[AAR] Police Comet Kittens!!


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Post 2019.07.04 04:26

[AAR] Police Comet Kittens!!

It was my honor to lead our men and women in Blue on a patrol to clear the dangerous townships in North Placid and Black Rise.
These brave officers came with their police squad cars, donuts in hand, and "Hometown Accents" at the ready.
Many brave EMTs joined us in Ambulances and shined saving the lives of their brothers in blue.

Despite warnings from IA about Officer Ana'Ander and her past infractions as a Scoundral, the patrol went out to bring safety to the law-abiding Jackdaws in the region.

Criminals were apprehended right from the start with the notorious Insidious Sainthood coming out of hiding. We took that hoodlum down quick and followed it up by chasing down the disgraced ex-cop Ged Sinak (I never believed what IA said about you buddy).

Officers were on point on patrol and EMTs were saving lives left and right. We were taking down baddies everywhere, until we ran up against the Mob in Nennamalia. Outfitted with the newest of Ikasura bling, the Mob brought out the big guns with Oracles, Huggins, Kikis and Crows... even that dirty cancer doc selling bad drugs in a Maulus. Many officers lost their squad cars that day... and all we had to show for it was the dirty doc.

After taking a break for coffee and donuts at the FedMart, we decided to dust off and get some new squad cars out. I'm proud to say the patrol was fired up and I decided to take the fight to the gang warzone of Tama. Normally we wouldn't send a patrol in there with much hope of success... but we were a force to be reckoned with and our confidence was high.

We took down a dangerous group of Cruisers in Thoraxes and Vexors followed by a no-good Wolf slinging on the street corner. All evidence was confiscated. Finally arriving at the borders of the gang zone of Tama.

Things in Tama were tense with some very nasty pimps and dealers hanging around at 150km off the small. A Cerberus was sniping out to 200km and we were having a hard time warping in on him. After a few attempts we finally (accidentally) landed right on top of the Notorious Criminal Frank Hats in a Hurricane FI.

Again the sacrifices of our outstanding Officers shined as one after another lost their squad cars to the terrible firepower of the Cerb and HFI. Proudly we cuffed and took down the HFI. The dangerous felon Zhora Zhopkin in the Cerb was so in awe of our elite tackle and well-trained Canines that he sat at 150km and watched for too long. Quietly we aligned towards him and then BOOM... 20 well-trained Officers burned towards him with overheated props trying to slap on the cuffs.

Thankfully our Rookies Sakien and Juju, unlike their Captain, did not burn out their props and the Criminal was Cuffed, Stuffed and tossed the lockup. Thus ending a fantastic fleet by a fantastic team of Police Officers (and one German Inspector).

It was a pleasure to serve with you...

Roam members (29)
Amoni Panala - Federation Navy Comet
Ana'ander Lamora - Federation Navy Comet
Atticus Vex - Federation Navy Comet
Drachs - Federation Navy Comet
Drake Shea - Federation Navy Comet
Drebin 679 - Federation Navy Comet
Edhin Delphiki - Federation Navy Comet
Esca Sinak - Federation Navy Comet
Fedo Moo Moo - Federation Navy Comet
Flack Keikira - Inquisitor
Gentlecream Orming - Burst
Ithugor Wells - Federation Navy Comet
Juja Sadaan - Federation Navy Comet
Kardoon - Federation Navy Comet
Keuthein - Slasher, Caracal
Ky Hanomaa - Federation Navy Comet, Slasher
Laethe Fooswa - Federation Navy Comet
Lightsong the Bold - Federation Navy Comet
Miccio Kaku - Federation Navy Comet
Milja Itazura - Federation Navy Comet
Neemo Beer - Federation Navy Comet, Incursus
Sakein - Federation Navy Comet
Tarkin Karn - Federation Navy Comet
Tristle Boirelle - Federation Navy Comet
William Lyon Mackenzie - Federation Navy Comet
Willuw Everquest - Federation Navy Comet
YooJin Moon - Federation Navy Comet
Zako Maken - Federation Navy Comet
shureer Yassavi - Federation Navy Comet

Kills and Losses

(02:02:11) Archavoinet
Catalyst +11.91m

(02:15:13) Vlillirier
Incursus +16.01m
Federation Navy Comet -27.19m
Federation Navy Comet +28.05m
Hawk +57.68m
Hawk +59.96m

(02:26:37) Nennamaila
Punisher +6.99m
Capsule +0.01m
Typhoon +246.15m

(02:38:32) Evaulon
Hyperion +272.66m
Capsule +0.01m

(02:50:13) Evaulon
Gnosis +61.27m
Capsule +7.04m

(02:59:48) Nennamaila
Inquisitor -12.83m
Capsule -0.01m
Federation Navy Comet -29.25m
Slasher -6.27m
Federation Navy Comet -25.53m
Federation Navy Comet -30.75m
Maulus +7.75m
Burst -8.92m
Federation Navy Comet -26.87m

(03:19:46) Abune
Federation Navy Comet -25.81m
Thorax +35.3m
Vexor +42.65m
Vexor +37.98m

(03:28:51) Tama
Federation Navy Comet -38.99m
Kestrel +8.7m
Federation Navy Comet -30.07m
Wolf +46.23m
Capsule +0.01m
Federation Navy Comet -28.59m

(03:43:03) Tama
Incursus -12.16m
Capsule -0.01m
Federation Navy Comet -26.57m
Federation Navy Comet -36.06m
Hurricane Fleet Issue +341.74m
Federation Navy Comet -39.4m
Federation Navy Comet -36.39m
Cerberus +271.92m

ISK Destroyed: 1,560,022,379.45
ISK Lost: 441,650,812.73
ISK Delta: 1,118,371,566.72
Efficiency: 77.936%

Drake Shea



Post 2019.07.04 04:33

Re: [AAR] Police Comet Kittens!!

Uathraptor Unista


Willuw Everquest



Post 2019.07.04 04:34

Re: [AAR] Police Comet Kittens!!

This was Epic. As a newbro, I couldn't stop laughing at the Banter in Mumble. Thanks!
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Post 2019.07.04 04:55

Re: [AAR] Police Comet Kittens!!

Gutted that I missed this one. Had to patrol my beat on the other side of town IRL. Next time boiz. Wicked pissa!

Ged Sinak



Post 2019.07.04 06:50

Re: [AAR] Police Comet Kittens!!


That was fun. I'd just like to state I started my rep cycle when I hit half shields and it cycled when I was at half hull :P That DPS with 20 comets is insane.

Looks like a fun fleet. Its cool to see a bunch of different people I have never met out on fleets.

Now stop reading this and get back to your jelly filled doughnut.
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Post 2019.07.05 00:00

Re: [AAR] Police Comet Kittens!!

This was a lot of fun, also my first "real" fleet I have participated with. I will be going on a lot more in the future.

Thanks Captain, for having me along for the ride!
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