[AAR] Kitchen Sink Frigates 2019.6.19 @ 18:30

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B'aldrick Aivoras



Post 2019.06.19 21:34

[AAR] Kitchen Sink Frigates 2019.6.19 @ 18:30

Details to follow:

Roam members (14)
B'aldrick Aivoras - Rifter
Dexyr Sulvara - Slasher - Scout
Esca Sinak - Merlin
Faye Enkelli - Tristan - 2IC
Iam Nota Bot
Ky Hanomaa - Tristan, Griffin
NeutronStarLord - Crow
Toma Heleneto - Caldari Navy Hookbill
Urban Oxide - Punisher - 3IC
Yto Itinen - Burst - Logi
Zhanshi Chen - Kestrel
hitshead - Condor, Atron - Scout
shureer Yassavi - Kestrel

Kills and Losses

(19:38:41) Pynekastoh
Caldari Navy Hookbill +16.82m
Capsule +0.01m
Tristan -2.61m

(20:06:37) Tama
Condor -7.78m

(20:38:45) Nennamaila
Incursus +14.15m

(20:55:31) Kinakka
Republic Fleet Firetail +30.56m

(21:01:04) Martoh
Atron -4.23m

ISK Destroyed: 61,536,862.52
ISK Lost: 14,615,107.7
ISK Delta: 46,921,754.82
Efficiency: 80.808%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    (Negative stuff)

FCC Manager
Graduate | Assistant Orientation Manager | Senior Personnel Ofiicer


Amoni Panala



Post 2019.06.20 02:00

Re: [AAR] Kitchen Sink Frigates 2019.6.19 @ 18:30

I was there in an Atron long point. I had to leave about a half an hour early.

I really enjoyed the experience. Particularly with hearing and learning commands I don't hear often in the other fleets I've run such as "slide the gate." I've never seen a titan before so getting to see that was pretty fun.

Thing I learned: I need to fly more fleets to really get the rhythm down, however I've begun to notice that every FC has a little bit different style and therefore with each FC I fly with I learn something new about flying in fleet.

I know my voice is in the baritone range, but I promise you I am 100% lady.

Faye Enkelli



Post 2019.06.20 06:24

Re: [AAR] Kitchen Sink Frigates 2019.6.19 @ 18:30

My first time being 2IC and here and there I panicked a little to be honest, due to disconnects and other minor issues.
Thankfully people like our 3IC Urban and Scout Dexyr were quick to step up and show me how to react next time things go wonky.

Seeing a titan-class ship was one of the goals I've had since first hearing about EVE in 2012, and it finally happened on this fleet. It was such a nice little (BIG) surprise.

Thank you for the fleet all.

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