[AAR] AMC BLAP Merlins 04-06-2019 @ 18:00

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[AAR] AMC BLAP Merlins 04-06-2019 @ 18:00

For me this felt really good. There were moments I was concerned about finding content but Auric and Segdae came through over and over.

Roam members (22)
Alf Saissore - Federation Navy Comet
Auric Fulcrum - Atron, Slasher
Avrin Dennard - Merlin
Cyber Xaz - Merlin
Dynamo Crash - Burst
Esca Sinak - Burst
Fogsworth - Merlin
Geollen Smith - Merlin
Korm Rayh - Merlin
Kuroda Bragg - Merlin
Lariox TheGreat - Merlin
Marcel Eriker - Merlin
Mikus Walker - Merlin
Octavius Augustinus - Merlin
Penelore - Burst
Segdae Aldurald - Slasher
Sei Katsuragi - Merlin
Tau Hopper - Burst
Turlough Dominian - Merlin
William Lyon Mackenzie - Merlin
Yto Itinen - Burst, Ibis
Zevedra Enderes - Merlin, Ibis

Kills and Losses

We started out right at Kamela which was full of spice - a relatively large cap fleet at a cyno. So we move don.

Simple early blap in Lamaa. Might not even have fought back.

(18:51:02) Lamaa
Condor +0.32m

We got an Ishkur and Tristan while missing out on a Bifrost (scout didn't survive long enough) and a Gila (same)

(19:06:52) Haras, Sahtogas, Oyonata
Tristan +6.54m
Capsule +0.01m
Atron -4.2m
Ishkur +52.7m
Slasher -6.76m

Really long fight on a gate trying to get a Myrmydon. At the end we couldn't break through. I had called half the fleet to engage and bounce from the gate. We lost a few to gate guns but [relatively] not many. After not making enough progress on it's tank I called for the rest to engage, risking it getting away through the gate. It didn't, but we sill couldn't break tank. Maybe we lost too many people, or maybe folks were out of cap, not sure. He commented in local he ate a lot of cap boosters during the fight. A Cynaball (3rd group) showed up and started harrassing us with drones. I called one Merlin to engage the drones. I had considered adding a 2nd to accelerate the defanging but in retrospect he wasn't doing much damage that way so 1 was fine. Eventually called scatter and we proceeded to regroup.

(19:49:55) Roushzar, Labapi
Merlin +17.42m
Merlin -8.82m
Merlin -5.77m
Rifter +9.86m
Merlin -5.1m
Burst -3.53m
Slasher -9.56m
Burst -1.41m
Merlin -4.88m
Burst -3.6m
Merlin -4.74m
Merlin -4.65m
Federation Navy Comet -35m
Burst -4.2m

We roamed near Amdonen a bit but lacking a combat-probe fit ship we found nothing so headed back to Kamela

Clean kill with a *really* juicy pod. Full slave set and a kit of hardwares
(20:55:51) Lamaa
Dragoon +23.82m
Capsule +500.3m

Another clean kill, though we had some non-trivial help from Bewm of Goonswarm - who would later help us with the Megathron
The hawk was downed by Nomads after being held by our scout
(21:04:17) Huola
Hawk +54.82m
Kikimora +221.98m

If I remember this one correctly it involved a lot of bouncing and regrouping to make sure we didn't get caught at range. Folks from different groups arrived over time. Went relatively well.
(21:08:27) Huola
Slasher -10.58m
Burst -2.05m
Rifter +15.39m
Thrasher +22.24m
Merlin +8.32m

Hunted and got this Caracal
(21:13:08) Huola
Merlin -4.2m
Caracal +15.49m

Running low on time we went to Valhalla trying to get a Megathron. We burned out over 100km to scram him and then kept on him for some time - it was a long 4-way fight. We had some help from a neutral Loki (who died later with one of us on the KM, but I excluded that because a) We weren't supposed to engage the Loki 2) Damage was very minor and 3) The Loki did help us out)
We ended up getting him when down to 3 ships - I watched him go down just as my own ship was destroyed. All in all a very fun fight and the highlight for me.

(21:15:25) Huola
Ibis -6.11m
Merlin -11.97m
Slasher -6.64m
Merlin -5.27m
Merlin -7.69m
Merlin -13.48m
Burst -4.22m
Burst -3.52m
Burst -3.27m
Merlin -5.01m
Ibis -0.08m
Burst -5.06m
Ibis -10.35m
Megathron +209.59m
Merlin -4.92m

ISK Destroyed: 1,158,787,754.36
ISK Lost: 206,656,074.8
ISK Delta: 952,131,679.56
Efficiency: 84.865%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff) 1.2B! Engagements went well, fun was had, good newbro roam, many multi-party engagements. Fights on gates didn't result in too many folks lost to guns (2 total)
    (Negative stuff) Couldn't crack the Myrmydon. Reshipping was slow but only because we don't have good reshipping locations near AMC
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Yto Itinen



Post 2019.04.07 15:53

Re: [ARR] AMC BLAP Merlins 04-06-2019 @ 18:00

FC, what if we increase that ISK efficency? We got on a Loki with a capsule afterward :)

Segdae Aldurald



Post 2019.04.10 14:11

Re: [ARR] AMC BLAP Merlins 04-06-2019 @ 18:00

And a GREAT JOB and thanks to logi. Kept me alive until we could get secondary tackle on that Caracal. After it was called, I warped off with 6 hull left.

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