[AAR] My first time: Ganked by a Ganker

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Charlotte Talvanen



Post 2019.05.01 06:56

[AAR] My first time: Ganked by a Ganker

TLDR: Got ganked by Russian Ganker


Last night I was out exploring and, as I do, when I'm in a quiet region I'll pop my head into any wormholes that I scan down in K-Space. I've made some ISK from doing that and the risk is not so high, about 6-8M for a T1 fit (plus cargo) if I go pop. I had had a slow evening and was about to pack it in. The last system I scanned had a wormhole to J-space and it had been quiet the whole time I'd been there scanning. So I decided to stick my head in. Jumped to the closest NPC station, dropped the nights earnings and headed for the wormhole.

I went through and assessed. 12 anomalies, full of sites, no ships on dscan, looks quiet. I went to set my scanning safe and warped to the center of system. Four ships came up on Dscan as I pulled in. I immediately cloaked up and prepared to exit, I like my wormholes pilot-free. But low and behold, I had not bookmarked the exit. Hmmm. Ships on Dscan, no probes out, no bookmark. Not great.

Anyway, I had a ship to save so dropped cloak, figured my 30 sec cooldown was safe enough if they didn't have probes out yet and I was in a safe. Launched probes and moved them away ASAP. Got cloak back up and scanned down the system. I readily identified where I came in; lucky for me there was only one wormhole that was out of dscan range of the centre of the system. Unfortunately, for me, I'd also scanned down two juicy looking sites, a Level II and a Level III data site, right near the exit wormhole.

I knew would be out of dscan range of the ships I'd spotted and it had been a slow night. So, rather than just bugging out, I jumped to the first site and started running it. It was a level 3 data site in wormhole so that's 6 containers to hack. I'd made good time but nothing super had dropped. I kept telling myself, once I hit my loot target I'm leaving. I was still short on the loot target on the last container. Just as I'd started the mini game, a legion appears in the overview.

Tried to jump but got pointed. As soon as I got scrammed I switched to Podsaver and grabbed a celestial. My ship melted and I bashed warp. Made it out and headed for the exit wormhole. No ship, no loot, no dignity but pod intact.

I did some post loss research and found that this guy is a serial ganker. Made me feel both better and worse. If you can afford a Legion, surely you have better things to do than pad your killboard with noobship explorers. Anyway, that's it people.

Good things
- Podsaver saved me (and my non-empty clone)
- Had left my cargo at a highsec station before jumping through, still up for the night in total
- Identified the wormhold was occupied
- Safed, cloaked and scanned down the exit to recover from my stupid mistake

Lessons learned
- Trust my instincts, if it doesn't feel safe, leave
- Always, always, always bookmark the exit
- With the recent skill ups, I can probably afford to head down with normal probes and not risk 3M worth of Sisters probes
- Empty clone when heading out, never know when a daytrip down the rabbit hole comes calling
- Writing an AAR can be cathartic and also hammers home the lessons
- Could've just logged cloaked and got out in the morning

Marcus Arilia



Post 2019.05.01 13:50

Re: [AAR] My first time: Ganked by a Ganker

I mean to their credit ganking explorers is fun :) And explorers sometimes carry a ton of loot, so it can be worth it.

Some thoughts.
-Sisters probes are usually worth it. 1 Relic site and they're paid for.
-I'd recommend internal stabilizers instead of the nanos, you could also do warp core stabs if you really wanted
-In that scenario if he only had you pointed, overheat your MWD and try to burn away at an angle. the second that point goes down warp off.
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