[AAR] [NSC] PC9-AY QRF Skirmish 2019-01-06

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Drebin 679



Post 2019.01.08 02:44

[AAR] [NSC] PC9-AY QRF Skirmish 2019-01-06

Hey everyone. Writing a quick AAR for a QRF fleet that fought against Rote Kapelle and Integritas, with Universal Fleet Operations (<.UFO.>) and Seventh Sanctum each joining in as third parties. To summarize it in the words of another Unista:


(Someone asked I make that the AAR, so I figured I'd put it in.)

QRF Response members (12)
CyberBlackEagle - Caracal
Dastardly Nash - Caracal, Hurricane Fleet Issue
Devoros Vyndiver - Thrasher
Dominic Altol - Thorax, Stiletto, Vigilant, Armageddon, Jaguar, Oracle
Drebin 679 - Griffin (x5)
EBane Padecain - Velator, Talos, Ashimmu, Scythe Fleet Issue
Kerrigan Uzamaki - Caracal
Lanik Solette - Dramiel, Vagabond
Magnar Eriksson - Stabber (x2), Caracal, Hyperion
Rheaha Preynar - Archon, Executioner

Battle Report


Kills and Losses

The Rote Kapelle/Integritas gang comes into PC9 with a nano MWD cruiser/BC setup, as a call for a QRF is formed. EBane had a cyno Velator up to bring in a friendly Carrier to top station, and the gang ignores his shout to "fear the velator" and blow him up. The response fleet then gets out of top station, attempting to grab people. With Dastardly being de facto FC, the kitchen sink composition is able to snag a Cynabal, with the QRF losing a Dramiel and a Griffin in exchange. GFs are had in local, with Auraus Porcaleus from Rote/Integritas saying that this was the "best fight I've had in a while".

(22:01:20) PC9-AY
Velator -0.82m
Dramiel -81.13m
Cynabal +462.83m
Griffin -1.49m

The Uni fleet goes back to top station to reship. Dominic gets another tackle frig to take Lanik's Dramiel's place. Rheana decides to bring the carrier back out, and the fleet goes for another swing of things. After several tackle ships and Griffins are blapped, the fleet was eventually able to catch and kill the Talos. At this point, the QRF had a group of battleships, which Rote/Integritas were able to keep away from.

Meanwhile, two third parties in <.UFO.> and Seventh Sanctum come in and join the fight. <.UFO.> loses a Stiletto to the Rote/Integritas gang and the QRF. Their Typhoon later goes into the Rote/Integritas gang, but is able to MJD away, and dock up in top station before the QRF could bring it down. Seventh Sanctum also comes in with a few people. They lost a Zealot to the gang and the QRF, and then ran off. Amidst all the cross fighting, Dastardly eventually lost his Hurricane Fleet Issue, having been tackled by all three parties at some point and with Drebin being unable to crowbar the Stilettos off.

(22:10:27) PC9-AY
Stiletto -45.33m
Griffin -1.49m
Stabber -28.2m
Stabber -28.31m
Griffin -1.48m
Talos +106.51m
Thrasher -16m
Hurricane Fleet Issue -153.53m
Zealot +458.74m
Stiletto +41.65m

The QRF then disengages. Drebin warps to a compromised tactical and wasn't aligned to anything with his MWD on, costing him another Griffin and Kerrigan's Caracal that had warped in to help against the Rote/Integritas Stiletto. Rheana puts the carrier away and attempts to grab a blingy point off of the Zealot in a frigate, but is caught and killed by the gang. The fleet then reshipped from battleships to cruisers and BCs for one last go at the gang as they began to disengage. We were running out of people who had fast tackle frigates that could effectively catch the gang's ships. Drebin volunteered to fly, but could only fly Gallente Interceptors while other people only had Stilettos and Maledictions available. The QRF meets the gang off the JH- gate, where the gang takes down a few more QRF ships without anyone getting caught. Drebin is the final casualty, losing his 5th Griffin by being late to crowbar a friendly due to a long warp. GFs are once again had in local, and the Rote/Integritas group leaves the system.

(22:37:41) PC9-AY
Griffin -1.71m
Caracal -11.96m
Executioner -140.78m
Jaguar -45.03m
Scythe Fleet Issue -76.65m
Oracle -115.94m
Caracal -25.37m
Griffin -1.58m

ISK Destroyed: 1,069,741,372.22
ISK Lost: 776,788,295.51
ISK Delta: 292,953,076.71
Efficiency: 57.933%

Overall evaluation

(Positive stuff)
  • Great participation for a QRF
  • Good improv fleet composure, even if there was no real squad structure
  • Productive FC'ing from Dastardly Nash, pushing us to keep the good fight going
  • Nice manners in Local from us and Rote/Integritas
(Negative stuff)
  • Lack of interceptors available on contract (there might have been some in the hangars, but I didn't check at the time)
  • A tad bit too much huffing and puffing at times in comms over our lack of tackle, as well as someone bluntly refusing to participate and suiciding out of the pocket when the fight started just because of the lack of squad structure
  • Some confusing calls, mainly ones where there was a call to disengage, and then calling primaries 20 seconds later
= (Other stuff)
  • Wasn't paying attention to how much the carrier was being used, but I'm glad it seems that it wasn't used too oppressively. Maybe we shouldn't have had it out, I don't know...
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Post 2019.01.08 17:38

Re: [AAR] [NSC] PC9-AY QRF Skirmish 2019-01-06

Drebin warps to a compromised tactical and wasn't aligned to anything with his MWD on

This happen to me twice while living in NSC. When your fighting your common neighbors, don't assume NSC Public Tacticals are safe. Those same enemies have been in your system before and possibly saved the same tacs in previous engagements. It's always good practice to burn your own personal set of tacs within your hometown.

We were running out of people who had fast tackle frigates that could effectively catch the gang's ships.

Sometimes up-shipping is not the right call, despite feeling that way. Lacking for tackle make all your expensive dps useless. But also keep in mind, a tightly knit and well structured group of frigates can take down big things if well organized.

Drault Sarn



Post 2019.01.09 15:11

Re: [AAR] [NSC] PC9-AY QRF Skirmish 2019-01-06

I was the one that left as in lack of anything resembling a tackle and fc's swearing and yelling in chat for tackle its degrading and I wish to have no part of it.
as to the response from others to have tackle available on short notice like the griffins i was told get your own and ship them in

Was also told if you cant afford to lose ships maybe i should not be in null sec.

as for coms most time in pc9 area coms is almost non existent with people typing and not in fleet.

this issue needs to be resolved and going we cant force people into coms does not resolve the issue.

some people may be willing to whelp ships over and over I for one can not as my isk making capacity is limited.

having QRF ships available in hanger helps not having to hunt for them on contract to reship slows the fight down.

Grats on the kills.

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