AAR Monday Night NoP 12/11/18

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Satoshi Tomeii
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AAR Monday Night NoP 12/11/18

Post by Satoshi Tomeii »

Roam members (19)
Aiden Chance - Atron
Annie Velez
Conci Furiram - Atron
Drault Sarn - Atron, Merlin
Dynamo Crash - Atron
Jehoshaphat Ambraelle - Atron
Leon Arelloix - Atron
Marcus Arilia - Atron, Tristan
Neemo Beer - Atron
Penelore - Caldari Navy Hookbill
Quebec man - Atron
Ron Blazer - Atron
Santiagus Annages - Atron
Satoshi Tomeii - Atron
Sorain Orasaka - Atron
Space Warfare Development - Nemesis
Sunil Tawate - Atron
Turlough Dominian - Atron
WyteNyte - Atron
Kills and Losses

(02:59:17) Frarie, Moclinamaud
Atron -4.2m
Atron +1.06m

(03:47:38) Asakai
Algos +7.58m

(04:01:44) Asakai
Atron -3.42m
Drake +88.64m
Atron -4.91m
Drekavac +1252m

(04:19:02) Asakai
Atron -3.72m
Atron -4.15m
Atron -4.16m
Atron -3.72m
Atron -3.66m

(04:36:43) Okkamon
Atron -4.13m
Atron -3.4m
Algos +11.44m

(04:50:20) Nennamaila
Tristan -9.6m
Atron -3.67m
Atron -5.44m
Atron -4.1m
Atron -3.36m
Merlin -3.55m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 1,360,714,688.32
ISK Lost: 69,199,106.97
ISK Delta: 1,291,515,581.35
Efficiency: 95.161%

Overall evaluation
We had a lot of fun tonight, and managed to kill some shiny stuff with very cheap ships. We had a few small ganks on the way out, but then things got interesting. We ran into Insidious Sainthood in a Drake, and after a bit of cat and mouse he wanted to play. We met him in the large and managed to take him out. Immediately after a Drekavac showed up so we got him as well.

Insidious came back with a Raven, but we could not break his reps. We started heading home, and picked up a nice Algos soon after. Our final fight was with a Moa, VNI and a Crow. We primaried the Moa, but found it tankier than expected. We scattered, but probably should have done so more quickly. At that point we called the fleet as most were in pods.
  • βœ” (Positive stuff)
    Killed shiny things, had fun.
    ✘ (Negative stuff)
    The last fight was a bit of a welp, though the shiny stuff made up for it. It was probably a fight we should not have taken.
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Marcus Arilia
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Re: AAR Monday Night NoP 12/11/18

Post by Marcus Arilia »

Fantastic fleet Satoshi! Atrons weren't made to come back whole anyway.
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Sorain Orasaka
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Re: AAR Monday Night NoP 12/11/18

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This was my first pvp fleet. Saw it on the calendar in game, noticed that I had the skills needed to fly, was looking forward to it all week. Started off kidna rough at first, there seemed not to be much by way of targets but it seemed FC was determined to get us some content so we went off the yellow road a bit and eventually scouts found action. First fight I landed on grid a bit late and only managed to get off a volly or two before we took em down. Next fight I got a chance to get in there, unfortunately was one of the two I believe that got popped just before we were able to secure the second kill. Last fight was best for me, landed on grid quickly, Was able to get on the target and put out some dps while scramming. Rest of the night was spent moving in fleet and scouting. When we did eventually get scattered by our final target scouts were kind enough to escort us back home.

Although FC seemed to really want us to see some content. Just being able to practice moving as a fleet while listening to the scouts and FC discuss our moves and target out loud was great, FC did a good job explaining some of the logic behind what we were doing, provided much needed context such as why we target what ship, why we choose to fight, why we choose not to fight etc.

Shout out to Ron Blazer nice scouting mate, couldn't have done it without you. TY FC had a great time.

Next time I will hopefully have access to corp contracts so I can have a few of the fits on reserve to make reshipping faster. Fortunately when I did get popped, a station to reship was only about 4 jobs off and I was able to quickly snag another off the market and rejoin without missing too much.

I look forward to next weeks patrol o7
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Aeth E'us
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Re: AAR Monday Night NoP 12/11/18

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Satoshi Tomeii wrote:At that point we called the fleet as most were in pods.
That sounds like a successful fleet to me. Any low-sec roam that has some good kills and ends up with everyone dying at the end is a fun night, in my honest opinion.
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Quebec man
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Re: AAR Monday Night NoP 12/11/18

Post by Quebec man »

I was a NOOB and i'm still, ;-) just a little bit less ;-)

tx for all experienced player that come on those flight to make them possible.