[ARR] BLAP Merlins @ 03-04-2019

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Ares Dodekatheon


Campus Manager
Campus Manager

Post 2019.04.06 23:32

[ARR] BLAP Merlins @ 03-04-2019

This one was better...

We have departed from 101 with a delay of 13 minutes.

Roam members (21)
Adam Ironborn - Atron
Alf Saissore
Ares Dodekatheon - Merlin
Asuka Rossi - Griffin
Auric Fulcrum - Atron
B'aldrick Aivoras - Merlin
Chrispin - Merlin
Dexyr Sulvara - Atron, Merlin
Drake Shea - Merlin
Dynamo Crash - Merlin
Ergan Eto - Burst
Esca Sinak - Merlin
Floki Stasarik - Burst
Helen Dorothy Sharman - Burst
Jeracho Dorne - Merlin
Ky Hanomaa - Merlin
Oona Boirelle
Tom Krucz - Merlin
Toma Heleneto - Merlin
Williath Douglas - Merlin
Yto Itinen - Burst

Kills and Losses

Our scout reported a venture in Melmaniel. I sent one more Merlin to help our scout.
They tackled the venture and the fleet did the opening of the night.

(19:19:23) Melmaniel
Venture +3.52m

Auric & B'aldrick secured another kill at an Ihab in Deven.

(19:29:03) Deven
Atron +7.96m

Auric found us a Federation Navy Comet and a Griffin (66 km Off) in a small compund.
Seconds after this engagement we took down a Rifter in a small outpost.

(19:40:53) Tama
Atron -4.2m
Federation Navy Comet +25.09m
Griffin +6.24m
Merlin -4.85m
Rifter +11.58m

After the engagement I lost my mumble connection, therefore, we docked up at a station and gave a little break in Tama.
In the meantime, I decided to form a vanguard squad and assigned B'aldrick & Ky as vanguards.

Scout found a Pontifex, Firetail & a Tristan at a novice outpost in Kadema.
As the fleet landed on grid the Tristan was already down and we took down the Firetail.

(20:02:57) Kedama
Tristan +10.59m
Republic Fleet Firetail +19.73m

Auric reported an Omen Navy Issue at the large outpost in Nennamaila.
Seconds after we get the tackle on the Omen, a Nidhoggur appeared on the grid. 265 km off. And the party get started :-)
While we were taking down the Omen NI our Griffin was trying to jam the fighters on the grid.
As soon as we took down the Omen a Caracal landed on the grid. At the same time, the carrier began shooting to our Logi Wing.
Our Griffin was not on the grid (Warped off), therefore we began losing our logi ships one by one.
The time we got the tackle on the Caracal we had only one logi left on the field. And the last one got killed while we were taking down the Caracal.
After we killed the Caracal a Kikimora landed on the grid.
As we had no Logi and Ewar ships, there was nothing more to do there so I took the fleet out.

Battle Report

(20:12:14) Nennamaila
Merlin -11.24m
Omen Navy Issue +119.67m
Merlin -4.06m
Burst -5.75m
Burst -3.85m
Burst -3.13m
Atron -3.99m
Burst -6.07m
Caracal +31.22m
Merlin -5.98m
Merlin -4.73m
Merlin -5.02m

I took the fleet to Ichoriya for reshipping.
After reshipping and having some rest we did proceed on our route.
On the way back home Auric found us a Firetail at a novice in Vlillirier.

(20:42:46) Vlillirier
Republic Fleet Firetail +26.49m

ISK Destroyed: 262,090,562.63
ISK Lost: 62,855,485.86
ISK Delta: 199,235,076.77
Efficiency: 80.657%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    Once again a great job by the fleet.
    Everyone kept up with fleet commands.
    Fleet pace was good.
    We learned how to deal with a carrier. That was a great experience.
    (Negative stuff)
    I should have formed the vanguard squad at the start of the fleet.
    I need to make my decisions more quickly. But I think that is a matter of experience.

Thanks everyone for participating in this fleet. Please do not forget to add your own comments and feedback.

See you soon... in another fleet :smug:

Macte animo! Generose puer sic itur ad astra.

B'aldrick Aivoras


Fleet Command Course Manager
Fleet Command Course Manager

Post 2019.04.07 13:49

Re: [ARR] BLAP Merlins @ 03-04-2019

Another great fleet Ares!

Movement was swift and well controlled. Comms were good and we got some nice content.

Having the vanguard is always worthwhile when we have those numbers otherwise you might get some eager lemmings.

The ONI fleet was fun and secured a great kill for 'acceptable' losses - third partying is always fun o7

FCC Manager
Graduate | Assistant Orientation Manager | Senior Personnel Ofiicer


Yto Itinen



Post 2019.04.07 15:51

Re: [ARR] BLAP Merlins @ 03-04-2019

Thanks again for the fleet, the first one was good, but we are improving on many things, which is nice to see :)

Movement was good, comms were good, content was veery good!

I really appreciated the scenario analysis on the carrier fight we had after the fleet, it's a good thing we should always do.
It was a hard fight, the Omen Navy issue was taken down well, the carrier pilot went straight for logi and I think we did well to
hold until we killed the caracal that landed on us. Let's remember we took a planned bait and got two good kills, if the carrier had been
solo the fight would have gone differently and we would have killed his fighters instead.

Will definitely fly again with you guys :)

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