Post 2019.05.11 22:52

[WHC] A small dive into VotS after ganking in another null

Roam members (8)
Aren Dar - Enyo
Brookie Achasse - Federation Navy Comet, Enyo
Lucius Septimus Severus - Jaguar
Mithlug Ibruin - Imperial Navy Slicer, Republic Fleet Firetail
Savannah Tokila - Astero, Retribution
Yuri Titov - Retribution
Zako Maken - Enyo


Kills and Losses

Found Hurricane down the chain in fountain running a Serpentis Rally Point, so i get people to form up, and we get a kill

(18:54:41) K8L-X7
Hurricane +38.47m
Capsule +0.01m
Mobile Tractor Unit +9.56m

Then we get out of the hole, and i spot a new sig on the way back home, so i go scout it, and ive found two ishtars who warped immediately to their pos, (retrospectively their behaviour kind of seemed like bots.)

So we decide to to try huffing a vital to get them back on sites so we can shotgun them later. But its already activated :C
So we wait 15 minutes or so and then go out again

Then we went back out with a mix of honeybadgers and the tackle of small ships (get honeybadgers into the hole, hint hint) and played a bit with them and their neighbours in Vale of the Silent in another hole, which i found via Dotlan. We shotgunned a lot, and then we caught 2 vnis, got tackle on both, but not enough people to go around to kill both, we sadly lost lucius who tackled our other vni just as we landed, and the second vni got away.

They didnt seem to be using intel channels so we just went ham around there for a while

(19:32:07) Q-R3GP
Vexor Navy Issue +114.02m

(19:32:20) Q-R3GP
Jaguar -52.81m

Then we dropped off loot and went a few more jumps down into a system that had lots of defensive bubbles and we didnt catch anything, but we saw big stuff, things like nidhoggurs. for this one i asked my one or two ab fit frigs (get a honeybadger hint hin) to stay behind and safe up as if it was a trap theyd die, so id only shotgun with a few less ships.

On our way home we tried to catch something right next to our * again, so the ishtars and vnis n stuff. didnt work out, so we left.

ISK Destroyed: 162,069,733.21
ISK Lost: 52,806,955.83
ISK Delta: 109,262,777.38
Efficiency: 75.425%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    fun little getting used to nullsec a bit more, specifically dotlan
    gives context for my dive two days later
    we managed to tackle two vnis at the same time!

    (Negative stuff)
    sadly not for long
    WTB more Honeybadger ships in Innuendo