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[AAR] Structure Bash 1-12-20

Roam members (58)
Alyxia Natarn
Anidien Dallacort - Caracal
Archemide - Ferox
Ares Dodekatheon - Ferox
ArneRik Cadelanne - Ferox
Asuka Rossi - Ferox
Athena Firefly - Ferox
B'aldrick Aivoras - Ferox
Balk Panala - Caracal
Bosdos - Caracal
Brookie Achasse - Lachesis
Bruice Almighty - Osprey
Cassius Katelo - Ferox
Cavalorn Dravencourt - Ferox
Cutecumber Roll - Thorax
Dexyr Sulvara - Ferox
Drebin 679 - Caracal
Ergan Eto - Osprey
Falling Snow KumaMoto - Osprey
Flash Prime
Flatline Kasenumi - Ferox
Freyja Satuntytar - Ferox
Ghad Makanen - Ferox
Gibson Thunderbird
Gislind Havel - Ferox
Glenrowan - Ferox
H4lfy Khashour - Caracal
Harry Heinee - Caracal
Helen Dorothy Sharman - Ferox
Jessica Farrish - Claymore
Joilove Sunrunner
Kelle Damage - Osprey
Kryax Bluth
Larkvi - Caracal
Marcel Eriker - Ferox
Marn Vermuldir - Vulture
Milspecc - Ferox
Min Nashira - Ferox
Nienke Solette
NorthCrossroad - Vulture
Psychotic Fickity - Ferox
Roke Huren - Caracal
Scorch Hexter - Nemesis
Segdae Aldurald - Ferox
Squin Ti
Stogal Severasse - Ferox
Tal Tracyn - Huginn
Tim NineOwls - Osprey
Toota woot
Tristle Boirelle - Osprey
Turlough Dominian - Ferox
Vodomort Mort
YooJin Moon - Ferox
Yto Itinen
Zairnix Onren - Ferox
Zhanshi Chen - Ferox

Kills and Losses

This fleet was the armor timer on a War Headquarters. There's not a lot to tell here, as we were unopposed. I have some thoughts on doctrine, but they're better suited for a board with more OpSec than this (though I am looking for which subform would be most appropriate for that kind of discussion).

Turtle had originally posted this fleet, with formup times. I thought 1.5 hours was a bit excessive for formup, but I underestimated how complicated it was to wrangle 60 newbros. An hour and a half was about right, especially since we had a server crash in the middle of that. Luckily, the server quickly recovered. I did make a mistake during formup. I had our logi and ewar FCs (special thanks to Tristle Boirelle and Nienke Solette, respectively) give a logi/ewar brief before I did my general newbro speech. The order should obviously be newbro speech, then special briefings. That would probably reduce (though certainly not eliminate) the amount of questions and topics the sub-FCs needed to cover.

After formup, we slow boated to the war HQ. It was undefended, though it was manned. Fighters were only launched once, and quick reactions allowed us to take out one fighter wing before they were recalled. Logi easily had the hardest job of anyone, and managed to keep everyone alive despite jams, neuts, and damage from the structure.

We bashed it and came home, uneventfully. Thanks to everyone who came out, and I hope to see you for the next timer (assuming the war is still ongoing).

(23:37:07) Channace
Standup Einherji I +3.84m

ISK Destroyed: 3,840,563.55
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 3,840,563.55
Efficiency: 100%

It says isk positive, but I'm pretty sure we used up more than 3.8m in ammo.