[SOLO] The Road to Enlightenment - Sacread's PVP Journal

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Post 2019.05.02 09:08

[SOLO] The Road to Enlightenment - Sacread's PVP Journal

I'll be documenting my solo pvp adventures on this thread. I'll start with text first, and may start recording videos in the future.

Although I'm not new to Eve, I didn't really do any meaningful solo PVP before. These posts will be documenting my progress as a beginner PVP pilot. I have stocked 40 kestrels at stacmon, and want to get some experience before I move into destroyer/cruiser/faction frigates.

Feedbacks are most welcome!

Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/character/259908494/



Solo roam, starting from Stacmon and going through LSC HQ and roaming around the Tama chain.

LOSS: Kestrel - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76509833/ (12,312,941.83 ISK)

Found two Incursus fighting and another ship on dscan in a novice. Waited a bit to determine if they are camping or fighting each other. After seeing a wreck, I warped in. Landed on grid right as one of the incursus was about to die, managed to get a few shots in. After it popped, I tried to scram-kite the remaining one, but couldn't pull range fast enough due to being scrammed. Face tanking blasters at 2-3KM is not recommended. Tried to escape, but couldn't get out in time even with overheated web.


LOSS: Kestrel - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76510336/ (12,378,350.47 ISK)

Found an Atron on dscan in a novice, landed close to him and got scrammed, and couldn't pull range to get out of his blaster range. Face tanking blasters at 2-3KM is definitely not recommended. I think I could have pulsed MWD to start the fight at a more favourable range, and won that fight. He was in hull when I popped.


Rifter - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76510832/ (Ninja kill)
Merlin - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76510838/ (8,354,594.47 ISK)

I was watching a Rifter on dscan, sitting in a novice, trying to determine if he had any friends waiting, as local was crowded. When a merlin showed up on dscan, I decided to take my chances and warped in. Landed on grid right 20km away from the merlin and rifter, and rifter was about to pop. I pulsed MWD and started orbiting them at scram range. Ninja killed the rifter :P and started fighting with Merlin. This time I was at the correct range, and didn't allowed him to get close to me. Although he had some damage from the rifter fight, I'm going to count that as my kill as I was controlling the fight from the start.


KILLS: 8,354,594.47 (1)
LOSSES: 24,691,292.3 (2)

ROAM BALANCE: -16,336,697.83
TOTAL BALANCE: -16,336,697.83


What I have learned

+ I'm feeling confident in my dscan skills again. I can quickly determine if there is any content in the system.
+ I've started learning the usual fits of frigates.
+ I got more comfortable with controlling range, but still have much to learn.
+ I need to get more proactive in engaging fights. I've spent more time than I wanted trying to determine if it was safe to warp to a potential target sitting on a beacon.
+ Flying back to Stacmon to reship after each loss can get tiring. I need to find a way to get some replacement ships to various stations in the chain.
+ I should be paying attention to the ammo type I'm using. Although I have each type of rockets in the cargo hold, I didn't changed them.
+ I'm currently focused on finding potential targets on plexes using dscan. I want to get comfortable with other types of content finding methods, like setting up in plexes, hunting through gates, baiting etc.


Getting kills in my first roam in years felt good. 10/10 would roam again.
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Post 2019.05.08 19:24

Re: [SOLO] The Road to Enlightenment - Sacread's PVP Journal


KILL: Merlin - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76562833/ (13,526,856.80 ISK)

Found a Merlin on dscan in a novice plex, jumped in. I started the engagement at a good range, and managed to keep out of the range of his blasters. I'm getting better at scram kiting. Although he was alone and at full HP when I started the fight, the killboard shows another player with %50 damage.



KILL: Atron - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76593076/ (293,998.75 ISK)
KILL: Condor - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76593174/ (262,107.98 ISK)
LOSS: Kestrel - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76593189/ (13,142,894.03 ISK)

I found the Atron sitting in a plex and killed him, and couldn't think of a reason why the ship was not fitted. Same thing happened with condor. Right as I was killing the Condor, Comet landed in the plex with me, and I couldn't get out in time before he landed dual webs and killed me in a few seconds. Later I realized that, the empty frigs was his alts, used as baiting. Interesting tactic. I should check dscan more often while fighting. (Changed my mind after getting feedback, this is most likely a coincidence, and the empty ships were AFK plexers.)



LOSS: Kestrel - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76608977/ (11,977,420.06 ISK)

Tried my hand at engaging a cruiser, drones made short work of me.

KILL: Atron - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76609477/ (5,869,328.23 ISK)

Another good fight at plex. This time, I set up myself in plex and waiting for someone to engage. Managed to keep my range and killed him easily. I'm getting more comfortable fighting with blaster fits with scram kiting.

LOSS: Kestrel - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76609861/ (12,950,304.49 ISK)

Wanted to fare myself against destroyers for the first time. Landed 6 km away from thrasher in a plex, and exploded in the second volley. Those arty guns really hurts at optimal range with low transversal.

LOSS: Kestrel - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76610155/ (13,182,583.12 ISK)

I was expecting a solo fight, got a 2v1 instead. Fight was a short one.

LOSS: Caracal - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76617266/ (30,928,758.03 ISK)

Bored with frigates, and seeing awesome solo killmails in "Bringing solo back" channel, I took out a Caracal. Warped to a medium and started waiting for targets. Saw a keres on dscan, not aware of its capabilities, I waited. Getting pointed and sensor dampened from 20+ km away was not fun. I couldn't break away, or get close to apply damage. Phantasm arrived 10 seconds later and took me out easily.



I did my weekly trip to Jita, and bought some Cormorants, Coraxes and Thrashers to explode them in glorious battles.

KILL: Crusader - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76623770/ (31,691,962.98 ISK)

First time flying a thrasher with arty/dual web. Warped to a small plex and started waiting for targets. Crusader jumped in and engaged me at close range, and warped right off after getting a few volleys in. He returned back a few minutes later, landed at 25km away and started engaging. My short range ammo couldn't reach him, so I switched to long range arty ammo. He was gone in 3 volleys. Gotta love the arty thrasher. I'm also getting better at paying attention in fights. I recognized the need to change the ammo in the mid fight, and it gave me the kill.

LOSS: Thrasher - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76624023/ (15,410,854.77 ISK)

My first dessie vs dessie fight. A Coercer warped in the plex and engaged my at 25 km. I managed to get close to 20km and my guns started hurting him, but lost shields and half my armor in the process. I died when he was at quarter hull, and my guns was nearly at the end of the cycle. A few seconds and I might have won. If I overheated my afterburner, things might have been different also.

LOSS: Corax - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76624767/ (14,130,114.36 ISK)

Discovered a dragoon and kiki in a plex, with drones out. Assumed they were fighting each other, and warped in. They were not. I managed to get dragoon in the hull before exploding.

LOSS: Cormorant - https://zkillboard.com/kill/76625394/ (19,446,797.46 ISK)

Same scenario, was sitting in a plex when daredevil warped in and landed close to me. I couldn't even managed to activate my webs before he pulled to 22km away and killed me easily without my guns reaching him not even once.


What I have learned

+ Flying only in frigates can become boring. So I added destroyers to the mix. I plan to stay in dessies and frigs for a while to keep the lost ISK ammount to a minimum, while getting experience.
+ Arty thrasher is a fun ship. It's certainly better than corax and cormorant, being able to apply good dps both at close range and long range.
+ Doing PVP is the best way to get better at PVP. Even after a week of roaming and a handful of fights, I started to notice what is going on during the fight, overheating, changing ammo etc.
+ I got my comfortable with ammo types, and changing the ammo to shoot in the hole of the target before the fight starts.

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