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[AAR] Dragoon Sunday 13/01/2019

Roam members (11)
Ann'Dra Padecain - Dragoon
Auric Fulcrum - Keres
Devola Gestalt
Dragoon Oskold - Tristan
Genevieve Nakrar - Dragoon
Jeracho Dorne
Kirsid Tannaway - Vengeance
Max Tsero
Turlough Dominian - Dragoon
Z0X Ambrye - Stiletto
Zako Maken - Dragoon

Big thanks to all who came along today
We managed to leave around 14:15 give or take \o/ yay for short form ups <3

My goal was to go around 10 jumps give or take threw lowsec and back again, our scouts did a good job at finding stuff and saveing us from dieing in a ball of fire so well done, one thing to possiblie note is when 100+km off the beacon in fw space its very hard for us to get out there as no warping within the fw site. but was fine nobody died.

The reason for the ship/fit like i mentioned else where was I just happen to have around 15+ in the station and was like sure lets clear out a few and anyone who needed one could have for free

got to undock
avoided a few nasty fleets that would result in whelping
got a nice garmur kill, good job scout
Quick formation and out the undock

I probably should have taken the combat probing scout from the get go instead of 2-3 jumps into low sec something being on d-scan then me requesting for him to swop back to it, ty for swoping and sorry for the unneeded gate spining.
The docterine we used was less than ideal in terms of speed way to slow.

Kills and Losses

(14:27:11) Murethand
Catalyst +1.82m

(14:44:48) Indregulle
Reaper +0.02m

(15:12:29) Nisuwa
Garmur +366.49m

ISK Destroyed: 368,323,796.09
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 368,323,796.09
Efficiency: 100%

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