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[AAR][Class] 18:00 NNitH @10.06.18

PostPosted: 2018.10.06 20:45
by Mhzentul Lafarius
Ran my second class in EVE, introducing folks to living at the Wormhole Campus! Based on feedback from the first class, reduced the knowledge portion (to be covered in WH 101 and 201) and focused on actual regular activities in the campus.

Athena Firefly
Dropbear Maroon
Ghad Makanen
Kiuna McGullygosh
Kranamor Andedare
Liability Man
Nicholas Pilger
Phileas Levesque
Devola Gestalt

Formed in Stacmon, reviewed fits and headed out early. We had two folks who had never been in a wormhole so it was exciting to get them to see this vast part of the EVE Universe! We toured the campus wormhole and headed out to farm content in our static C3. We had some activity in the chain and eventually bombers came into system. We had finished several sites and were already heading out so we headed back to WHC quickly. Feedback form was linked and the students returned to Hisec.

Big thanks to Kabal for assisting directly with the class, and all the campus members that prepared by rage rolling and joined during class in welcoming the participants to the campus and helping run the sites.

    More action less talk was well received for the NNitH
    Would be good to get a little PVP, maybe by having a WHC member fleet out hunting while we run PVE.
    Didn't have an easy Gas site to get to this time around - maybe roll bacon for something suitable
    Needed more time to rage roll a good connection ahead of time. We started 3 hours early, will plan for 4 next time.

Thank you for joining the class and for giving me the opportunity to further learn about running classes. Feedback very much appreciated!

Re: [AAR][Class] 18:00 NNitH @10.06.18

PostPosted: 2018.10.07 12:56
by Devola Gestalt
It seems I was forgotten in the Participant list. The young logibro I am always appreciate some gratitude (and a share of the ISK of the fleet, we all have to pay our ships somehow 8) ).

Thanks for the fleet. It was nice for once to be the big fish ruling the wormhole, and not the solo explo frigate who has to hide :).

Re: [AAR][Class] 18:00 NNitH @10.06.18

PostPosted: 2019.05.06 00:33
by Mhzentul Lafarius
Participant added and payout made just now! Sorry for the omission!