[AAR] Ithugor Wells' Inaugural Fleet


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Post 2019.07.06 03:20

[AAR] Ithugor Wells' Inaugural Fleet

After some practice with fleet warping, our scout came across a Dramiel. Since Ky didn't feel confident that his ship would survive long enough for us to get on grid, I decided to not engage it and we moved on.

We then came across a Dramiel, Hookbill, and in short order, a Thrasher. The Hookbill leaves and I inconsistently agree with Ky that he should take a peek inside the plex to see what is going on. I do at least get my Vanguard to follow. Unfortunately, I wasn't super clear about what to at this point but Ky took the initiative to enter the plex and when Ky announced that a Hookbill followed him I order the fleet to jump in and warp to Ky. Conveniently for us, they were fighting each other and Ky managed to steal away the solo kill from the Thrasher. The Thrasher pops Ky but the rest of the fleet takes it down.

Somehow during this encoutner, I accidentally warped off to the sun. But I quickly requested that Amoni take over.

After I hear that the Thrasher died, I order the fleet to warp to the Eha gate. What will turn out to be a fortuitous mistake, I am insufficiently clear about this. When I land on the gate I see a Breacher and after following it through the gate (where it escapes) I fail to clearly tell people to not follow (in order to not spike the system) after having previously told them to jump in.

While messing around the gate, several flashy ships land and make it off. When trying to catch an Enyo at this gate, I ordered the few people still in Eha back into Oicx when I hear "I am pointed"; it turns out that Gregorian missed my call to warp to Eha and I missed his earlier message about not knowing where people are.

After some confusion, we figure this out and I warp the fleet back to Gregorian where we are greeted with an Enyo, Hookbill and Punisher in the Plex. I first call (unclearly) to go for the Hookbill, but after a somewhat short period of time notice that the Enyo is already close to us and so call a switch to it. When it is close to dying, I got Laethe to spread scram to the Punisher.

After the Enyo dies, I hear mention of a Kiki on D and got the fleet to target and overheat on the Punisher. Around when we took down the Punsiher, the Hookbill and Kiki entered the plex. I originally consider going for the Hookbill, but quickly change my mind and order the fleet to scatter (losing only one additional ship due to it landing next to some unfriendlies).

After regrouping, we head to the Eha gate. A Comet joins us and I was unclear about not shooting it (as it was flashy and I wanted it to engage first). As I was slightly to late on the all, someone points it and unfortunately an ONI lands on us just at that moment. Because those are scary to frigates, I order the fleet to warp off to VLI. Fortunately, nobody dies.

At this point we take a break. Near the end of this, Ky finds a Comet, but I probably undocked too soon (I was worried about how sometimes the undock takes forever but this time it was of course very fast) and so it warped off before we could catch it.

A bit later, we run into a bait Punisher sitting in a Large. We follow Ky into it and almost land on a Kiki at the same time. Sadly, it burns off before we can catch it and more sadly Ky got within scram range of the Punisher and bites it.

We head to Tama when Philbro, our improptu scout, finds an Astero. I think I jump the gun in jumping into Tama as the Astero gets spooked off before Philbro can land scram.

We stick around outside the gate, but I decide not engage a Enyo/Enyo/Retry/Thorax/Garmur group. Same with when it is reduced to just a Retry/Enyo. We later try to catch a Thorax, but it runs away and our scout has to run away from a scary Garmur.

After that, we head back to Amy after sticking around perhaps too long. This was rather uneventful, except when I scram the gate while trying to catch a Hookbill.

This was my first time FCing and I am pretty happy with how everything went.

Raw Footage:
FC Point of View
Logi Point of View

Accidental Warp Off
"I am Pointed"
FC Scrams the Gate

Roam members (14)
Amoni Panala - Burst
Drachs - Merlin
Gergoran Moussou - Merlin
Gramad Aideron - Merlin
Ithugor Wells - Merlin
Ky Hanomaa - Slasher
Laethe Fooswa - Merlin
Lightsong the Bold
Peter Pantaloons - Merlin
Philbro Kishunuba - Merlin
Segdae Aldurald
Tristle Boirelle
William Lyon Mackenzie - Merlin
YooJin Moon - Merlin

Kills and Losses

(01:56:59) Oicx
Dramiel +70.16m
Slasher -5.38m
Thrasher +10.86m
Capsule +0.01m

(02:02:10) Oicx
Merlin -12.57m
Merlin -6.92m
Enyo +56.75m
Punisher +5.06m
Burst -5.91m
Capsule -0.01m

(02:32:10) Nennamaila
Slasher -5.38m

ISK Destroyed: 142,833,410.5
ISK Lost: 36,156,678.04
ISK Delta: 106,676,732.46
Efficiency: 79.8%

Overall evaluation
    Kept calm during encounters
    Did a good job calling scatter after scary things landed on us
    Fairly quickly changed targets when it turned out one was better than the other
    Correctly got vanguards to follow the scout on an encounter
    Fairly quickly called 2IC to takeover when I accidentally warped off
    Was quite unconfident during the form-up phase in terms of the right ratio of DD/Logi/EWar/Scout
    Had some initial poor communication/hesitation (fortunately, in a non-combat scenario)
    Need to be clearer on where events are occurring
    I should broadcast targets! Or get someone to broadcast for me
    Also need to call out more than just the ship name
    Underestimate how long it takes to slide a gate
    Accidentally warped off during a fight
    Scrammed the gate

    Should I have engaged the first Dramiel (e.g. by sending vanguard with my scout)
    Should I have gone for the VNI or assault frigate gang as well? Should I be more aggressive in general.

Gergoran Moussou



Post 2019.07.06 08:10

Re: [AAR] Ithugor Wells' Inaugural Fleet

I thought you did fairly well. Wish we could have found more fights.
Former E-Uni FC (LSC/WHC).


Ithugor Wells



Post 2019.07.06 17:36

Re: [AAR] Ithugor Wells' Inaugural Fleet

It's always the wish.

YooJin Moon


Teaching Manager
Teaching Manager

Post 2019.07.06 18:54

Re: [AAR] Ithugor Wells' Inaugural Fleet

I wouldn't second guess the first Dramiel engagement. Your survival rate for this fleet was exceptional, especially considering it was your first. Ky (as scout) was the only consistent casualty and that is just part of the scouting game. Other losses were very low too.

That said, since you asked...having a Vanguard means you should use it and in this fleet I only remember one actual call for the Vanguard and iirc it was called off. If a scout is +1, the Vanguard should be ready to jump into that system at a moment's notice. Timing is important here. If Ky had slid the gate onto the Dramiel it would be a short distraction and enough time potentially for the Vanguard to jump into system and warp to gate without scaring it off. Looking back having Ky slide and the Vanguard jump into system at the same time might have been the way to go about it (or a slight 2 sec delay on the VG). The Vanguard should be enough to hold the target for the fleet even if the scout burns at that point.

It was an excellent fleet Sir.


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