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Thresher Thrasher Thursday Fleet: Get Hype!

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 00:38
by Yto Itinen
Roam members (19)
Analee Tsasa - Coercer
Asuka Rossi - Corax
Christoph Patrouette - Dragoon
Cyfer Juhl - Talwar
Danu Gissard - Catalyst
Derrick Visteen
Flatline Kasenumi - Malediction
Gilmir - Algos
Iam Nota Bot - Thrasher
Marv Edwoods - Algos, Catalyst
Nathan Blackmane - Cormorant
Raas Caslo - Catalyst, Cormorant
Sophia Ligeti - Algos
Squin Ti - Corax
Taylor Moon Mahyisti - Magus
Tolerin Escipion - Condor, Slasher
Yto Itinen - Algos
eoiles - Corax

We started with a bit of a long form up, as I really wanted to make it clear what we are flying, what we expect from fleet and how to survive.
I think in the end it payed out :)

We did an Emerging conduit in Juff to learn the ropes of skirmishes and warp ins/outs, get a feel of the range and the skill of the fleet. No one died and that gave me confidence to try better things.

I had Flatline scout ahead of us and he reported a Vindi ratting in a quiet losec system. We missed the tackle for a split second, so I decided to let the fleet in and propose a fight. After a bit of negotiation, one of the locals undocked an SNI and we bargained it down to a Hyperion. He was very gentlemanly and accepted a fight on a signature. I had Flatline prep the field and make us a few tacs but the Hyperion landed on the middle of our preparations. I didn't want to spiral on him from such distance, so I had Flatline pincer him with the fleet and we did a superb warp on top of him, saving us from the danger zone. I had Flatline stay disengaged and provide a warp off, so we had people bouncing in and out constantly. The Hype pilot was very good at deploying and redeploying drones, but we also were excellent at defanging at short notice. The command to stay at 15km+ payed off, as we kept generally outside of web range and did not bog down too much. On the last wave of drones, I had all fleet alpha the last drones out of the field and then we went 500m orbit full facemelt. With some good judgement on overheats we managed to break him. My mistake was not havin Flatline warp for the killing blow, but the situation was very heated. This was a very 50/50 fight as we were light on Dragoons, but the Algoses compensated quite well. A good point on our side was calling for different types of ships and ammo, letting us have rainbow damage and denying the opposing reactive armor hardener. I am very pleased with the fight and the oppositon, as it's commendable to undock for a fair fight just for the sake of fun!
Also, loot fairy said yes this time! Gf were exchanged and the report is here!

After Talylor PM'd me to roam around and bring a boosher, we undocked again and tried the losec around Stacmon, which is half under Incursions and didn't look too promising, but we squeezed a fight out of there too!
Flatline called for a Nado and VNI ratting in a sig, and I had Tolerin join and try to double tackle, but both warped off. The VNI to a NPC station, where I think we booshed him successfully at least once :)
A punisher came too close and got blapped for his effort! I keep throwing these newbro fleets to gateguns and station guns, but some are getting the hang of it! We docked again to wait timers and to trade drones, the BR is here!

After that we tried to surprise anything worth a stop on our way to LSC, but beside a carrier who docked fast, we had nothing come out of it. On the last leg to LSC a vengeance small gang with a flashy Thalia kinda tried to engage us, who in turn tried to alpha it off the field, but we lost two people to gateguns and none to hostile action, so meh

After a short refreshing stop at EUG I saw some juicy activity in NEN, especially a t1 dessie gang, so we headed that way. Local was promising and we had a few catalysts in a small. Since Yto was bait tanked, he went forth with a small vanguard, but the cat gang bounced off...only to come back and slide into us! We traded three dessies and a frig for three of their dessies, their gang was long range too, but since Fc was not on grid, I don't have much to say...
At that point I was kinda dozing off and decided to step down, so Annalee took over. I think they went after a Domi, my memory is kinda hazy...

This is the roam report part we can use, the beginning is a kind of garbled mess I have no idea how to solve.

(21:27:00) Ruerrotta

Algos -8.26m
Catalyst -3.86m
Algos -4.22m
Cormorant -9.37m
Algos -6.2m
Hyperion +786.46m

(22:10:35) Alperaute
Condor -3.6m
Punisher +10.06m
Talwar -5.41m
Algos -4.2m
Vexor Navy Issue +75.38m

(22:38:40) Vey
Cormorant -5.39m

(22:58:26) Vlillirier
Cormorant -4.23m

(23:05:38) Nennamaila
Coercer -5.55m
Algos -7.48m
Dragoon +6.48m
Corax -20.22m
Slasher -2.15m
Catalyst +3.84m
Catalyst +3.76m
Capsule -0.01m

(23:19:28) Nennamaila
Atron +4.41m
Atron +1.56m
Coercer -39.35m
Catalyst -3.79m
Algos -6.04m
Algos -4.3m


We are really getting proficient on the basics of fleet movement, combat comms and maneuvers.
The first PvE part of the fleet was very helpful, I think it will become standard practice.
The Hyperion fight was great in all aspects: positioning, anchoring, warps, bounces, defanging and overheating!
We really got many forms of content, from fleet fights to hunting ratters to plex fights, so all flavors of losec.
Just by approximation, SRP for the fleets so far was covered by the Gila/clone soldier drops, so all the loot from the Hype fight
puts us in the green for 400 mill or so, which means PvP to finance PvP is not that far fetched.
Rainbow dessie doctrine is pure chaos, so while we don't have strong points, we also have no weak points and a lot of versatility.
Some improved fits were tested, they will be made more widely available.


Form up was long because I really took a lot of time to explain everything. Maybe making a newbro video would help, but I don't know if that would eliminate a newbro speech fully. So far long preps have payed dividends and I have mixed feelings about reducing them.
I feel that while we are making progress in terms of skirmishing, still we have some work to do on bounces and gateguns situations: we had a few early aggro situations and a few people who stayed on field too long. I'm considering adding a gateguns exercise in the future, but I'm kinda short on time...
Since we usually roam the Stacmon neighbourhood, we have many reships there, but if we try to go for Black Rise area, our options are kinda limited. Want to consider an Ichoriya reship for next roam, but I fear we are already stretching the Fleet Support Program thin, so I might do a private run to there from Jita.

All considered, this was a marvelous fleet, thanks to all who flew with us!
Until next time, fly fun!
Yto Itinen

Re: Thresher Thrasher Thursday Fleet: Get Hype!

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 01:42
by Taylor Moon Mahyisti

for that second boosh idk what happened, i thought i ctrl-spaced so i would be just coasting towards him but i guess i must have told it to approach and then once my boosh was on i couldnt change my velocity. but oh well, he was nowhere near being able to dock anyway so it was only practice :)

video of the destroyer fight is coming, unfortunately 3440x1440 60fps video with max bitrate i can set is about a gigabyte per minute and a half (and still looks pretty bad because of shadowplay, i need better software :( )

Re: Thresher Thrasher Thursday Fleet: Get Hype!

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 04:59
by Squin Ti
Should totally have been at further range in the last battle and rained missile death but by the time I realised I was pointed and tried to pull some distance the catalysts blew me apart in seconds - I blame Asuka for preaching the buffer tank ;)

Hope you don't mind but I meme's up the final battle in the recording:
Enjoy my music in the background!

Re: Thresher Thrasher Thursday Fleet: Get Hype!

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 11:21
by Tolerin Escipion
WHat a great roam, I really enjoyed it.

Thanks to Flatline nice content was found, I've got loads to improve.

Re: Thresher Thrasher Thursday Fleet: Get Hype!

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 14:31
by Nathan Blackmane
Second pvp fleet for me. I really have many thinghs to learn:

1) What fits enemy ships may have: My Cormorant was destroyed by the Hype as I orbited to close and got Neuted. I could have orbited at 20Km still being able to apply damage and maintaining a good transversal.

2) Keep calm. I lost my second Cormorant as I wrongly engaged a pilot with low security status thinking it was flashy. :(

3) FC gave a great suggestion saying to create Safes Bookmarks N direction from gate as every time you land, you are facing N and so you can warp very fast without losing time aligning.

Thank you everybody for the fun.

Fly safe.

Re: Thresher Thrasher Thursday Fleet: Get Hype!

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 15:41
by Taylor Moon Mahyisti
Nathan Blackmane wrote:2) Keep calm. I lost my second Cormorant as I wrongly engaged a pilot with low security status thinking it was flashy. :(

it depends on their sec status. if it's -0 to -5 they have a yellow icon but you cant shoot, idk why they have it.

if it's -5 or worse they're permaflashy and you can shoot. i know cause i have -7.3 :)

it has a different icon for that, i think it's red? you can customise it in your over view settings as well

Nathan Blackmane wrote:3) FC gave a great suggestion saying to create Safes Bookmarks N direction from gate as every time you land, you are facing N and so you can warp very fast without losing time aligning.

hmm... if you have zero velocity the align time is the same no matter which direction. you do have a little bit of leftover speed from your warp though, so maybe it could save you a second sometimes.

Re: Thresher Thrasher Thursday Fleet: Get Hype!

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 17:01
by Falling Snow KumaMoto
Yto, some other FCs ask for the main ship delivery in one system, plus a reshipping spot with a few extras somewhere else. We can do Black Rise or whatever.

If the ships need to leave hi-sec, we do appreciate a little extra notice to make sure we can do it as safely as possible. But a main start location plus a reshipping spot is fine with the Fleet Support Program.

Re: Thresher Thrasher Thursday Fleet: Get Hype!

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 19:09
by Yto Itinen
Thanks Falling Snow, I appreciate that!
Technically, the roams start from 101 and Stacmon is the reshipping point, so a third station might be too much for you guys, I don't know.
Generally we find content before we need to move to Black Rise, so for now it's just a prospect rather than a need.

Fly fun!