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NoP Monday Roam 11/20/18

Roam members (14)
Aiden Chance - Federation Navy Comet
Ana'ander Lamora - Merlin
Archemide - Merlin
Atticus Vex - Merlin
Conci Furiram - Merlin
CyberBlackEagle - Merlin
Devoros Vyndiver - Merlin
Drault Sarn - Merlin
Lucius Septimus Severus - Merlin
Neemo Beer - Merlin
Satoshi Tomeii - Merlin
Takashi Aihaken - Merlin
Vrix Torqueo - Merlin
Yan Anzomi - Merlin

Kills and Losses

(03:02:22) Kinakka
Thorax +23.36m
Capsule +0.01m

(03:15:08) Akidagi
Merlin -10.7m

(03:33:39) Reitsato, Rakapas
Merlin -10.14m
Merlin -5.5m
Stabber +41.25m

(03:50:12) Asakai
Harbinger +70.82m
Federation Navy Comet -18.49m
Merlin -6.66m
Merlin -12.62m
Merlin -5.96m
Merlin -5.49m
Merlin -11.69m
Prophecy +81.27m
Capsule -0.01m

(04:32:10) Reitsato, Heydieles
Caldari Navy Hookbill +30.65m
Merlin -8.84m

ISK Destroyed: 247,357,447.01
ISK Lost: 100,780,842.85
ISK Delta: 146,576,604.16
Efficiency: 71.051%

Overall evaluation
    We had a good night and roamed lowsec pretty effectively. There were some targets that were hard to engage such as a WT Garmur that chased us around, he could not get us and we could not get him. Same story with some Dramiels, not WTs, but still annoyed us. Had some good fights, and got some larger ships which is great versus ganking Atrons in plexes which has been the story recently. Nano fits and kitey fast ships are just tough to engage with slower stuff such as Merlins.
    (Positive stuff)
    Getting lots of FC experience. Gotta keep at it. Glad we were ISK positive, lots of content. Took on Ged Sinak and Fenris in BCs, we basically YOLO'd it and came out on top. Warp at 0 FTW.
    (Negative stuff)
    Need more practice with complex engagements. Later in the fleet we had a bunch of stuff harassing us and we could not pin them down. Lots of games on gates. Positive on that is they did not trick any of us into going flashy at the wrong time or using engagement timers against us, though they used mechanics to keep away.