Post 2018.06.18 10:02

Re: [SMALL GANG TOURNAMENT] The Dead Pilot's Society [FINAL AAR]

This was my eleventh and our last fleet. We went out strong a last time before downtime, competing with Gemma's Germs. We were not quite sure if we were closing in on them. :P it was a great last fleet and we felt great after completing it. We were hunting until the last seconds before downtime!

Roam members (3)
Alexander Oromov - Federation Navy Comet
Tiberius Auduin - Federation Navy Comet
Zoltan Irvam - Federation Navy Comet, Atron

Kills and Losses

(08:21:45) Agoze
Endurance +49.9m

(08:33:45) Renarelle
Thrasher +17.48m
Capsule +21.07m

(08:54:16) Kinakka
Vigil Fleet Issue +40.4m

(09:02:21) Akidagi
Punisher +10.07m
Merlin +14.73m
Merlin +13.25m

(09:09:59) Nennamaila
Federation Navy Comet -48.96m

(09:20:19) Pynekastoh
Federation Navy Comet -36.43m
Dragoon +21.89m

(09:28:10) Heydieles
Punisher +8.21m

(09:54:06) Kedama
Thrasher +19.56m

(10:21:06) Hirri
Algos +25.78m

(10:34:44) Hikkoken
Crucifier Navy Issue +44.51m

(10:45:27) Oicx
Atron -3.54m

ISK Destroyed: 286,852,028.2
ISK Lost: 88,934,104.42
ISK Delta: 197,917,923.78
Efficiency: 76.334%