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[AAR] QRF WeR4 Caracals/Ospreys 2020-01-15 / 2020-01-16

While busy with my Alt buying stuff in Jita I got a ping from Ares that WTs were spotted in Jufvitte and he asked me if I could FC. I went back into my main and started prepping a QRF with Cracal / Osprey doctrine. This despite earlier experiences with late EUTZ QRFs. I really, really should stop FC-ing QRFs when tired... This time, I forgot to record the fleet so this AAR will be purely from my bad functioning memory.

Roam members (21)
Cutecumber Roll - Punisher
Dexyr Sulvara -
Edwin Clough - Drake
Ergan Eto - Osprey, Logi FC, 3IC
Freyja Satuntytar - Miasmos
Ghad Makanen - Caracal, Bait Dominix
H4lfy Khashour
Hachiroku77 - Tengu
Helen Dorothy Sharman -
Larkvi - Caracal, 2IC
Marv Edwoods - Catalyst
Nexdoom Miminger - Scythe / Osprey
Nienke Solette - Caracal, FC
Parrish Askiras
Quebec man
Squin Ti
Tungon Akeela
Zairnix Onren
Zhanshi Chen - Slasher
manda doomsslayer

It impossible for me to remember which ship everyone flew if you want it added or anything else edited you can send me a private message.

Kills and Losses

(23:47:37) Jufvitte
Miasmos -2.96m
Within one minute after joining the standing fleet in my main and approximately two or three minutes after I jumped back into HSC channel in Mumble I heard that a Unista in a Miasmos was being agressed in Jufvitte. Comms were not clear enough for fellow Unistas to be on grid with a crowbar Griffin quick enough to prevent the loss. The Miasmos was also not fitted and without valuable content, so the loss was taken lightly. I proceeded in forming up the QRF by putting eyes down the pipe to Scolluzer and an extra set of eyes in Scheenins. HSC management managed to discover suspected eyes from our War Targets and I asked to report it to our diplomacy people.

(23:50:41) Jufvitte
Tengu -1606.91m
Enyo +44.9m
At this point, I think I had maximum 1/4 of the fleet undocked and at the Jufvitte gate in Amygnon. Since the (I think multi-boxing) pilot of the Tengu was not talking over Mumble I had only information from other eyes that a Tengu was primaried by our War Targets. I didn't have a proper warp-in, did not know the situation on-grid and did not know that the Tengu was fit with Deadspace modules. Ah well, at least no Orcas were harmed during the production of this AAR...

Only after these losses I got the fleet up and running properly in my opinion. At one point I had a 2FC, four Logi and a Logi FC who was also my 3FC. There were eyes down the pipe and some in Juf who could look for War Targets who were out or docked up. There was little activity so I asked if someone was willing to volunteer as bait in Juf or Scheenins. Someone took out a Dominix and went to do an anomaly in Scheenins. Unfortunately, fish wasn't biting today. At one point one War Target (can't remember the ship) undocked in Jufvitte and went down the pipe in the direction of Tar. Our scouts tried to catch it while I tried to keep up with the rest of the fleet. Only on the Merolles gate in Alentene, I stopped because I didn't want to dive into the neighbourhood of Tar without people having the chance to go back to 101 for whatever reason (some didn't have clean clones, FC included). At this point, I asked the fleet if they wanted to look for some content in Tar which I got an overwhelmingly positive response on.

(00:23:28) Tar
Punisher -3.1m
Slasher -0.44m
So yeah, I let the fleet prepare for Tar and told the Scouts to go into Tar looking for content. I made the mistake here believing that we were closer to Tar than I thought because when I asked scouts to engage a reported Eos (which also was on an NPC station which my brain didn't register) we just started warping to the Merolles gate. When we landed on grid, I think we already lost one of our scouts and a second scout was almost down. I called to Anchor up, put the hardners on, overheat and engage to see if we could take it down before it docked up. Unfortunately, we were too slow. We might have got it if we were faster and pre-heated our launchers. It did feel good to be in the system of the War Target though, instead of them coming to our system all the time. ^^

Someone suggested engaging one of their structures in Tar. Since a director just popped into our fleet channel, I asked permission but didn't get it. Another fleet member directly said we didn't have the ships to go for a structure, which I do agree with.

After this, I asked the fleet to wait out the timer, dock up, repair and undock again. Our scouts tried to get a bit more content in Merolles, but WeR4 already got their blingy kill and didn't seem eager to take another fight. We went back to 101, tried getting a suspect for more content in Juf but had no luck.

ISK Destroyed: 44,898,207.64
ISK Lost: 1,613,408,777.24
ISK Delta: -1,568,510,569.6
Efficiency: 2.707%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
  • It felt good to be in Tar for once with a fleet
  • I had a fleet of fellow, bloodthirsty Unistas eager for content/fights instead of boring station-games or docking up. Keep this mindset up, I like it!
  • Good suggestions at multiple points from multiple fleet members who were all working together towards the same goal. This makes FC-ing easier and I want to thank everyone for that

    (Negative stuff)
  • Lost a blingy Tengu which could have been prevented in my opinion
  • Comms were messy, especially at form-up. I managed to clear it up after we undocked and sat at the Jufvitte gate in Amygnon for a while, but it would help to prevent losses if we can get clear comms from the beginning. I'd also recommend everyone to go to a Scouting 101 class. One of the learning goals is to improve relaying information to an FC, which is essential in both offensive as defensive situations
  • I made a mistake by giving our scouts permission to engage the Eos too soon, while the fleet was too far away
  • I should not FC late QRF fleets
  • I should also record my QRFs
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