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[AAR] Golden Punishers Curse

PostPosted: 2019.01.09 04:06
by Drault Sarn
Roam members (21)
Archemide - Punisher
Conci Furiram
CyberBlackEagle - Caracal, Punisher
Drake Shea - Inquisitor
Drault Sarn - Punisher
Ged Sinak - Malediction
Graysen Slade
Hofborn - Punisher
Ker'Tesh Tarir - Tengu
KraK Oziane - Stiletto
Lucius Septimus Severus - Punisher
Mongo the Mechanic - Punisher
Neemo Beer - Impairor, Inquisitor
Noah Atoms - Punisher
Penelore - Inquisitor
Ramong Pares - Caracal
Retired Slacker - Retribution, Malediction
Urban Oxide - Punisher
Vivir Mi Vida - Punisher
Zako Maken - Inquisitor
jammer Atruin - Hyena

Kills and Losses

(00:29:01) Litom
Brutix +74.98m Brytix on undock before fleet lots dps killed said brutix our new friend Roggle ex uni

(01:17:23) Utopia
Punisher -5.08m
Hyena -41.64m
Capsule -0.01m uni's joining for fleet killed way in

(01:41:48) RMOC-W
Inquisitor -4.82m
Rupture +38.18m
Inquisitor -4.81m
Inquisitor -4.7m
Rupture +31.11m
Inquisitor -4.36m
Punisher -6.1m
Punisher -6.08m
Rupture +29.47m
Punisher -6.07m
Rupture +29.38m
Rupture +28.41m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m very good fight we held close calling on targets could of been a bit more concise and call to scram say keep dpsing first target and scramming another I died then 2nd took over smooth transition

(02:12:24) Litom
Inquisitor -4.72m
Inquisitor -4.6m
Punisher -6.04m
Punisher -6.07m
Punisher -8.82m
Punisher -6.07m
Capsule -0.03m
Thought I could maybe out maneuver a desi fleet but was a t3 desi fleet next time i should of stayed on gate at about 7500 grabbed 1 t3 and over heated a bit 1 is worth our whole fleet + some next time someone getting killed if we whelp take one with us very good lesson learned.

(02:43:41) Y-DW5K
Capsule +0.81m semi blingy pod of our new friends :)

(03:00:15) Hemin
Ibis +0.82m Lions on a mouse

ISK Destroyed: 233,169,852.76
ISK Lost: 119,976,840.39
ISK Delta: 113,193,012.37
Efficiency: 66.026%

Overall evaluation

    (Positive stuff) first fight was close
    (Negative stuff) need to make snap decisions pick a target and move on it call anchor asap and call primary. First fight they basically fell on us and we thankfully owned them .
    2nd fight i saw the desi's and i was afraid of bubble on gate i should of called anchor up immediately to Move away from gate and bubbles. or I could of held ground grabbed nearest t3 desi and just overheat. My indecision to do either was my downfall. As to my planned route I wanted to try hook back around and grab the 2 person multi-boxer from his back side maybe have a bit of surprise element for him. Rest of fleet was just a tour thru non sov to see if we could catch something traveling mining or ratting. I have noticed it is almost that we have to wander around and let people know we are in area and perhaps stir up a response. On way back I had an issue with warping fleet and leaving others behind. longer pause on gates is needed on my part.
Special Thanks to all that came out my first FCC fleet complete we got some kills I learned to slow down a bit at end fleet and to take fight on gate rather then giving range to t3 desi I welcome any and all feedback positive and negative welcome :) special thanks to scouts logi 2ic 3ic and again everyone that showed up all the out here in Litom :)

Re: [AAR] Golden Punishers Curse

PostPosted: 2019.01.09 13:08
by CyberBlackEagle
Hey Drault o/

Once again congratulations on your first Fleet, I lost an Osprey navy for that Brutix on my way to staging but had a good fight with him and his Friend(maybe his alt). Nosprey

On the Fleet topic it was a very fun fleet we had little to no roam on the fights we got as our enemies came to us. I think you got some experiencie from it and you will only improve from here on.

On the feedback side, I think we could have engaged the enemy fleet a little more faster, there was some delay to call the first primary target on the start of the engagement while the enemy fleet was already firing at us, about the second fight we ended splitting our DPS so we missed the opportunity to get one of the T3D but I understand your hesitation on engaging them as I too find it hard to have a good mesure of what fights we are capable of taking, and also as you already said, you went too fast while we were making our way home and that ended in the fleet getting somewhat diffused between a few system, in this specific case we had some very new newbros so I think it was a little hard for them to keep up.

But overall it was a very funny fleet to be in and we had Good Fights, I'm looking forward to be joining your fleets again, especially if they are in the same time as this one because it is not too early for me nor too late.
Thank you for the fleet o7

Re: [AAR] Golden Punishers Curse

PostPosted: 2019.01.09 13:54
by Penelore
Good first fleet Drault. Keep them coming it will only get easier.

You learned a lot about engagements with the T3D fight. This is obviously the hardest part of becoming a new FC, figuring out how you match up against different doctrines.

Communication was good overall. Between yourself and scouts as well as on the 3rd roam where we were moving around a lot more.
Target calling broke down a bit in both engagements, but that can often be the most overwhelming part of being a new FC. Just remember that calling some target, even if it's wrong, is most important. Additionally, calling a secondary target or telling people to lock up additional targets is a good way to keep the dps flowing.

Also, way to come prepared with a plan for the roam portion. Obviously we got lucky and had lots of content quickly out of the gate. Yay for finding cool enemies looking for good fights within 3 jumps. But once it was time to roam you had your plan and executed. Well done in coming prepared.

Re: [AAR] Golden Punishers Curse

PostPosted: 2019.01.09 15:40
by Penelore
Occasionally experienced players will provide me with feedback privately and I will add it here to your thread.

This was in reference to the fight with the T3D gang.
> pulled fleet around the gate at 30km without anchor so half fleet out of logi range.
> switched away from first target that was breaking
> didn't call heat. always have everyone use their heat before they die
> he is mostly struggling with the doctrine itself. I don't think he knows how to best use the ships. Needs to study the doctrine and/or whelp more punishers

This was in reference to your movement on the final roam.

> he's not watching his watchlist or local for the fleet (leaving people behind) so the fleet warps are just 2-3 people
> moving too quickly

A couple good comments were also made.

> and he knows some important things:
> don't get stuck behind a constellation gate into a pocket
> 80AU is far warp to respond to scouts, even for frigs

Re: [AAR] Golden Punishers Curse

PostPosted: 2019.01.09 16:18
by Penelore
And the private feedback continues to come in... again regarding T3D engagement

he didnt welp
he pulled out
after he lost logi
that was a good call

prevent further losses

he MIGHT have broken 1 or 2 if he had properly engaged
and THEN called scaatter

would have been best case senario for the engagement
winning outright was not possible

Re: [AAR] Golden Punishers Curse

PostPosted: 2019.01.09 18:20
by Drault Sarn
yes i didnt do head count in local and maybe left too soon at times if not rushed ill do that or announce that we will be moving quickly and hope to keep us tight
ty very much for feed back next time ill say call scram and grab first scrammed target

hesitation can get people killed and ill work on that as a priority and work on keeping my fleet from getting strung out :)

Re: [AAR] Golden Punishers Curse

PostPosted: 2019.01.09 18:51
by Vivir Mi Vida
Great first fleet! Lots of fun.

Re: [AAR] Golden Punishers Curse

PostPosted: 2019.01.12 23:14
by Kelon Darklight
T3D are super quick and nimble, it would have been smart for you to remain on gate and only aggress if you could get scram, otherwise they just burn out of range. Good fight with those ruptures.