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[AAR] NSC Quick Reaction Fight in PC9 on JH Gate 11/30/2018

A fight in two acts on the JH Gate in PC9.

Fleet Members (4)
Mongo the Mechanic - Jaguar / Omen Navy Issue
Drault Sarn - Merlin / Caracal
Dominic Altol - Thorax / Arbitrator

Kills and Losses
Kikimora + 338,837,077.00

Jaguar - 46,161,596.00
Manticore - 42,328,844.00

(Positive stuff) Good participation, following the initial
Merlin - 9,871,117.00

Capsule - 0

Thorax - 27,588,031.00

ISK Destroyed: 338,837,077.00
ISK Lost: 125,949,588.00
ISK Delta: 212,887,489.00
Efficiency: 72.9%

Overall Evaluation
Mongo the Mechanic (Jaguar) said he had a Neutral (Kikimora) under observation near the JH gate in PC9. He asked if anyone could help and three (3) of us responded so Mongo engaged the Neutral, gaining a point. Eir Geiravor (Manticore) warped in, and engaged, in the rush, because the engagement had started, Eir was not able to control range, was pointed and destroyed at about the same time . Drault Sarn (Merlin) landed about the time Mongo and Eir were destroyed, engaged the Neutral, and was destroyed about the time Dominic Altol (Thorax) landed, and was destroyed.

We reshipped, and Mongo (Omen Navy Issue) spotted the Neutral, we formed up and engaged in a coordinated effort and were able to destroy the Kikimora.

(Positive stuff) (things to keep doing) Good participation, we had eyes on a Neut in the NSC home system, and 4 Unistias responded quickly to address the threat. After the initial losses, adjusted our tactics to get the kill.

(Negative stuff) (things to improve) The biggest negative was poor initial coordination - didn't discuss which ships to bring to the fight - didn't form up to arrive on grid together, this is in part due to the urgency to get on grid to support Mongo.