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AAR Monday Night NoP 12/18/18

Roam members (27)
Aiden Chance - Punisher
Ana'ander Lamora - Punisher
Archemide - Inquisitor
Auric Fulcrum - Maulus, Griffin
Branclem Bobbus - Punisher
Drault Sarn - Punisher
Ged Sinak - Federation Navy Comet
Glen Burney - Thrasher
Hymir Forseti - Punisher
Jehoshaphat Ambraelle - Punisher
Leon Cantilever - Atron
Marcus Arilia - Punisher
Marn Vermuldir - Slasher
Neemo Beer - Punisher, Federation Navy Comet
Quebec man - Punisher
Ron Blazer
Satoshi Tomeii - Punisher
Sirus Shazbot - Atron
Sone Eto - Punisher
Space Warfare Development - Hyena
Tarkin Karn - Punisher
Tokumei Kumiai - Punisher
Tye Califax - Punisher
WyteNyte - Punisher
Zako Maken - Inquisitor

Kills and Losses

(02:54:03) Vey
Wolf +59.73m
Capsule +0.01m

(03:20:58) Kinakka
Gnosis +110.18m

(03:33:56) Nennamaila
Punisher +6.3m
Punisher +6.3m
Capsule +0.01m
Inquisitor -3.97m
Punisher -3.7m
Atron -0.6m
Capsule -0.03m
Capsule -0.01m
Maulus -15.24m
Hyena -46.16m
Atron -4.84m
Punisher -7.61m

(03:56:51) Hirri
Harbinger +64.73m

(04:18:10) Asakai
Griffin -1m
Punisher -8.35m
Punisher -7.58m

(04:30:23) Asakai
Dramiel +323.67m

(04:58:01) Kedama
Talos +118.85m
Capsule +0.01m

(05:11:29) Ouelletta
Tristan +5.26m

ISK Destroyed: 695,044,742.62
ISK Lost: 99,089,418.26
ISK Delta: 595,955,324.36
Efficiency: 87.522%

Overall evaluation

We had a great turnout tonight, best in a while. Lots of new people which is always great to see. Overall we did very good with some small ganks, and even some larger engagements that went our way.

We started out and got a kill right away thanks to Glen Burney bringing an instalock Thrasher - one Wolf in the pocket. From there, we had just jumped and a Gnosis jumped right behind us. We managed to bounce and shed gate guns, great kill. Not much action until Nennamaila, then there was a small gang of frigates out side of a small plex. We warped in at zero and took out two Punishers quickly. We slid inside the plex and most of us escaped. At that point, we were a bit greedy and tried to bounce and catch more stuff. The whole neighborhood including some T2 frigs and T3Ds picked us off. We moved on.

Found a group in the large in Hirri, and we managed to grab a Harbinger. There were a few smaller ships with him that decided to save themselves. RIP Harbinger.

In Asakai, we had a tricky fight with a Hyperion, a few Hecates, an Ishkur all involved. The Hyperion bounced on both sides of the gate several times, then warped to the sun. Issue was, while we were working on the battleship, everyone and their cousin was picking off people on our fringes. I died, and we had to scatter.

After some reshipping we basically headed home. Tama did not have much going on sadly. We found a Talos in Kedama which barely went down but eventually did.

The icing on the cake was a Tristan in a novice, T1. Though it was a gank, it may have sated our thirst for destruction.

(Positive stuff)

Lots of kills. I got some good experience with fleet fights in complex situations which up until this point I didn't have a ton of.

(Negative stuff)

Complex fight were complex. The two really tough ones cost us ships. Being able to call the right primary and to know when to quit are valuable skills - working on it.