[AAR] Monday Impromptu NoP 2018-12-25

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Post 2019.01.08 00:54

[AAR] Monday Impromptu NoP 2018-12-25

Hello everyone. I'm putting out this AAR for a Noobs on Patrol (NoP) roam that was scrambled together on Christmas day in 2018. Archimede was originally going to lead this fleet, but was unable to make it. Ged Sinak, a then-former unista who was with Get Off My Lawn (Alliance in The Imperium) at the time, took over as replacement FC. The event started around 02:15 EVE time, and got a decent turnout despite an impromptu announcement. We had a kitchen sink semi-shield fleet, and decided to look around if we could get some content.

Roam members (8)
Anor Noban - Executioner
Drebin 679 - Burst, Atron
Fadroc Hammer - Merlin
Ged Sinak - Cruor (x2), Federation Navy Comet
Penelore - Federation Navy Comet
Satoshi Tomeii - Tristan
Vybez Kartel - Worm, Condor
WyteNyte - Merlin

Kills and Losses

For several newbros, this was their first PvP fleet. To get people started, Ged gave us a general grid overview. We learn how to anchor around an FC, understand broadcasts and call outs, and shoot a can in high-sec. Well, only Ged does the last one, resulting in an expensive lesson on safeties. This is later doubled up when it wasn't aware that reshipping and undocking with a criminal timer will result in a second CONCORDokken.

(02:50:00) Stacmon
Cruor -62.08m
Cruor -63.36m

Drebin 679 is assigned 2IC and to start the roam while Ged waits out his timer. The fleet makes it to the Agoze gate in Ostingele when a Wolf is seen hanging around the gate. Waiting to see what the frigate does, the fleet waits on the gate. After over a minute of standing off, the Wolf goes somewhere else, and Ged shows up. The fleet jumps a couple of systems, with the Wolf tailing us. Eventually, we attempt to take a shot on the frigate, but it had backup in a neuting Dominix and a couple of Caracals, who are able to pick off a couple of frigates with the rest of the fleet getting away.

(03:15:34) Vey
Worm -75.19m
Burst -6.56m

The fleet then continued on the yellow brick road to Hikkonen. Vybez reships to a Condor. Drebin reships to an Atron, sees a pine tree of corpses with an Apostle on top in Ostingele where he bought ammo and gets scared. The rest of the fleet attempts to snag a Punisher, but it was bait tanked. A backup Jaguar, Confessor, and smartbombing Hyperion show up, take out Ged and send him on the pod express back to Delve.

(03:44:00) Hikkoken
Federation Navy Comet -24.09m
Capsule -0.83m

With our FC gone, we were left without any on grid leadership. At this point, Penelore comes in to save the day and be our replacement replacement FC, as she invites our fleet to eat in (and repair) at Mr. Kim's Thai Food in Hikkonen. Drebin stops being scared, notices an instawarp Astrahus off the station undock and rejoins the fleet. The fleet is then taken to a few safes, where Penelore gave an impromptu crash course on using Dscan, and how to scan specific plexes and gates. We use this information immediately to determine which gate the "whole lot of bad mamma jammas" 10+ WANGS
Machariel gatecamp was at, and then went in a different direction on the way back to HSC.

Looking for content (and Pene looking to welp us :p), we take a shot at an Imperial Navy Slicer in a small. Wytenyte goes down without anyone else having a grip on the Slicer, and the fleet decides to scatter.

(04:25:16) Melmaniel
Merlin -6.2m

Penelore safely gets us back to the HSC, where the fleet is dismissed. On the way back to LSC, Pene runs into the previously mentioned WANGS BS gatecamp, which had moved from Hikkonen.

(04:44:52) Onatoh
Federation Navy Comet -21.48m
Capsule -4.4m

ISK Destroyed: 0.00
ISK Lost: ~262,000,000.00
ISK Delta: ~-262,000,000.00
Efficiency: 0%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
  • People stepped up to form a fleet after it was originally cancelled
  • Good FC'ing from both Ged and Pene
  • Very useful educational on Dscanning!
    (Negative stuff)
  • No kills, but oh well.
    = (Other stuff)
  • The Thai food was good too!
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Post 2019.01.08 17:25

Re: [AAR] Monday Impromptu NoP 2018-12-25

she invites our fleet to eat in (and repair) at Mr. Kim's Thai Food in Hikkonen. Drebin stops being scared, notices an instawarp Astrahus off the station undock and rejoins the fleet.

Amazing how a little Thai food can boost your courage.
Honestly my favorite part of your review. Where you stepped out of your comfort zone and figured out how to re-group with the fleet on your own.

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