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[AAR] 2020-01-03 // Hyperkitten NoP LowSec Roam

Oh boy, what a weekend. This will be the first out of three AARs showing up in the following couple of days. Thanks to all who joined and helped, I had a blast!

Please note that I have recorded this fleet, but have not indicated this before undocking. Therefore, the videos will not be made public. If you still want to see fragments of our fights, please contact me directly via Slack or EVE-mail.

The route we took was a nice circle through Gallente/Caldari Faction Warfare territory. See also this DOTLAN Map.

Roam members (21)
Asuka Rossi - Tristan, Maulus
Bruice Almighty - Tristan
Ch4rl13 D4M3 B3rry - Tristan, 2IC (part 1)
Coolio Enderas - Tristan
Dexyr Sulvara - Slasher
Esca Sinak - Tristan
Finchi Otsada - Tristan
Flatline Kasenumi - Slasher, Atron
Gaelys Aarmenvar - Condor, Tristan, Atron
Giacomo Belenos - Tristan
Gilmir - Tristan, Atron
Gunny Corrigan - Tristan
Harry Heinee - Tristan
Khalista Hemah - Crucifier
Ky Hanomaa - Tristan, Retribution, 2IC (part 2), FCC Mentor
Major Layser - Tristan, Atron
Nienke Solette - Tristan, Atron
Shieva Ann - Tristan
YooJin Moon - Tristan, Merlin, 3IC
Yto Itinen - Maulus, Tristan
Zairnix Onren - Tristan

Please let me know if I forgot anything or anyone and I'll edit this list!

Even before we got any fights our scouts reported a Harbinger/Augoror gate camp in Murethand on our in-gate. I decided to just jump, hold cloak and cold fleet-warp us to Indregulle gate. This was a good decision since the gate camp did not have an insta-locking tackler. However, I did not ask for the distance between the camp and the gate and did not check if they had any tackle at all. Furthermore, I noticed on the recording that some ships still needed to be renamed. I would advise my future self to check distances from gates and plexes and check gate camps for tacklers. It would also be handy to put an extra check in the fleet's Message Of The Day (MOTD) for the ship names.

Kills and Losses

(20:43:56) Indregulle
Slasher +4.38m

Because I did not know if the gate camp would follow us, I decided to jump into IND relatively quickly. A scout reported a Slasher on a Large plex. Fleet went in and we got the first kill of the evening. Since it was a single target I could have tried getting everyone on the killmail, something to remember for next time.

(20:51:59) Oinasiken, Abune
Tristan -4.5m
Caracal +25.43m
Condor -1.59m
Capsule -0.01m

On our out-gate in Oinasiken to Nisuwa our scout reported a Retribution, Sentinel, Kikimora, Scythe, Hecate and a Garmur. I called not to engage because of gate-guns and decided to warp the fleet to our out-gate. When landing, they warped off. Our scouts found them again on a Small plex. We went over there and warped in at 0km. Our targets were 100km away and I called to chase and primary the Scythe. Shortly after that, another Kikimora, a Dramiel and a Caracal landed closer to us. We changed to primary the Caracal, mainly because missiles against Hyperkittens is not a good combination. If I called the Dramiel secondary and someone scrammed it we might also have gotten that one. After we took the Caracal down we tried catching something else, but the Harbinger/Augoro gate camp landed on our plex. We warped to the sun at different distances and forgot to call drones in first, which was a cause for the fleet to lose quite some drones. Eventually, we lost one Tristan to the Caracal and one scout/tackle Condor to the Garmur-group. The pod loss in Abune was probably a pod-express gift?

On our way to Pynekastoh, we went to sit in a Novice plex in Hirri for a while because two of our three gates were camped by either the Harbinger/Augoror fleet or another fleet who probably used a reported cyno in Pynekastoh. I considered taking the fleet back through Nisuwa and Oinasiken at one point, but the fleet in Pynekastoh moved on through our system. While a Ragnarok was still reported in PYN, the biggest threat was gone and we jumped into PYN to dock up for repairs or fresh drones.

(21:12:47) Pynekastoh
Kestrel +9.65m
Wolf +45.72m

Just before we actually docked, a scout reported a Kestrel in a Large plex. Fleet warped in and got the kill. Then, a Wolf landed 50km from us. We chased the prob mod overheating bugger and got it because the prob mod was burned. I personally burn it too, so yeah, that was.... sub-optimal. ^^

The Wolf pilot apparently was an ex-unista. I contacted him to exchange gfs and arrange a fight for the Sunday Alpha-Bird Kestrel fleet. After this, we docked up for repairs, dropping loot and a bio-break.

(21:28:18) Pynekastoh, Hikkoken
Condor -1.59m
Tristan -6.89m
Tristan -5.92m
Tristan -8.06m
Tristan -1.46m
Crucifier -2.6m

After everyone was back, a scout reported an Armageddon 200km from a Large plex. We undocked, warped in at 100km, pointed the Armageddon and started pewing. Meanwhile, a Retribution and two Algoses warped in at 160km and 225km resp. Our Crucifier went for the Algosses and had to bounce a bit later. Then, a Draugur and a Scythe Fleet Issue landed 200km from us and started spiralling in. At this point it gets interesting. I was orbiting the primary at 15km for optimal transversal while keeping within point range. At one point my cap went cry and I decided to turn off my prop mod. With my tunnel-vision on the overview and other fleet members' positions, I did not notice myself being between the primary and the Scythe Fleet Issue which was at 60k from me when 2IC had to bounce. The Retribution was at that point at 40km which I thought was a bigger threat, but still less than the Armageddon. I have been proved wrong, and 10 seconds later I was red boxed by the SFI. The cherry on top was me not remembering to use my warp out tab. 2IC was not back yet, so I called scatter when I went down and a Rifter + a Cynabal landed at 200km. In hindsight, the fleet could have held the grid a while longer and may have got the Armageddon which had around 10-20% armour left.

After scattering, our Crucifier got caught in Hikkoken. Reshipping is also a thing and I should take this into account when prepping other fleets, currently, the main bunch got Derpatrons from Ichorya.

(21:43:17) Nennamaila
Tristan +1.17m
Slasher -5.47m
Caldari Navy Hookbill +13.99m
Merlin +4.43m

While I was reshipping, the fleet proceeded to Nennamaila. Scout reported a Merlin at a Novice plex. Scout tried to point it but it warped off. At the same time, a Tristan and a Caldari Navy Hookbill landed on the same scout. The fleet jumped into NEN and warped to our scout. We got the Tristan, the CNH, unfortunately, warped off.

Another scout caught the Merlin again on a Small plex and got scram. The earlier reported CNH was also in the same plex. Fleet warped to the scout and the CNH was called primary. Points were called on the secondary Merlin. The fleet took both down at the cost of one of our scouts and good fights were put in local.

(21:52:24) Aldranette
Slasher -1.53m

After replenishing drones at a station, a scout went +1 into Aldranette and reported a Federation Navy Comet in a Small plex 16AU from the gate. I still jumped the fleet into ALD too late and we lost the scout's ship.

(21:57:49) Aldranette
Maulus -2m
Atron -4.71m
Hecate +62.95m
Tristan -1.45m
Tristan -6.8m
Tristan -6.21m
Atron -4.68m
Tristan -7.55m
Scythe Fleet Issue +96.94m
Tristan -1.45m
Tristan -12.51m
Tristan -5.73m
Tristan -6.8m
Capsule -0.01m

Initially, it looked like ALD would not provide more content so I sent our scout +1 into Vlillirier. However, local helped proving otherwise. Buntspecht asked for a fight in a Medium plex where there was a Maller on D. 2IC vouched for the guys giving good fights, so FC accepted and in we went!

The Maller was outside of the plex when the fleet landed. Another Hecate and two Scythe Fleet Issues warped in just after we got point and scram on the Maller. At this point, I was webbed, cap neutralised and scrammed and should have aligned/warped out immediately. Again, tunnel-vision prevented me to do so for some weird reason. Before going down I called the Hecate primary for a switch as suggested by 2IC. Hecate went down and fleet switched and took down one of the SFIs. 2IC made a good call by letting fleet members bounce when they needed to. At one point, the remaining members on the grid were too low to take down the last SFI. The fish was a bit too big to take. ^^

After the fight, we reshipped and took a bio-break.

(22:21:23) Aldranette
Slasher -5.15m
Atron -1.6m
Tristan -4.51m
Tristan -7.46m
Stiletto +52.09m

At undocking time, there was a Gila on the NPC station who yellow boxed us. I wanted to go after a reported Drekavac at a Large so I asked the fleet to align there and not engage the Gila (also because I didn’t wanna play station games).

When landing at the plex, the Drekavac was 100+km away and we started to chase. A Stiletto and an Enyo landed around resp. 25 and 50 km from us. They both aligned away from us and gained distance fast. The Drek and Enyo warped away shortly after. Then, three Gilas and a Loki landed on the plex at 0km. Since the fleet was spread in one line between the warped off Drek and the plex I decided to call scatter. A fleet member still got on the killmail for the Stiletto, I gladly take it!

(22:41:36) Agoze
Slasher -1.53m
Atron -4.73m

We regrouped at a safe. We had one out of three scouts left and we proceeded on our route. In Agoze a Caracal and a Bifrost were reported on a Large. When landing, both were at 150km range. I called to chase and see what we could get. While chasing I noticed we were bleeding ships and did not gain distance fast enough. When a Wolf landed I decided to proceed on our route and stop the chase.

(22:47:36) Loes
Atron -4.72m
Merlin -8.83m
Maulus -1.17m
Atron -4.62m

At this point, I was a bit done and wanted to bring it home or just end it with a whelp. When jumping into Oulletta, the Wolf followed us and landed on the Ouletta gate in Loes. I called to jump back into Loes and try to get the Wolf. While jumping back, two Exequrors, a Crow and a Megathron landed on the Loes gate. In Loes a member got point but the Wolf gained distance too fast and warped away.

The aforementioned Crow jumped after us and aligned away from the gate, we ignored it because it was not flashy. The Megathron also jumped through and the Wolf warped back in at 100k. The Megathron engaged and I called it primary because with Gate Guns I thought we might have had a chance to take it down. We lost two ships quickly including mine (again). I scattered and warped back to the gate to watch the show. A Drake Navy Issue and the two Exequrors jumped into Loes from Oulletta. 2IC switched target to one of the Exequrors, but at that point, we could break anything anymore so 2IC called scatter. After this, the fleet travelled back home or took the pod express.

ISK Destroyed: 316,748,364.59
ISK Lost: 143,818,542.99
ISK Delta: 172,929,821.60
Efficiency: 68.774%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
  • General navigation commands were clear
  • Made a good call cold-warping the fleet when on grid with the Harbinger/Augoror gatecamp
  • Fleet management (newbro speech, setting up MOTD, availability of ships at formup) was smooth

  • Got tunnel-vision sometimes on calling + watching targets and fleet positioning. I should keep a better eye on my own ship's health so that I can bounce (earlier). FC bouncing is better than FC reshipping
  • Bait (in this case the Maller) is often brick-tanked and I should switch the primary to landing ships earlier.
  • Target broadcasting can still improve
  • May want to do some preparation for reshipping in the LowSec area next time
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