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[AAR] 2019/06/03 - [FLEET] Corvette Rampage

[FLEET] Corvette Rampage

Fleet Members: 6

Ships flown: Corvettes!


Alexander Morrali -

Lightsong the Bold -

Ergan Eto -

Torr Victros -

Chas Lemmont -


Lightsong the Bold -
Ergan Eto -

Destination 1 - Eugales VII - Moon 9 - FedMart Retail Center

Encounter with Incursion systems. Scout failed to mention the first time, we lost two ships. Docked in system, reshipped and got back into the roam.
No PVP encounters at all :/

Destination 2 - NullSec - System 6-CZ49

Encounter on incoming gate. Attempted to engage a Sabre, he dropped a bubble and attacked us. We did some damage to his shields, but we lost.

Intent was to get players used to the notion of "getting killed is no big deal" and to get some practice as FC, since this was my first command.

Overall evaluation
(Positive stuff)
- The scout was in practice, he did a fine job, despite missing the important Incursion in the first system. More awareness of him is required for this role.
- Everyone kept up with the fleet, I got good feedback from a more experienced player, which was needed.
(Negative stuff)
- We had a member that had to leave early due to real life issues (not really negative, just for the fleet itself).
- We could only find a fight in null sec.