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[AAR] EDI Research Fleet to Stellar Fleet Deployment Site

PostPosted: 2020.10.25 10:37
by Arin Mara
EDI Public Research Fleet to Stellar Fleet Deployment Site, Aldik


  • Destroy the Dazh Locus Site in a Triglavian Minor Victory System
  • Stellar Fleet Deployment Site in Aldik, Minmatar Republic, Minor Triglavian Victory

Communication and Planning

Used an ad-hock, hierarchy flat, Discord channel for communication.

Desired Fleet composition:
  • 13 Damage Dealers
  • 7 Logisticians
  • 1 Salvager
Actual Fleet composition:
  • 13 Damage Dealers
  • 6 Non-Chain Logisticians
  • 3 Capacitor Chain Logisticians
  • 1 Salvager


  • Fleet form up at 17:45
  • Fleet undock at 18:25
  • Fleet underway at 18:50
  • Fleet attempted warp-in point at 19:05
  • Fleet docked, repaired and attempted first room at 19:30
  • Break until 20:15
  • Break extended until 20:45
  • At 20:45 the Fleet was dismissed due to lack of Logisticians

Fleet maneuver practice

For 25 minutes the Fleet practiced:
  • Tagging
  • Anchoring
  • Aligning to Cosmic Anomalies
  • Killing tagged ships according to instructions
  • Assigned Drone Bunny duty


  • There were no Entropic Disintegrator Werpost sentry guns near the Stargate; they were only deployed near NPC Stations
  • Dazh Liminality Locus greatly limits ship speed and amount of targets you can have at the same time
  • Response Fleets did not warp in to defend the Entropic Disintegrator Werpost
Stellar Fleet Deployment Site:
  • Allows only T1 Cruiser and below to go through the Stellar Transfer Conduit
  • Dazh Kolida is an Industrial ship that anchors Entropic Disintegrator Werpost near Stargates, Stations and Asteroid Belts
Nemiz Pulse Destructor:
  • Classified as a Temporary Collidable Structure
  • Deals damage to all Drones and capsuleer ships within (?) km
  • Quickly kills all Drones and forces all Fleet members to broadcast for repair at the same time; this panicked Logisticians
Another Temporary Collidable Structure can jump a Fleet member 100 km away. (?)

  • Planning which Logistician will repair which DPS squad is desirable because the Nemiz Pulse Destructor applies damage to the whole Fleet
  • Capacitor Logisticians are too risky; if one dies, all become vulnerable; they can repair fewer targets at once
  • Members broadcasted for Shields despite only having Armour Logisticians
  • Members broadcasted immediately after taking damage
  • Drone Bunnies and Drones are ineffective because Drones are immediately destroyed by the Nemiz Pulse Destructor
Fleet Commander:
  • Used the English alphabet to spell out names
  • Said jump once when ordering the Fleet to jump through a Stargate
  • Yielded to a more knowledgeable capsuleer and made them 2IC


  • 10 Fleet members have been killed in the first room of the Stellar Fleet Deployment Site
  • Gathered a lot of data about the Stellar Fleet Deployment Site
  • Gained ~85M ISK of loot and salvage; what will be done with it eludes me

Fleet Members

Damage Dealers:
* Aryan Aryaie, 2IC
* Augustus Amrontius
* bomberrocks, FC
* Darth Nagual
* Kaneda Emperis
* Kaydaen Havoc
* Mattio Ohaya
* noxosd
* Octavia Gheax
* Oyuki Sinn
* Prof-Daniel -Patron- Pleiades
* takashika asura
* Ya'akov Kadosh

* Arin Mara, yours truly :)
* Foo Barland
* Jane Daring Jr
* M Matrix
* ReplikaOne
* Vurisi Faldo
* Wombatin Ursus

* Pardy Gaming

About the EDENCOM Defense Initiative

Personal Notes

  • Joining the EDI's Discord was quite easy, but finding the approved ship Fit was not
  • EDI members Syfa and TabKit gave me a hand and sent me all the required ship Fittings :)
  • A few "Trusted Member"s of EDI accused me of being a "Known Triglavian Supporter" and said I should be flagged, a stark reminder that the Communications Policy applies to University members only
  • There was no sign up procedure for the Fleet
  • The Fleet was ill prepared for the horrors that await in the Stellar Fleet Deployment Site
  • Despite heavy losses the Fleet atmosphere was fun and lighthearted with only minor frustrations about how to best assign Logistics and Damage Dealer duties
  • My overall impression of the Event is positive
  • I recommend that EDI setup a sign up procedure and that the Fleet Commanders communicate their knowledge about the Site and what the Fleet should expect both during the Fleet and in the Event advertisement

I recommend the Event and you should attend it to:
  • Gather knowledge about the new and exciting Triglavian Sites for yourself and our Wiki
  • Open up new ways of making ISK
  • Meet new people from all across New Eden with a variety of skills and interests
  • Learn about ships, roles and their Fittings

If you'd like to know what it was like to assault the Extractive Super-Nexus, check out my next Report.

If you are interested in attending a similar Event contact me and I'll see if I can persuade one of EDI's Fleet Commanders to become a Guest Fleet Commander who will lead EVE University against the Triglavians. :)

Re: [AAR] EDI Research Fleet to Stellar Fleet Deployment Site

PostPosted: 2020.10.25 15:41
by Tetra Carmine
I had been curious about EDI vs Kybernauts and what getting involved would entail, so I found this research and honest write-up helpful, thank you.

Unfortunately I’ve yet to gain experience in a ‘hardmode’ PVE fleet (i.e. one that demands interlocking roles and has high risk of loss), I’m guessing it’s geared more towards experienced PVE’ers, is there any ‘entry level’?

Re: [AAR] EDI Research Fleet to Stellar Fleet Deployment Site

PostPosted: 2020.10.25 18:31
by Mangalang
Good AAR. I too have been wondering about those sites, and your post was illuminating.

Re: [AAR] EDI Research Fleet to Stellar Fleet Deployment Site

PostPosted: 2020.10.25 21:45
by Arin Mara
Tetra Carmine wrote:... is there any ‘entry level’?

I don't know. Even worse, I don't know who does. There were 23 of us in the Fleet. Only 2 capsuleers have ever attempted to conquer a Stellar Fleet Deployment Site before. The Fleet Commander was not one of them.

In the previous Invasion phase there were Major, Minor and Emerging Conduits. I found no evidence that they exist today, after the Invasion. This is new to everyone, even EDI who has a direct phone line to CCP. Today, the leader of EDI asked CCP about the future of the struggle between EDENCOM and Triglavian Collective. It is uncertain what will happen next.

If you can fly a Tech 1 Cruiser with Tech 1 Modules, are polite, courteous and patient you will be accepted into the Fleet on either side. :) That can be your entry point into the strange, unknown and terrifying world of EDENCOM and Triglavian Collective.

Re: [AAR] EDI Research Fleet to Stellar Fleet Deployment Site

PostPosted: 2020.10.26 20:43
by Arin Mara
Syfa, a capsuleer that provided me with ship Fittings has reached out to me after reading the AAR. :)

They confirmed that only Observatory Flashpoint and Stellar Fleet Deployment Site exist and are formed about once a day. They also pointed out that the Stellar Fleet Deployment Sites are most similar to the World Ark Deployment Site and that the Arataka Research Consortium would know a lot more about it.

Re: [AAR] EDI Research Fleet to Stellar Fleet Deployment Site

PostPosted: 2020.10.27 21:20
by Hirmuolio Pine
>Response Fleets did not warp in to defend the Entropic Disintegrator Werpost

CCP disabled sentry response fleets some time ago to investigate cluster performance.

Was there any kind of payout for doing the site? ISK or LP?

Was the loot from wrecks good?

Re: [AAR] EDI Research Fleet to Stellar Fleet Deployment Site

PostPosted: 2020.10.28 14:57
by Arin Mara
After failing to complete the site, but successfully salvaging the wrecks of 10 capsuleer T1 Cruisers and about 15 Triglavian ships including a Triglavian Industrial ship, I'd say the loot is spectacular: 84M the last I've heard.

I think there will be another Fleet going out this weekend and I'll try to join it as well.

Re: [AAR] EDI Research Fleet to Stellar Fleet Deployment Site

PostPosted: 2020.12.27 14:36
by Arin Mara
If you liked the report and would like to attend another expedition, this is your lucky day! :)

EDI Fleet Commander Aryan Aryaie wants to destroy the Triglavian Extractive Super Nexus. At 1600 EVE Time the Fleet will depart from Jita in armor-tanked Battleships and Battlecruisers. The expedition will yield exceptionally valuable information for the Wiki which is why yours truly will be attending. For more information about the Fleet, Event and Ship Fits please contact "Aryan Aryaie" in game :)