[AAR] Travel Fleet to the NSC Deployment

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Post 2019.01.06 23:49

[AAR] Travel Fleet to the NSC Deployment

Roam members (24)
Ann'Dra Padecain
Athena Firefly - Ferox
Atomsk Agittain
Avrin Dennard - Ferox
Christoph Patrouette - Drake
Devoros Vyndiver - Osprey
Drault Sarn - Ferox
Eadrom Vintarus - Ferox
Earl Reneshan
Harmen Okaski - Ferox
Irene Maricadie
Ker'Tesh Tarir
Mongo the Mechanic - Taranis
Mopfog - Ferox
Neemo Beer
Penelore - Malediction
Sal Surge
Six Nyendi - Ferox
Space Warfare Development
Titus Tallang
Vors Voorhorian - Ferox

Kills and Losses

So, the travel part of the travel fleet was entirely uneventful. Not even a random warp bubble in our way. Due to some poor planning, we then spent a lot of time in Litom trying to figure out some stuff related to anchoring the structure.

Then, diamond rats appeared at the station that had our industrial. Half of the fleet was at the wrong station, so when undock was called, undocked right into their face.

(22:08:18) Litom
Osprey -10.5m

This is the only loss to rats that the roam report is pulling, but I'm pretty sure we had a few others. We lost several logi ships, but we were on a station. Our strategy was, shoot the diamond rats from inside the docking ring. When your shield gets low, dock and undock. (After all, you don't get a weapons timer from shooting rats). Eventually, we cleared the rats.

(22:40:58) Litom
Drake -77.86m
Ferox -64.44m
Malediction -42.48m
Ferox -61.27m
Ferox -73.95m
Capsule -1.65m
Ferox -73.09m
Ferox -63.38m
Ferox -67.68m
Ferox -71.57m
Osprey -7.87m
Ferox -68.53m
Capsule -48.8m
Capsule -0.81m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Ibis +4.79m

So, after another bit of waiting, we started to anchor the structure. We were sitting on it for a little while, and then, right before the timer ends, we see a cyno pop up. Scout warps to it, it's a ibis on a wormhole. Okay, whatever, it's only on the wormhole and we only have 2 minutes left on the timer. We'll be fine, right? A few minutes later, a gnosis warps to our anchoring structure. It undocks from a structure it owns with 1 minute left on the timer. It warps to our structure. We burn it to it, and it lights a cyno. Minokawa, Revelation, and Nidhoggur pop out. With 9s left on our anchor timer, they aggress the structure.

For those of you who don't know, when you anchor a structure, anyone can attack it for 15 minutes. If they burn through the hull, it dies. However, any time the structure takes damage, the timer is paused.

Gnosis is called primary. Even with a FAX on grid, it doesn't have enough buffer to hold up against us. Just one FAX can only do so much. In come a Pheonix and a Chimera. At this point, the structure is dead, there's no way we can save it from 5 caps with a 22 man Ferox fleet. All that matters is bringing down any of them with us, if we can.

The cyno is still running. In comes a pair of Thantoses. The Gnosis has lost 10% armor, and logi is holding. For now. They have to keep some damage on our structure, or else it will anchor. A lone sabre lands on grid. A second Nidhoggur comes through. The sabre is called primary. It's the easiest target to kill, and we don't want to lose the whole fleet. Just to kill one of them before we let them take our structure. Another Nidhoggur appears. The numbers of caps are starting to equal the numbers of battlecruisers. The situation is looking dire. (Note, I should've called overheat guns here. Our goal was to just pop one, heat damage doesn't really matter)

A third Thanatos appears. The sabre has 3 bubbles up, and will be warping off soon. It doesn't want to stick around to reload. It's halfway through its armor. Everyone is told to burn out of the bubbles. If we can kill this sabre, we can leave. It's dying. A quarter of its hull is gone. We would have victory. But the sabre flees, the coward. Very well then. The Gnosis is a third of the way through armor. That would be enough. But now, with fighters outnumbering friendlies (literally outnumbering us. 18 fighters are out at this point), losses are starting to stack up.

Half of the fleet is out of the bubble. But now, the sabre is undocking. It will have repaired and reloaded in the station. A second sabre lands on grid. It's not worth it. Lives must be saved. If the sabres get on top of us, none of us will live this day. Scatter is called. All seems lost. The blood of our enemies is unspilt. But then, on the horizon. A Mongo looks at his overview, and sees 2 cynos still up. He knows there is yet one place he can go. He warps to the other cyno. To the ibis. An he ensures that at least one ship was lost when the enemy came to kill our structure. That the enemy paid a price, no matter how small.

The first kill of the deployment goes to Mongo the Mechanic!

On grid when we left was: 2 Sabres, 1 Gnosis, 1 Pheonix, 1 Revelation, 3 Thanatoses, 3 Nidhoggurs, 1 Chimera, and 1 Minokawa.

For those who don't know ship names: 2 Interdictors (Bubblers), 1 Battlecruiser, 2 Dreadnoughts, 7 Carriers, and 1 Force Auxiliary (Capital logisitics)

On different note, I'd like to remind everyone of E-Uni policy on local. You don't put salt in local. You don't taunt the enemy in local. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. It doesn't matter if they bring 10 caps, or 1 cruiser. When you win, you put in gf in local. When you lose, you put gf in local. When the enemy brings 50 titans, you put gf in local. That's it. Yeah, it sucks that we lost. But that's part of the game.

ISK Destroyed: 4,792,153.43
ISK Lost: 1,678,998,057.99
ISK Delta: -1,674,205,904.56
Efficiency: 0.002%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    Great travel fleet
    Good turnout
    Good job to logi for keeping us up in the fight for as long as they did
    Gread job to Mongo for securing First Blood on the deployment
    (Negative stuff)
    Salt in local, and from oldbros who should know better
    Structure deployment was poorly planned. No industrial, no bookmark, no timers predecided.
    Lost the structure, but nothing we can do about that

Vors Voorhorian



Post 2019.01.07 03:30

Re: [AAR] Travel Fleet to the NSC Deployment

Archemide, thanks for leading the fleet and finding content so quickly. I enjoyed this very much, my Ferox was old and getting moldy anyway. No better way to get rid of an old hull than against a bunch of capitals. Congrats to Mongo for first kill. I look forward to the remainder of the deployment.

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