[AAR] Crazy Caracal Fleet

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Psychotic Fickity


Director of Education
Director of Education

Post 2019.04.05 02:35

[AAR] Crazy Caracal Fleet

Purpose of fleet: To show new bros how to fly a caracal/cruiser in fleet. To get them used to fleet commands and the many ways that things can be said, depending on FC.

Roam members (25)
Ana'ander Lamora - Caracal
Ares Dodekatheon - Caracal
Auric Fulcrum - Condor
B'aldrick Aivoras - Malediction
Caleb Wihunglo
Dexyr Sulvara - Caracal
Dynamo Crash - Caracal
Ergan Eto
Esca Sinak - Caracal
Iketran Ellecon - Atron
Juja Sadaan - Caracal
Ky Hanomaa - Caracal
Leech Locke - Caracal
Lost Eagle1
Mandapochefe Venture - Caracal
Orpheus Kitax - Caracal
Psychotic Fickity - Caracal
RfBurn Machiavelli - Caracal
Stilgar Orlenard - Caracal
Walleye Null
William Lyon Mackenzie - Caracal
Xenia Ambramotte - Caracal
Yto Itinen - Caracal
Zevedra Enderes

Kills and Losses

(23:10:29) Oinasiken
Enyo +62.85m

(23:43:43) Kedama
Condor -3.86m

(23:44:37) Kedama
Federation Navy Comet +26.23m

(23:46:34) Kedama
Caracal -26.41m

(23:47:43) Kedama
Caracal -12.18m

(23:47:56) Kedama
Atron -0.35m

(23:48:10) Kedama
Nereus +12.13m

(23:48:20) Kedama
Caracal -15.04m

(23:48:48) Kedama
Caracal -12.63m

ISK Destroyed: 101,212,435.86
ISK Lost: 70,473,227.16
ISK Delta: 30,739,208.7
Efficiency: 58.952%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    - So it was a great turn out! I was so glad my voice came back yesterday!
    -I had a good number of new uni members on my fleet! I was happy to have them.
    -I explained various ways of expressing " warp to and hold" and other commands that other FC's use.
    -Auric was on his Meme best, until he had to leave.
    -FC, 2IC did not die.
    - We got to show some new members a Cyno and some capitals, because they may not have seen them before and we took out the Neurus.
    -My scouts were great and I am glad they were ok with being Scouts.
    -My logi saved my second scout from going down in a battle after we lost the first one.

    (Negative stuff)
    - I lost my train of thought when giving an explanation for finding fleet during new bro speech.
    - I did forget to tell people a few times to recall drones. And i did not always see the need to deploy the drones.
    - I did almost get a few members killed by being to close to the Cyno and structure there.
    - I dont know all the places Uni keeps their reships
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Stilgar Orlenard



Post 2019.04.05 04:42

Re: [AAR] Crazy Caracal Fleet

Thank you for fleet FC! It was my first fleet ever and apart from learning a lot, I had a blast! :D

Caleb Wihunglo



Post 2019.04.05 05:30

Re: [AAR] Crazy Caracal Fleet

This fleet was a blast.

Warping to that Federation Navy Comet fight felt like the longest warp ever, it was crazy long. All the fights were really fun.

I love taking the cruisers out. Looking forward to the next one!! :)

Dexyr Sulvara



Post 2019.04.05 13:28

Re: [AAR] Crazy Caracal Fleet

Great fleet! Good learning experience with that POS, wiped 4 of us before we got off grid. Showed a definite deficit in my D-Scan setup!

RfBurn Machiavelli



Post 2019.04.06 00:53

Re: [AAR] Crazy Caracal Fleet

Had a great time on the roam. We came out on the positive end and I didn't die. So, both big pluses as far as I'm concerned. Can't wait for another roam. Seems like we run into something different every time we go out. Great content. :D
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B'aldrick Aivoras


Fleet Command Course Manager
Fleet Command Course Manager

Post 2019.04.07 13:43

Re: [AAR] Crazy Caracal Fleet

Nice fleet.

I thought you controlled it well and found us some good content. Comms were good and clear. Broadcasts were used which as a FC is useful - if you aren't comfortable in managing all the things then delegating that role to the 2IC is a good thing to do.

People shouldn't launch drones until asked but it is often natural for them to do so - I think on gates the default should be to not launch drones until ordered but in other areas pilot discretion is warranted otherwise. It's better to lose a few drones than the ships.

WIth RLML Caracals you can overheat from the start and repair during reload in longer fights - something I often forget.

Logi were awesome at the sun as I had to keep scram on the FNC to stop it getting away - I was resigned to losing my 'ceptor but those guys repped hard. Sorry I didn't hold dps but it was a straight race before you arrived.

One thing I noticed is that we lagged behind the primary scout. Cruisers take a long time to warp so keeping closer is worthwhile I think.

+1 for next time o7

FCC Manager
Graduate | Assistant Orientation Manager | Senior Personnel Ofiicer


Yto Itinen



Post 2019.04.07 15:40

Re: [AAR] Crazy Caracal Fleet

The fleet was very fun, we got decent fights and the newbros got a hang on how a cruiser fleet operates :)

I think we had a bit of distance from our fast scouts, which is to be expected with cruisers, with experience it becomes easier to manage.
For the next fleet I suggest some more fast tackle on the fleet, as a way to have some ships all newbros can fly and also to give caracals the
time to apply damage. Also the alpha we have on these cruisers is amazing, we can try to volley stuff out of the field, even under gateguns :)

Will definitely be on another of these roams!

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