Post 2019.06.15 04:04

Lowsec roam ft. WHC

Ana'ander Lamora
Ithugor Wells
Mikus Walker

After having just got wrecked by Hookbill, I decided to go back out there to find or be more content. After a fairly fruitless search, a wild Ana'ander appeared in Hikkoken and she asked that I join her and Mikus' roam.

Note, pre-me joining, Mikus and Ana'ander took out (third-partied?) a Tristan: 6,686,142.70 ISK

After some fruitless searching for content (including seeing lots of scary Deimoses in Nennamalia) Ana'ander came across a Tristan that was definitely flashy. Being the second one in, I was very confused to find out that it was not, in fact flashy, and being in a squishy comet and confused, thought it best not to engage (probably a mistake). We guessed at that point in time that perhaps Ana had an engagement with the pilot for some reason.

Unfortunately, Ana died but Mikus had arrived and decided to engage and, after tanking gate guns for an impressively long period of time, managed to take down the Tristan: 48,028,985.87 ISK 3,823,932.35 ISK 10,000

It later turned out that, being a wormholer and not needing to worry about these things, Ana'ander didn't realize that when people talk about "flashy" targets, they literally mean that the overview entry flashes.

After this, Mikus and I roamed for a bit while Ana considered reshipping. We found a(n actually) flashy comet but sadly could not catch it. I also tried to solo a Tormentor while Mikus was repairing but let's not talk about that.

After all this, we decided to call it quits.

Isk Destroyed: 10,520,075.05 ISK
Isk Lost: 48,028,985.87 ISK
Isk Delta: 37,508,910.82‬ ISK
Efficiency: 17.97%
Learning: Priceless