[AAR] 2020-01-13 // WT Engagement in Jufvitte

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Squin Ti



Post 2020.01.13 10:36

[AAR] 2020-01-13 // WT Engagement in Jufvitte

Engagement Details
At around 0855 a call went out on comms that a uni orca was being engaged by 2 WT (Inkswitch + Worgar Weltschmerz) in a Megathron and a Garmur. It seems they had used an OOC alt in an Anathema (xxxGingerxxx) as a cloaky warp in directly on to the orca.

Being early in the morning there were not many people on comms. Knowing there was no way we could fight these ships given numbers and limited experience available I asked on comms for anyone available to jump to Refinery 102 and pull an emergency griffin from the Freshman Hanger. I had to log back on to my uni toon which delayed things. When I arrived on field in the griffin I was initially the only person there - a uni Tengu showed up which scared off the Garmur. I managed to jam the megathron enough that it had to warp off and the orca managed to warp away to dock before it could return.


Overall Evaluation
(positive Stuff)
    - Nobody Died
    - We have outed another WeR4 alt eyes and I will be passing the name on to diplo
(Negative stuff)
    - The orca was in to hull by the time it managed to escape. This was almost another big loss for the uni in the space of 24 hours.
    - Now not being of great PvP experience in the uni I'm in no place to give orders but had that garmur not warped off we would have needed a second griffin to free the orca
    - There was no HSC Standing Fleet up

This is my first AAR. Being a very minor engagement I considered not writing one however, I thought it was important to highlight that there are free Griffins available in Refinery 102. I was hoping for a bigger ECM response. I don't know if a Tengu can take a Megathron but given the situation I don't think it should have been on field - we don't know what else could have been outside of system and could have added yet another big kill to their killboard. You're opinions are appreciated! o7

Nienke Solette


Campus Manager
Campus Manager

Post 2020.01.13 12:23

Re: [AAR] 2020-01-13 // WT Engagement in Jufvitte

The call for crowbar griffins was a good one, generally there are not many Unistas online in the morning. This is also often the time that HSC standing fleet does not exists. I don't know whether this is by laziness or people not knowing how to do that, but this is something our HSC residents need to think of when undocking.

What is disturbing is that we seem rusty in our War Time mechanics after a 2-week period of peace. I hope that this AAR, the structure bash and the loss yesterday has been a wake-up call.

I think that if the Garmur stayed, they may have took down the Orca. This would indeed be the second high-value loss within 24 hours which would be a pity. However, I have to note that yesterday's loss was because of a RL intervention, which can happen to everyone. Furthermore, I think the reaction this morning for the Orca was a good one. Maybe we should put a copule of Griffins up on contract in multiple stations across Jufvitte to improve reaction times?

Squin and others, good job on preventing an Orca loss! ^^
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