – while the fleet caught up. Viscatus stopped taking damage toward the end, so the Catalyst was either on a long reload, or simply out of ammo.

(20:21:35) Nagamanen
Merlin -8.13m
Catalyst +10.2m

Into Valhalla! And a slow night in Valhalla at that.

There was just enough targets present to keep the scouts active and the fleet ready to pounce. And we did indeed take some targets down. In the debrief, it was noted that with the system so slow (with so few better value targets or larger engagements to take), we should have moved on earlier than we did. I’ll chalk a lot of that up to not having spent enough time in Tama myself – I need more experience the system and what it typically can offer, to know when I should be calling off hunting a couple of small fish, to go look for bigger fish elsewhere. I’ll bring some filaments along next time, as a backup plan for a slow FW space roam.

I did note that scout losses were a reoccurring theme here, right? Slasher got tackle and held just long enough on an Algos – fleet landed just in time to get secondary point, and took down the Algos. Mike, back to Jita for another ship… (Sorry!!)

(20:28:06) Tama
Slasher -6.04m
Algos +9.2m
Capsule +0.01m

Scouts landed a Cormorant at a combat site, and with the NPCs helping, it didn’t even last long enough for the entire fleet to land – down it went!

Very shortly after that, a Badger was tackled, and the fleet took it down on a POCO. As was noted in the fleet – it was a bait Badger without any backup!!!

(20:36:58) Tama
Cormorant +5.21m
Capsule +0.01m
Badger +2.03m

Scouts’ sacrifices continue to pile up here – Mike lands tackle, fleet lands just in time to land secondary and follow up with the kill, but not in enough time to save Mike.

(20:48:54) Tama
Slasher -6.04m
Federation Navy Comet +23.86m

But in a rematch – the same opposing pilot in a new Fed Navy Comet, didn’t get a chance to take the scout out – but did get taken out for a second time. Big Props to Lucian Lockard for coming back out while we were still roaming.

(20:55:14) Tama
Federation Navy Comet +23.11m
Capsule +0.01m

With Tama not picking up beyond a couple of targets of opportunity to pin and swarm upon – we started moving on, making our way through the loop just north of Tama, with intent on heading back to Eugales.

Scout got tackle on a Tristan on a gate, with a Wolf also on grid. Like the Hallmark channel this time of year – we get the same story reskinned over and over. Duke landed tackle on the Tristan, and was taken out, but not before the fleet got secondary tackle and managed to get the kill.

The Wolf was too far away, and the chasing scout bounced off grid before we lost another scout ship, ending the possibility of following that up with another kill.

(21:02:00) Kedama
Slasher -5.87m
Tristan +10.87m

Resigned to taking ships – rather than pods – back home to Eugales, we continued to jump through the waypoints, until an Algos landed on top of our scout at a gate. The fleet arrived in time, and the Algos was taken down. Shout out to Tomcat Evergreen, who contacted Gideon after the fight, noting he was a returning player, and is planning to join up with the Uni soon. We look forward to having you!

And remember – non-forceful recruiting at blaster point is a thing!

(21:19:29) Abune
Algos +6.21m

Closing in on home with many ships still intact – an FC on his first fleet can’t have that! Mike found a gate camp – a Hyperion, a Typhoon, and 2 Orthus. Why not? Knowing we are going to go down in a ball of fire, but might take the Hyperion with us…

Merlin -5.99m
Slasher -7.31m
Merlin -8.47m
Burst -9.22m
Merlin -7.8m
Burst -13.68m
Merlin -8.68m
Merlin -4.4m
Merlin -32.33m
Merlin -7.99m
Merlin -8.31m
Merlin -8.11m
Merlin -7.86m
Merlin -6.53m
Tormentor -10.37m
Burst -4.19m
Capsule -0.01m
Burst -3.36m

We didn’t take the Hyperion with us – but when I left grid in a capsule, he was down to half armor.

The call was to scatter scatter scatter, and make best speed to the campus of your choice. I got the ball of fire a new FC should!!

Re-iterating my big shout out to our Scouts – Mike, Gideon, and Duke. Thank you for throwing ships at content, and great job finding that content in the first place.

ISK Destroyed: 90,704,279.20
ISK Lost: 214,515,243.04
ISK Delta: -123,810,963.84
Efficiency: 29.718%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
  • Reiterating from above – Scouting! The scouting was fantastic. It was a huge benefit to the first time FC, to be able to let the scouts just do their thing. Thank you!!!
  • Focusing a bit on myself – a big positive, was I put myself into an uncomfortable place, and finally FC’ed a combat fleet. I’ve made excuses for over a year why I couldn’t do it. I highly recommend the experience.
  • A big focus point I have been thinking over the last several days – was to keep the fleet informed. Make decisions, communicate them clearly, and avoid dead time where nobody is talking. I feel I did this well – commands were given clearly, and current orders were repeated periodically during times we were holding for scouting, for example.
  • Responsiveness was a positive – from an FC perspective, I feel I did well with reacting to the current situation, i.e. scouts grabbing a quick tackle, and then ensuring the fleet was on the way. The fleet was ready to act when landing on grid, quickly grabbing secondary+ points and engaging targets. We lost several scout ships – but not a lot of tackled opponents, which means we consistently got on grid on time to make the lost scout, worth the loss.
  • Fun was had. Everyone seemed to enjoy the fleet. Additionally – learning was done – several fleet members discussed key learning points they had during the fleet, and the FC certainly learned a LOT with the new experience. Even if the fleet ended in a ball of fire on the first engagement – if these two things are accomplished, it’s a good fleet. These two things, are what the Uni is about!

    (Negative stuff)
  • Lost too many scout ships. Some of this is just low sec FW space – the complexes make scouting both easier (distinct places to look for targets), and harder (have to hold until the fleet can slide the gate). While I feel the fleet was very responsive and quick to act when a scout had tackle – it can still be frustrating for a scout to have to reship five times. During the debrief, we discussed the potential of the fleet warping to the acceleration gate of a complex, while a scout was sliding the gate. While “spooking” the target was discussed, in terms of holding one system out while a scout tackles – there may have been an opportunity or two to arrive a little sooner, in Tama, when we were already in system. I think such opportunities are case by case – but certainly something to think about.
  • During the debrief, we discussed the command to anchor on the FC when landing on grid with a tackled target, versus allowing the fleet to freely close range and engage on their own. I honestly didn’t know what was more appropriate as we landed, and simply made a decision to call for anchoring up most times. Lesson learned – when engaging a single tackled target or two, allow the fleet to move themselves into position, so as to not be waiting for FC to land and become anchorable.
  • FC needs to have a filament or two, to yeet to Sov Null in the case of a slow night. Better to die in a great engagement 50 jumps from home, then to stay in a slow area picking off small ships one by one!
  • FC needs to learn alliance tags a little bit more – get more familiar with natives around roam areas.
  • FC managed to warp himself, rather than the fleet, once. Palm to forehead mistake!
  • FC called to lock and engage targets 2,000+ km off the fleet more than once – flashy targets on gate got me excited.
  • FC fumbled a bit with a deadspace pocket – while holding in a novice plex, a scout got a tackle at the acceleration gate to the same plex. Even though we had just discussed having to bounce to engage – I still lost precious seconds trying to warp to the scout.
  • The three bullet points above – are a result of getting a little bit too hasty with my actions. FC needs to take a deep breath at times, and be sure of the situation. I was certainly overwhelmed on my first fleet. I’ll call that BOTH a negative and a positive – I made some mistakes as a result of being too hasty – but I truly appreciate now, the Uni’s newer approach to teaching FC’s – there really is no substitute to just doing it. It’s like being a first time parent honestly – you know it’s going to be overwhelming, but you can never really understand just how much, until you do it. I’m sure/hopeful, that just like being a parent – it becomes a bit less overwhelming with experience!

Thank you to all who came along! I had a lot of fun.
Anidien Dallacort - Teaching Officer, Mentor, Sophomore


Pitheas Attikos



Post 2020.12.24 13:06

Re: [AAR] Merry Magic Merlins - 12-23-2020 19:00

Thanks for the nice fleet Anidien.
My first fleet after long time I really enjoyed it and if you haven't told us that this is your first fleet I wouldn't have notice it.

Ben Lear



Post 2020.12.24 15:39

Re: [AAR] Merry Magic Merlins - 12-23-2020 19:00

Agree as well, if you hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't realised this was your first FC.

I really enjoyed it and the amount of info you passed across to us about what was going on during the roam was fantastic, made it so interesting.

Look forward to the next fleet you do :)

Laura Karpinski


Director of Alliance Services
Director of Alliance Services

Post 2020.12.24 17:42

Re: [AAR] Merry Magic Merlins - 12-23-2020 19:00

Seconding the previous two comments. You're a natural and did a wonderful job. Would follow you any day.
Former CEO of EVE University

Laura Karpinski of House E-Uni, first of her name, the undocked, Khaleesi of the Campuses, mother of unistas!

Mike Kingswell


Teaching Manager
Teaching Manager

Post 2020.12.24 19:58

Re: [AAR] Merry Magic Merlins - 12-23-2020 19:00

Already gave my feedback after the fleet and am a bit too lazy to typ everything but a few quick ones:

+calm and soothing command pressence
+decisive in giving commands - even when not sure (it's better to make ANY call instead of sitting around doing nothing)
+trusted on others to do their job and didn't micromanage
+repeated commands clearly so everyone always know what was going on

I had great fun and I dont mind any of my explosions - would have scouted like this in any other fleet and am happy to do so again :) ...some of those looses are more down to mistakes on my part than anything else!
Great fun 10/10 would fly again!
Teaching Manager

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