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[HSC] Your system no more !

PostPosted: 2018.12.06 18:04
by Ersin Oghuz
I was around Ouelletta after solo roaming and chilling in system and Mike told me that "Weiss Starlight" was boasting in OUE local chat and telling an unista newbro that "OUE is his system and he needs to get out in 10 seconds". I did not see that because I have an active block on that salty "Weiss Starlight/Amber Winchester". But I did not like the fact that he is harrasing newbros in local. I knew he was in Dominix since I saw him engaging a newbro Vexor on a belt before that incident. Then I called for QRF and we formed a fleet of Hyperion / 2 Augs / 2 Vexors (1 newbro, Dynamo, quickly adapted and brought a vexor, nice !) and 1 Griffin.

Roam members (7)
Asuka Rossi - Griffin
Dynamo Crash - Vexor, Merlin
Ersin Oghuz - Hyperion
Malisar - Griffin
Max Tsero - Augoror
Mike Kingswell - Augoror
Yan Anzomi - Vexor

Kills and Losses

Amber/Weiss are the locals in Melmaniel and I know they are mostly about baiting in lowsec so i know that this Dominix is possibly Hull tanked bait ship. I jumped into the OUE while rest of the fleet was waiting in JUF side of the gate. But by the time I am warping to him to Loes gate (d-scan) he vanished from local chat and I thought that he jumped to Loes and then I began to camp Loes gate in OUE. Some time later while we are talking about the plan, he jumped in but he took his time to decloak (1 min) so i told the fleet that he is calling for help (his other toon Amber) so expect either a T3C or Bhaalgorn/Armageddon. Some seconds later he decloaked and I landed tackle on it. He was webbed and scrammed so he had no option to engage me back while I am getting gate guns. When I got engaged I called the entire fleet and while my fleet is warping to Loes gate to help me out, Amber entered the system and Bhaalgorn decloacked at gate! Well we brawled them to the death. He could not break my Hyperion so they primaried the logistics wing. And sadly they took out our logistics but that gave us enough time to kill the hull tanked Dominix and retreat. We lost a Griffin, 1 Vexor (who got tackled) and 2 Augorors on grid while destroying his Dominix. We grouped (logibros reshipped fast into Exequrors and we got 2 more Griffins! ) and warped back to Loes gate but he jumped to Melmaniel before we get hold of him.

And we got the system completely to ourselves since there was only unistas inside! So, whose system is Ouelletta now ? :P

(17:37:00) Ouelletta
Augoror -21.14m
Augoror -20.09m
Dominix +201.1m
Griffin -0.78m
Vexor -17.49m

After we looted the grid we warped to Melmaniel gate to get another fight with them maybe but our Griffin pilot reported that there is only one capsuleer in Melmaniel, Amber and he is probably docked, so no fights! While I was calling it off and gave the fleet to align the JUF gate, gate flashed and a Retriever just dropped out of blue. Well, though luck! We took care of the Retriever fast and then we retreated to Amygnon to dock up!

(17:51:45) Ouelletta
Retriever +29.13m
Griffin -0.68m

ISK Destroyed: 230,231,514.38
ISK Lost: 60,177,733.85
ISK Delta: 170,053,780.53
Efficiency: 79.278%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    + Very fast response from all. Formed a decent fleet in 4-5 minutes.
    + A newbro, Dynamo Crash, joined the fleet and flew a Vexor. He lost the Vexor but gained good experience and he will be SRP'ed anyways :)
    + Comms discipline.
    (Negative stuff)
    - Logistics warped to zero instead of their optimals. We could have save logistics by bouncing them off only to hold the grid more and get that Bhaalgorn too maybe.
    - Griffin pilots need practice for bouncing too :) But that is my bad since I should have explain them how to ECM and bounce right away and bounce back to get off gate guns.

    So these two points may be better next time and we can kill the Bhaalgorn :)

Re: [HSC] Your system no more !

PostPosted: 2018.12.06 18:14
by Mike Kingswell
Good fast police action! Noone messes with Unibros 2j from HSC.

Should have warped at range - but they DID get their focus on logi in quite fast and well organised, hats off to them!


Our great FC Ersin:

Re: [HSC] Your system no more !

PostPosted: 2018.12.07 15:37
by Ersin Oghuz
Well we had to do what we need to do . Purge the systems, with Fire :)