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[AAR] 2019-07-26 Proto-NoP

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out as we had a bunch of fun engagements. Also, thank you to Ged Sinak for evaluating the fleet.

When we try to catch an Atron, an Orthrus lands on us. I initially don't want to engage but Ged convinces me to. We try to jump and catch it, but sadly, it runs away. Fortuantely for us, a Curse follows it and we manage to catch it when it jumps to the other side. This gets us isk positive for the rest of the roam and one of the newbies gets a rather nice final blow.

The Orthrus comes back and we fail to catch it and so I have us jump to the other side. We then try to catch an Exequror Navy issue and when we jump to catch it we are greeted by it, an Orthrus, a Blackbird and a likely cyno Heron. I decide to disengage, especially when the Blackbird warps.

We then try to get back into Vey and to a safe, although we do get split a bit. We sit around to make sure we can safely escape. I think I tell the new people to follow us once we got back in Frarie as they got stuck there. But some of them caught up.

We attempt to catch a Caracal and I choose to get myself and one person jump back with me. Unfortunately, this was a terrible idea as I couldn't see what was going on. We do manage to scatter but we lose three people. This also horribly splits our fleets in awkward place and I had to take a bit to find an alternative route. This alternative route ended being an Incursion which was rather unfortunate but it was nice no one died.

We ran into a Catalyst that just sat there and died. Which was weird.

When trying to catch a Merlin, the previously killed Catalyst pilot comes back in a Corax. While playing warp off games with it, a Tristan for some reason decides to engage us. Despite being faster than us, it messes up its kiting and we take it down. A bunch of stuff appears on grid and I jump through.

At this point I should have been more clear to our scout as we did not want to try to catch the Merlin it was going for at this time as it interrupted us trying to get away from the gang (I was originally going to slide an unoccupied Novice).

In Aldranette, we find a Corax and Incursus and I decide to go for it despite being under a VNI and a Sleipnir, I forgot that our scout was flashy and so sadly lost it to the Atron. I think isk-wise, this would have been more even if the Corax wasn't meta fit.

We try to get a somewhat even gang (we had twice the numbers + logi but they had much better ships). Sadly they eventually choose not to :(

In Kedama, we ran into a Daredevil and duo Exequror gatecamp. I order everyone to go for one Exequror and then the other. I also told people to get scram/web on the Daredevil and fortunately those people shot it while we worked on the Exequrors (otherwise I think it might have escaped).

We then proceed into Tama and our Scout finds a destroyer gang. I try to direct our scout to get a warp in, but they get bored and leave before we can capitalize on it. Shortly after this our scout finds and solos a Venture.

I then get everyone to dock up so everyone can drop loot and repair heat. While docked, our scout manages to find a Scorpion at the sun and Satoshi manages to catch it. We warp and then burn to it and start applying DPS. A Svipul also was with the Scorpion and I eventually switch to it when I'm told that we had already aggressed it. In hindsight, I should have been willing to shoot it earlier despite it being non-flashy as we weren't near gate guns. After we take down the Svipul I continue to have us attack the Scorpion and probably stay on grid too long as we weren't able to break it and reinforcements (such as another Scorpion) showed up on grid.

On our way back to Amy, we run into another Fweddit gang and have to quickly move to avoid being wrecked by it. Fortunately, they lose interests in us.

In Heydieles, we attempt to snag a Vexor and Wolf fighting each other but we did not quite have everything setup correctly and our scout died before we could land. I chose not to engage the Wolf by itself as I was worried about it's anti-laser resistances being a big problem for us.

Once in Oueletta, I believe one of our comets sat in a small and fortunately for us a Retribution decided to join the party and was scrammed and webbed by the bait. We managed to quickly take it down with no losses.

FC View (partial)
Free Curse
FC should not be Vanguard
Even freer-er Catalyst
Gatecamp crash

Roam members (17)
Able Achasse - Tormentor
Amoni Panala - Navitas
Atticus Vex - Tormentor
Callum Aishai - Kestrel
Ged Sinak - Tormentor
Ithugor Wells - Tormentor
Ky Hanomaa - Imperial Navy Slicer
Ley Artemi - Tormentor
Lightsong the Bold - Crucifier
Neemo Beer - Federation Navy Comet
Roeric Lamora - Tormentor
Satoshi Tomeii - Tormentor, Federation Navy Comet
Segdae Aldurald - Slasher, Rifter
Sen Artemi - Tormentor, Ibis
Space Warfare Development - Crucifier
Vetch Benderesk - Navitas
William Lyon Mackenzie - Navitas

Kills and Losses

(01:51:32) Frarie
Curse +444.71m

(02:08:55) Vlillirier
Navitas -10.49m
Navitas -2.54m
Capsule -0.01m

(02:33:54) Anchauttes
Catalyst +16.65m

(02:38:34) Anchauttes
Tristan +7.99m

(02:42:33) Evaulon
Capsule -0.01m

(02:45:51) Aldranette
Corax +4.35m
Navitas -10.46m
Slasher -7.4m
Incursus +9.53m
Kestrel -5.21m
Navitas -2.18m

(03:23:28) Kedama
Tormentor -12.43m
Tormentor -5.54m
Exequror +25.91m
Daredevil +155.22m
Exequror +25.9m
Capsule +0.01m

(03:31:32) Tama
Venture +0.18m

(03:41:20) Tama
Navitas -10.44m
Svipul +69.58m
Federation Navy Comet -35.21m
Federation Navy Comet -30.17m
Tormentor -15.09m

(03:53:38) Gisleres, Heydieles
Ibis -0.03m
Rifter -5.36m

(04:10:28) Ouelletta
Retribution +64.28m

ISK Destroyed: 824,312,857.77
ISK Lost: 152,564,680
ISK Delta: 671,748,177.77
Efficiency: 84.382%

Overall evaluation
    Very isk positive
    Actually broadcasted and used names when I needed to
    Did well target swapping
    Called secondary points when appropriate
    Perfectly willing to request information from others about targets and engageability
    Could have afforded to be more aggressive. We probably would have missed more good fights without Ged prompting me
    When not on a gate or station, should be more willing to engage non-flashy targets
    Should have extracted earlier when fighting the scorpions and friends
    Trying to be a Vanguard-esque roll as FC to try and catch something is a terrible idea

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Post 2019.07.28 21:04

Re: [AAR] 2019-07-26 Proto-NoP

Any day when you kill a Curse is a good day. I was mining, so I couldn't make it. But sounds like fun.
Former E-Uni FC (LSC/WHC).


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