[AAR] NoP Monday Night Roam 4/16/19

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Satoshi Tomeii



Post 2019.04.17 01:03

[AAR] NoP Monday Night Roam 4/16/19

Roam members (14)
Breeze One - Tormentor
Cpn Reynolds - Tormentor
Daelmon Aszarkarias - Tormentor
Ithugor Wells - Tormentor
Jason Eoner - Griffin, Condor
KPYTOE KOPOBO - Tormentor, Federation Navy Comet
Ky Hanomaa - Rifter
Neemo Beer - Tormentor
Penelore - Rifter
Poul Vynneve - Tormentor
Satoshi Tomeii - Tormentor
Space Warfare Development - Nemesis
Tamaliya - Tormentor
William Lyon Mackenzie - Tormentor

Kills and Losses

(01:32:40) Ostingele
Rifter -3.57m
Tormentor -7.12m
Capsule -0.01m
Wolf +53.55m
Tormentor -5.78m
Griffin -1.43m

(02:05:17) Nennamaila
Gnosis +71.05m

(02:14:39) Nennamaila, Pynekastoh
Punisher +7.54m
Capsule +0.01m
Tormentor -5.06m
Capsule -0.01m

(02:37:21) Asakai
Tormentor -7.25m
Condor -6.47m
Tormentor -4.85m
Tormentor -5.42m
Tormentor -7.01m
Tormentor -5.3m
Tormentor -4.85m
Tormentor -4.82m
Tormentor -13.72m
Tormentor -4.86m

(02:52:32) Jita
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 132,145,627.75
ISK Lost: 87,526,500.26
ISK Delta: 44,619,127.49
Efficiency: 60.156%

Overall evaluation

A bit of a smaller turnout this week, fun was still had. We found a Hawk in Ostingele right off the bat. He was a tanky one and we lost our scout and a few others. His buddy in a Slicer managed to pick off some stragglers before we warped out. Should have either gone for him or gotten out of there quickly in more cohesive fashion, my fault for lingering. We were still quite ISK positive on the encounter.

Roamed around a bit and found a Gnosis which was not very tanky. It went down no problem with almost no losses.

Soon after that we have a Punisher baiting for a VNI. Went in and blapped the Punisher then got out. The VNI was pulling range and we would have bled ships chasing it. Happy with that decision, we have had trouble breaking a VNI with more dps than we had tonight on previous fleets.

We lost one more scout to a recon trap which was unfortunate. The final engagement was versus a Rokh. We were a bit nervous of smartbombs but figured we could orbit outside of them. The Rokh definitely wanted to play and even went flashy. It was a weird autocannon fit, and slowly chipped away at us. At the start we had enough dps to break it, but not after a few ships were lost. I went down and we scattered.

While reshipping, I got an emergency call from work and had to leave. Apologies and thanks to everyone who came. Will do my best to prevent that going forward....it was a bit unexpected.

(Positive stuff) A few good kills. Could have always had more. We had two newer scouts who did a great job. Hopefully they felt good about the experience and are looking forward to doing it again.

(Negative stuff) It was quite lame that I had to leave with no notice, we were just getting into the good stuff!

William Lyon Mackenzie



Post 2019.04.18 04:53

Re: [AAR] NoP Monday Night Roam 4/16/19

Thanks for the opportunity to scout.

It was a lot of fun and really instructive. This was a great first fleet to try scouting with---certainly less intimidating than bigger fleets/scouting teams with more moving parts.

My big takeaway today was that I need to learn to use Dotlan and the in-game map properly. There were a couple of times when I was trying to be helpful and stay a bit ahead of the fleet but I ended up having to spend a lot of time re-orienting myself.

Thanks again for taking us out & hope your emergency didn't give you too much trouble.


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