Post 2019.04.15 00:07

Impromptu Kitchen Sink Roam: Incursion+HSC+LSC

Roam members (11)
Dynamo Crash - Maulus
Etra Ellecon(FC)- Tristan, Merlin
Ged Sinak (S)- Atron
Helen Dorothy Sharman - Tristan
Jason Eoner - Griffin, Merlin
Rudy Raymond Rain - Punisher, Executioner
Urban Oxide(2IC) - Merlin
Vulcann Rin - Merlin
William Lyon Mackenzie - Merlin, Atron
YooJin Moon (S)- Atron, Rifter
Yto Itinen (S)- Atron, Merlin

Kills and Losses

Roam started after the Incursion community got frustrated by a focus ending too early. Formed up a kitchen sink fleet, and were joined by brave HSC and bloodthirsty LSC members. Formup in Stacmon at 20:00. Not the first rodeo for all fleet members. Etra Ellecon FC, with help from Urban Oxide. Ged Sinak scout, With YooJin as apprentice scout.

(20:12:26) Loes
Atron -7.35m

Scout lands tackle and dies before we can land, same old, same old.

(20:28:01) Tama
Retribution +65.64m

Scout lands tackle outside of plex, we manage well to switch tacklers two times and have both scout and vangard survive. Another target landed and took off, but we kept point on the Retri.

(20:32:31) Tama
Rifter +11.28m

Same scenario as above, tackle and blob.

(20:42:45) Okkamon
Worm +98.85m

We are getting the hang of this, keep doing very well.

(20:47:53) Asakai
Tristan -7.27m

(20:48:50) Asakai
Atron -5.2m

While we were avoiding fights we couldn't take, we got to scatter. FC landed near a plex and a Kiki landed on him. We rally and get points on it,
but it has incredible scram range and damage, we doubt abyssal mod shenanigans.

(20:59:25) Reitsato
Merlin -5.38m

(20:59:27) Reitsato
Merlin -5.26m

(20:59:33) Reitsato
Maulus -3.61m

As the writer of this piece was in a pod going to reship, we will go by ear. A loki engages us on a gate, cyno lights up, and an Avatar brings the crew you see on the killmail to execute us. Thanks Pen!

At this point some guys leave the fleet, we continue with Etra as FC, YooJin as Scout and Yto as apprentice scout.

So we either collectively hallucinated killing a Catalyst in a plex at this point, or Zkillboard has malfunctioned. Weird.

(21:41:43) Murethand
Merlin -5.18m

(21:42:25) Murethand
Merlin -7.47m

(21:42:59) Murethand
Merlin -5.95m

Scouts find a Thrasher in a plex and decide to engage. He had good range, t2 arty and started picking us one by one. Since some are not experienced at overheating, some props burn and some dps is not done. We got him almost killed and he repped back.

(21:51:01) Ostingele
Capsule -0.01m

Fc gets to experience smartbombs first hand at a gate.

At this point we reship and regroup again at Stacmon, picking some new members along the way.

(22:29:35) Nisuwa
Federation Navy Comet +23.45m

We find a single Fednavy comet in a plex, which wasn't so fast on his feet and didn't notice us on D. Scouts exchange tackle and we blap him :)

At this point the author got a 5 min RL break, so the rest is gained from the killboard

(22:37:10) Tama
Rifter -7.12m

(22:37:40) Tama
Kestrel +9.45m

(22:37:47) Tama
Merlin -5.37m
Tristan -9.04m

ISK Destroyed: 208,666,804.78
ISK Lost: 76,294,546.85
ISK Delta: 132,372,257.93
Efficiency: 73.226%

Positive stuff:
We got at least three people to try positions for the (almost)first time, Etra as FC, Yoojin and Yto as scouts. Good learning experience!
We avoided many encounters we couldn't take, including a vedmak+jacdaw gang, smartbombers and Titans. Good fleet movement.
Some of us saw a cyno first time :)
Personal positive, we got very good results with a new atron fit specifically for vanguard duty. It has warp speed rigs, so it's very fast at landing behind the scout and giving secondary point, allowing for us to switch tackle. For a kitchen sink fleet with no logi, we got our scouts alive many times. Experimentation will continue.

To be improved:
A bit beter timing on gates, once or twice we spiked local early and scared the chickens. We were also being pursued, so that got us a bit in a hurry.

P.S: This report was written to experiment a bit with the report tool and not to let this fleet experience go to waste. Comments and witness reports are more than welcome :)