[AAR] Angry Angry natives or Newbie has an Adventure

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Mihal Brachne



Post 2019.07.01 19:50

[AAR] Angry Angry natives or Newbie has an Adventure

AAR: Angry Angry Natives.

TLDR: Newbie has an adventure.
no isk gained.
No losses.
No Kills.
Newbie adrenaline rush/fun per hour, priceless.
Start time:2019.07.01 17:28:57
End time:2019.07.01 18:28:29

Having started a little daytrip from Amy, I quickly came across an apparently empty WH with 6 low-scale gas sites.
this was 1 jump in from the WH connecting to Amy.

Deciding this sounded like potential content creation I quickly nagged in HSC chat for people to join me in a ninja-group attempt.
Being told by Yto Ininen in no uncertain terms that I would FC whether I wanted to or not, I quickly girded my loins as he set up a
fleet for our attempt.

While he and Zhanzhi Chen waited at 101, I quickly tried to set up a gas venture fit, forgetting a core probe launcher in my haste.

After jumping into the first WH, Zhanshi and I quickly jumped towards the gas WH while Yto sidetracked making himself a safe spot while
patiently trying to teach me how to share bookmarks.

Jumping in ahead of Yto in the gas WH, Zhanshi wisely employed D-scan while I attempted to employ my newly learned bookmark sharing skills
to the scanned gas-sites.

Coming across a Stratios on D-scan, Zhanshi and I started playing warp pinball.
meanwhile Yto discovered there was an Eris sitting on the other side of our "getout" HW connection.
The Eris was later joined by a Caracal.

deciding we were not much in the mood to get bubbled, Zhanshi and I decided to employ one of the other available WH`s which I had wisely
scanned down during my original daytrip session. hoping we could scan down a way back to High sec, we went scan-adventuring while Yto
reshipped and provided essential moral support.
after Zhanshi had scanned down another two wormhole connection while I provided D-scan support, Yto discovered the Eris and Caracal
had gotten bored and moved on.
quickly taking the opportunity to skedaddle, Zhanshi and I managed to serial Jump safely back to Amy with Yto`s invaluable support.

Lessons Learned,
Don`t Rush a fit.
D-scan is important.
if in doubt, listen to Yto Itinen

Active parties:
Yto Itinen.
Zhanshi Chen
Mihal Brachne.
Angry WH natives.

Yto Itinen



Post 2019.07.01 21:45

Re: [AAR] Angry Angry natives or Newbie has an Adventure

I really love newbros going for the WH lifestyle, no matter how much you read about it, the first times you go in you are totally unprepared.
This is a good thing, better to learn by doing and making some mistakes than avoiding content until you think you are ready for it.
Beginner mistakes in a venture are a learning experience, and the more you postpone that learning, the more expensive they will get later!

This AAR is also a good way to reflect on what works and what is to be learned:

1) Bookmarks: WH entrance always first and a tactical perch around 200 km of the entrance are always good to have. The second one allows you to check for bubblers on grid and prevents you from falling on their lap. There are many naming conventions, but including the code of the sig (ABC 123) is always useful.

2) Safes: preferably outside D-scan from celestials, WH entrances and signatures are a must, the deeper the better. If they combat probe you, this adds a couple more cycles of scanning before they get your position, and by then you can bounce.

Do these two in a cloaky ship before you bring the rest of your stuff/fleet inside and you will be prepared for most of the situations that might arise later.

3) Always be in something that can scan its way out. Fleetmates with probes are good, own probes are better.

4) Be alert, but relaxed. Having BM and tacs beforehand makes it easy for you to mechanically bounce and warp to those, so you don't have to do a thousand things at once if you spot hostiles. Bid your time, don't rush headfirst and make them doubt your movements.

5) Have a lot of fun!




Zhanshi Chen



Post 2019.07.02 05:07

Re: [AAR] Angry Angry natives or Newbie has an Adventure

There was still definitely a lot to learn on this trip into WH space, even though I've been into WH space before. I've only been in wormholes a few times before, and lost two ships in the process (both gas huffing Ventures to interdictors).

However, one of the things I got out of this adventure is how valuable other fleet members can be when venturing into WH space. For instance, as Mihal mentioned, he forgot to bring a probe launcher, but luckily, I just decided before going out to fit probes onto my ship (as I realized that I forgot to fit those). In the beginning of our scanning-out attempt, after our encounter with an angry Stratios, I was attempting to both D-scan and probe scan (which was tough, given that I D-scan once every 5-10 seconds). However, at one point, Mihal decided to take up the task of D-scanning for me, as we were both within max. D-scan range. This allowed me to stay more focused on probe scanning out, meaning that I was more efficient in finding possible wormhole exits. I still D-scanned, though - just not the frantic "V-spam" that I would do normally.

I also have to give a huge thanks to Yto in helping us get out alive. Mihal and I mistakenly left him behind as we were jumping through WH space, but Yto was still a great help, scouting for us and letting us know about the interdictor (which would've gotten two squishy Ventures destroyed) and that the path home was clear (saving us from further scanning and another possible death to more WH natives). This encounter only further demonstrates how invaluable intel and scouts are.

Even though we never managed to get to a gas site and do any actual gas huffing, this was still great training and a memorable experience. I'd definitely attend (or maybe even run) some more "events" like this in the future! (Thanks to Mihal for suggesting this - it wasn't really 'nagging')




Post 2019.07.02 08:23

Re: [AAR] Angry Angry natives or Newbie has an Adventure

Zhanshi Chen wrote:However, one of the things I got out of this adventure is how valuable other fleet members can be when venturing into WH space.

And it's not just WH space. In null, low sec and even high sec in war time, fleeting up makes the world of difference.

If I could give EVE University a tag line, it would be: Fleet Up.

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