[WHC] A busy day at WHC (WHC SS, LA, LS)

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Savannah Tokila



Post 2019.04.28 22:42

[WHC] A busy day at WHC (WHC SS, LA, LS)

It was a long day, i am not going to curate participants list this time. If you want details to yourself added, text them to me, and i will.

Roam members (14-28)
Ana'ander Lamora
Aren Dar - Brutix, Caracal
Arthur Sleep
Brookie Achasse
Che Galtor
Dallidiem Igraine - Enyo, Vexor Navy Issue
Deke Chipri
DonBasuno Ichosira - Deacon, Jaguar, Enyo, Brutix, Bellicose
Drakken Lowenhertz - Hawk
Eir Geiravor
Flack Keikira - Enyo, Augoror, Scythe
Frell Maken
Ichii Nee
Jeracho Dorne - Federation Navy Comet, Augoror Navy Issue
Miccio Kaku - Retribution, Scythe
Mikus Walker - Deacon, Augoror Navy Issue, Hurricane
Mithlug Ibruin
Nicholas Pilger
Pink Adoulin
Pink Kondur - Jaguar, Incursus
Roland Outamon - Astero, Enyo
Savannah Tokila - Astero, Enyo, Ashimmu, Caracal, Retribution
Sone Eto - Manticore, Federation Navy Comet
Tori Moliko
VincentSeradin - Jaguar, Augoror Navy Issue, Stabber
Zako Maken - Deacon, Enyo, Vexor Navy Issue

Kills and Losses

someone (i think sone) found a RNI in 1 W1, LS gets formed, i ask ana to get into the ecm boat, and we wait for a warpin, which never comes. he eventually disappeared. we also saw a Astero and a capsule with the same playername.
Then i try to bait in a procurer. Cerberus with Russian name jumps around the system i am baiting in.
Nothing happens, so we roll bacon, nothing interesting, so we roll again, with Roland Outamons first participation in rolling as well!

1 Z1 (small connection) opens, imicus jumps through, i scan it down, and find Hangar containers with a helios on it at one of the moons. So i kill it.

(15:19:20) J142200
Helios +80.79m

And then i ask people to help me get the loot out of those hangar containers. I wanted people to be shipped into SS as well. Then we saw a Miasmos on D, Sone called that it was not friendly and got tackle. Then i called everyone to jump into the hole, and right then a sabre appeared on D. Then a Cynabal appeared I called to stay after after it was unclear if we should stay or go Zako and i called the Sabre Primary, then i call for the Cynabal to be Primary after the Sabre dies, Zako wanted us to burn out of the Bubble, while i called for people to stay. Then we lost Sone, after i called heat, i switched to the Ares, and a malediction landed, then we finished up the miasmos, while the malediction pulled 60+km range. called for podding and to loot the field, after we cleared the wrecks and went back home.

(15:26:36) J142200
Sabre +106.31m
Capsule +167.99m
Manticore -51.83m
Cynabal +272.05m
Ares +46.53m
Capsule +18.8m
Miasmos +10.6m
Capsule +98.34m
Capsule +0.01m


I dont remember what happened here, maybe some hauling Pink got caught by the malediction

(15:45:26) J142200
Incursus -0.33m

we knew the malediction was on the containers, so i jumped back into my astero, and wanted to get there as backup for someone else wanted to tackle them. while i was in warp i saw a kiki on d, i immediately called everyone back into small ships and to go to .1 z1
The kiki then warped to each of the hangar cans, after a few bounces i got to him in time and tackled him. Zako calls everyone to jump. and i follow up with a www, sadly, they arrive just as i die, and logi couldnt safe me as they havent landed yet. As i warped away in my pod i asked zako, who was in a deacon to take over. And the Kiki died shortly after. He called to loot the field and pull drones, before bringing us home again.

Astero -75.01m
Kikimora +363.16m

after this my internet was dying, so i asked zako to take over the fleet, while we got some other content as well, We seemed to have lost roughly 165m during this https://br.inyour.space/?s=1001381&b=8584800&e=90&t=b For part of it i was 2IC. It was reshipped to LS as i was gone and nothing on zkill
(Back again)

After standing down we, in like 10 bombers waited for them as they had undocked battleships earlier. We let a few things, like an astero and Caldari Blockade Runner through, as we had no sabre.

After no content from that we Roll Bacon with one Pass


Then we spot our old friends propably shooting someone else in 1z1. While i form SS again. (with ping) I call for 3 deacons, Thanks to Aren, Mikus and Zako. We wanted to third party but were to slow, they leave to 2z4, our scout follows, which is their home. Then i asked our scout to decloak and make themselves known. I undock to stage on .1z1, i forgot to say undock to the fleet, so when i saw a helios on d, i made sure nobody else would undock then we get word that theyre all tethered on the structure. A succubus is called to warp to *2z4, while i hear an activation, i immediately ask don, (who iasked to be in a jag before) to warp to 1z1 and asked aren and mikus, to join me in logi.

Then a Sabre decloaks on .1 z1. And i call for everyone to undock and warp to 1z1. (Recalling it i notice something which would bite us later, we didnt see their fleet stage, so when we fight them again later, we miss a lot as well, and get dunked then)
Here i kind of hit my first information overload on this night, i had trouble calling our next targets, we caught some, but couldnt break them really, and we were barely holding. I did some target switching, some heat calling.
During this fight, i put an update in talkaboutpings that we need more dd, as we were pretty even, or possibly losing.
We get kind of shot at heavily, and i get primaried, i have to jump and call for people to loot the field and flee. when i come back most were still there, and the enemy fleet was more spread out, so i started with calling for people to shoot one of the ships that was holding our logi down. and to come back on field. Eventually zako calls that we'Re getting alpha'd off the field, and i warp everyone out to ali, after calling to align, sadly we lost some during this retreat

(19:03:15) J211936
Malediction +52.36m
Kikimora +301.35m
Keres +63.14m
Federation Navy Comet -27.22m
Jaguar -62.95m
Sabre +132.46m
Federation Navy Comet -25.35m
Enyo +61.29m
Republic Fleet Firetail +46.21m
Kikimora +282.13m
Enyo -47.72m
Federation Navy Comet -25.53m
Retribution -70.58m
Deacon -44.34m

Then i called to reship into LA, me in ashimu, i wanted 3 augorors, i called mikus, flack and vincent to take this, as they said they had some. and for the rest to go dd. and then we warped to 1z1 right then.
As we landed, flack i think asked who their logimates were, and it turned out, the other two thought i meant an ANI for them. so we had a problem there. I continued calling targets tho, starting with the kirin, which we got. then they all jumped after another. So i called to loot the field.

(19:15:46) J211936
Kirin +143.35m

So we looted the field, and then we were waiting, then they came back with more than our eyes saw, which took me off guard again, (4 enyos, 3 deacons that were seen)
Image Image

So i called to align to ali, and fleetwarped us. we lost mikus :C

(19:24:27) J211936
Augoror Navy Issue -87.4m

Here is where i wasnt sure what to do, so i asked people to x up if they could fly honeybadger retributions, but we didnt have enough, so i went with the next best thing in my head, which was light shield, i thought we could range them, and with the anti tackle roles for that we'd apply good to frigates. but theyre sadly cruisers so we got caught, not to mention that they had a bubble and dragged us into them instead of landing on our optimals, we shouldve pinged to somewhere, and then warp to the hole at our optimals, which zako in retrospect mentioned, and it mightve actually worked. but in retrospect staying in LA wouldve been better, after regrouping, of course. but we'd still not be able to jump the hole and they wouldve, which was an advantage for them. we got dunked, oops.

(19:30:30) J211936
Bellicose -25.93m
Stabber -34.5m
Sabre +106.03m
Scythe -20.68m
Scythe -22.19m
Hurricane -73.46m
Caracal -41.23m


After a while, someone called that there was a crow looting the field, so we tackled him and shot him

(19:55:25) J211936
Crow +64.07m

ISK Destroyed: 2,416,943,958.48
ISK Lost: 736,258,790.93
ISK Delta: 1,680,685,167.55
Efficiency: 76.65%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    Very eventful day. Lots of activity
    we got some loot.
    we still somehow went isk positive?
    some big brawls! biggest fight ive fc'd yet
    for what they brought, while we were in SS it wasnt too bad actually. seemed to be roughly equally matched
    Reshipping, apart from the logi incidents was fast and well done.

    (Negative stuff)
    I got overwhelmed quite a bit in those last two bigger fights.
    so, not that great primary calling and whos the next one when i was overwhelmed.
    Bad call on calling LS
    people were not consistently broadcasting for reps.
    Augoror was confused for an ani, so instead of 3 augorors we had 1 augoror and 2 anis, which was *oof*, but we could dps tank them and they fled.

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Pink Kondur


Assistant Reimbursement Manager
Assistant Reimbursement Manager

Post 2019.04.29 09:20

Re: [AAR] A busy day at WHC (WHC SS, LA, LS)

I dont remember what happened here, maybe some hauling Pink got caught by the malediction

(15:45:26) J142200
Incursus -0.33m

Allow me to explain.

One of the hangar containers had a covetor in them, which i think you wanted to recover, as you called out scouts to scan down highsec statics of neighboring holes. You called out to board the covetor and see what was fitted which I had done and saw about ~15m in fittings. Since there was a lot of ore left in the hangar containers and people were warping in in endurances/prospects I thought i could save them a trip and secure the barge at the same time (since the malediction was still around). I got to ALI, reshipped into an empty incursus, and popped a mobile depot in my hold. When i jumped to 1Z1 i dropped the depot and warped to the barge. I got out of the incursus and into the barge, filled the ore hold at the nearest container and warped back to my depot on *1Z1. I stripped the fittings off the covetor and put them in my mobile depot, then left the barge and depot on the hole to reship into a prospect myself.

Since none of the scouts found a decent highsec hole to which was close to eggs, you proceeded to shoot the barge since we couldn't recover it, which ended in a dead Covetor in my name (since i boarded it last). I got a bit over 6M insurance from the kill #insurancefraud and recovered the loot (in the depot) succesfully afterwards.

The incusus kill you see was just my unpiloted ship i offered to Bob to get the barge to safety.

As always, AAR was a very nice and detailed read. Try not to burn out or deliberatly not taking fights because writing these detailed AAR's is becomming a burden? I like going out to fights with you and wish to continue doing so in the future :)

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