[AAR] Dead Bird Fleet


Jessica Farrish


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Assistant Campus Manager

Post 2018.12.02 01:54

[AAR] Dead Bird Fleet

Roam members (15)
Andreas Morawitz - Moa
Annie Velez
Anor Noban
Auric Fulcrum
B'aldrick Aivoras - Moa
Draco Decius - Moa
Ged Sinak - Malediction
Jessica Farrish - Moa
Juran Otsolen - Osprey
Lance Erquilenne - Moa
Neemo Beer
Reed Gryphon - Osprey
Tarco Kurvora - Moa
VincentSeradin - Osprey

Kills and Losses

(21:36:03) Ostingele
Tristan +1.11m
Capsule +0.01m

(22:30:27) Prism
Capsule +0.01m
Venture +0.27m

(23:02:45) Reitsato
Osprey -22.8m
Moa -36.49m
Moa -36.94m
Moa -29.42m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 1,399,408.8
ISK Lost: 125,668,814.36
ISK Delta: -124,269,405.56
Efficiency: 1.101%

Overall evaluation

We started the roam in Citadel 101, and proceded to Stacmon to meet another fleetmember. We took the Low-Sec route through Ouelletta. The trip was uneventful until we arrived in Ostingele. Our scout reported he had a Tristan at a large plex, he engaged and tackled the Tristan and I warped the fleet to engage. The Tristan was destroyed. After a quick stop in Stacmon to allow a fleetmember to reship, we set our destination for Okkamon. The route through to Okkamon was again uneventful until we arrived in Prism. Our scout found a Venture and tackled it. I warped the fleet to the scout and we destroyed the Venture. On a funny note, the Venture pilot attempted to escape by ejecting his pod before his ship was destroyed! We finished the trip to Okkamon without any other engagements. We looked around in adjacent systems and were unable to find any other engagements. After a little discussion we decided to head over to Tama. Nothing to note about the trip there other than there wasn't a gatecamp in Tama on the Nourvukaiken gate. It was decided to head back to Stacmon at this point and we started jumping back and scouting systems to try and find further engagements. We arrived at the Reitsato gate in Kedama and a Praxis landed on gate and jumped through into Reitsato. Our scout was there and tackled the Praxis. I told the fleet to jump through and engage. Shortly after engaging the Praxis, three (3) Bhaalgorns and a Vindicator jumped through the gate and engaged our fleet. Either they were chasing the Praxis, or the Praxis was bait. After we lost one of our logi ships and a Moa, I told the fleet to scatter. We lost three (3) Moa's, an Osprey, and a pod in the engagement. Since I was in one of the Moa's that was lost, I turned FC duties over to another fleet member and the fleet made best speed back to Stacmon.

    (Positive stuff)

    -I give kudos to our scout who was relatively new to scouting and he did a great job.
    -We had several New Bros in the fleet and they did a good job listening to commands and we stayed together as a fleet for the most part.

    (Negative stuff)

    -There was a bit of miscommunication in our last engagement and a few fleet members were unsure about whether we were engaging the Praxis or
    not. I take responsibility for that.
    -This was my first time as FC, and I made the mistake of clicking the wrong button and warping the fleet to the wrong place, or just warping myself instead of the whole fleet.



Anor Noban



Post 2018.12.02 02:54

Re: [AAR] Dead Bird Fleet

I just want to say I learned a ton doing this for a first time. Appreciate you doing a great job coordinating things! Ged for giving me an appropriately named tackle frigate! And Auric Fulcrum was awesome giving me tips in chat and on Mumble setup for whisper etc! Thanks for helping me out!

Lance Erquilenne



Post 2018.12.03 20:16

Re: [AAR] Dead Bird Fleet

Hey I enjoyed the fleet very much as well. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks to our FC, who did a great job for first time FCing. Props to Ged as well :)

Ged Sinak



Post 2018.12.05 22:59

Re: [AAR] Dead Bird Fleet

Hello Jessica,

You did an excellent job as a first time FC! From the beginning, I wouldn't have guessed that it was your first time ever leading a fleet :D Like I said during the fleet, I have some tips for you to use in the future. I am posting this as part of the thread so that other people may be able to learn from this as well

1) Comms Silence: As an FC, it is very important that you do not stay quiet. You are the head of the fleet and people need ot be able to hear your voice, no matter how repetitive and annoying it becomes. When we are flying around, don't be afraid to start a conversation about something random to break up the boredom of jumping from gate to gate. Talk about fitting, post pictures of your computer setup, etc...

2) Communicating with scouts: The scouts are pretty much your forward FC when flying with a fleet. They find you the content and your job it to get the fleet to where the scout is. As an FC, it is very important that you make sure that your scouts are constantly talking to you. A few times, there were some misscommunications between the scouts and the fleet where we ended up being a few jumps ahead of the fleet thinking that you were right behind us. For example, it could be as simple as asking the scout where they are or to repeat the system they are scouting in when they call what is in system.

3) Commands in general: When you are an FC, your main job it to make sure the fleet knows that is going on. You are the strategist and you need to make sure your line members know what the fleet is doing at all times. Simple things such as ALWAYS repeating commands multiple times when in combat or when moving the fleet around. I usually say commands twice or more to make sure that everyone hears me if I broke up during the first time I gave the command. And, when repeating commands it gives you the ability to talk more which helps avoid comms silence.

4) Combat comms: When we are in combat even against one little frigate it is essential that the fleet always hears your voice and that you have control over comms. I like to say that when you are engaging a target, 30 seconds before the engagement happens you give the fleet a short overview of the plan and what they will be doing when they land on grid. By doing this, you give the fleet confidence that you know what is happening.

Other than that, great fleet! All these points are things that ALL beginner FC's have problems with. It is something that comes with the experience of getting a fleet of people to shut up and listen to you. If you want some more generalized tips, you can read through the comments section of my first AAR where many old member debate about some pretty important and cool points. https://forum.eveuniversity.org/viewtop ... 6&t=110152. And as always, dont be afraid to message me in game or on alumni slack if you have any questions :)
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