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[AAR] Catching a Hagfish in HSC

A few hours after the structure bash, I came back online to find out the HSC Standing Fleet was preparing because WTs were following Unistas back to Amy. I jumped in my very cheap, very fast-tackle Condor. Thanks to the fact that I had just flown with the structure bash fleet, I was able to follow commands Psychotick was giving out as the FC. Three or four WTs showed up, but we couldn't lock them down in time. Fortunately for us, we had scouts at all the gates on both sides. As of late, the tactic of our enemies has been to dock a couple people up in an NPC structure and wait until all that's left are carebears and sleepyheads for soft targets. We wanted to make sure that no WTs got that chance. Footholds have been a major problem, especially with alt scouts who alert WTs when it might be the best time to show up for a soft target. If any of these WTs managed to dock up on campus then we'd have real trouble on our hands. The WTs realized we were going to take them down and fled.

The last ship, an Oneiros, got away from us despite the fact that we were closing in and ready to take them down. The Oneiros went through the gate, could have gotten away, but they clearly wanted to go elsewhere and thought we would have gone home. We waited patiently and when it showed up there were two or three tackles (myself included). It was not nearly as exciting as fighting multiple ships, but it felt really good to get another kill on my killboard. That brought my kills up to 4 with 0 losses.

What I learned: One thing I haven't been doing when I tackle is call out when I have a point on a ship. In my little fast-tackle Condor which is meant for newbies, it's less likely that I'll be able to get point on these bigger ships but I realized I need to get in the habit of calling point if I want to do PvP or PvE with a fleet. Communication is key.

Final thoughts: Wartime really sucks for a lot of reasons, but occasionally our enemies underestimate us and when they do, I hope to be there to punish them for that mistake.
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