[AAR] Wednesday Night Battle Ventures - We Shoot Big Stuff

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[AAR] Wednesday Night Battle Ventures - We Shoot Big Stuff

Post by Tomlin »

We took some Battle Ventures out around Stacmon tonight for some fun. Formed up with 24 in fleet and went for a roam with 22 Ventures and 2 Condors. We had some people new to PVP in fleet, so we took it slow before venturing out into hostile space.

As usual, the Battle Ventures caused some confusion along the way:
WanderingWarmonger > jesus
WanderingWarmonger > gl boys
Nala MalDoran > tf is going on here
In terms of content, Lowsec was quiet, we didn't see much, and lost a few Ventures and a scout to gate guns at one point, so we went into Syndicate. We went into the BMN corner to look for content and found a wolf. We killed it, but it took down one venture as we did. We also saw Mongo in system out on a solo roam, and I asked him to defend us poor helpless miners, but alas, he was hunting.

After that we saw a bunch of Sedition folks moving around in Shuttles, so we stuck around a system for a bit. They undocked a Nidhoggur from an NPC station, so I took us over to it and we all started shooting it for fun and to see what would happen.
Hallor Sinclair > kinda rude
Hallor Sinclair > dont make me smartbomb
A 2nd Nidhoggur undocked, so I figured we should just leave, so we carried on Eastwards towards our part of Syndicate.

We ran into a Pinecones guy while going around and he wanted to fight, so we played some gate games with his Atron and Brutix. Unfortunately I ended up on one side of the gate with him and not many others, so I died quick. But the fleet finished them both off.
Here's the BR of that: https://br.evetools.org/br/668f467dd32bb100121c20ce

I went back to Stacmon to reship, and told the fleet to dock up in an NPC station in 2X- and take a quick break. I didn't know that was Pinecones staging, as they had some more log in to join the fun and camp the undock. A few people called it a night here and logged off, and we had someone from PC9 join us in a Wolf.

We met back up and managed to get out, but Darius offered us a fight. I negotiated it down from a Paladin + Naga + multiple dictors to just fight 1 battleship. We met at the sun to fight his Hyperion, and uhhh, struggled to break him at all. He was smartbombing off and on, so we were bouncing in and out of range, but not doing a whole lot. After we had lost about half the fleet I started looking elsewhere. Someone mentioned a dictor camping each outgate, so I said we'd abandon the Hyperion and just try to kill something squishier before we died. Alas we could not, and we all went down fighting.
And here's that BR: https://br.evetools.org/br/668f464245bd240012540f57

Darius did join our fleet after and gave a few random members ships as a thank you for bringing the fight. That was a nice touch and people were very appreciative.

Learnings and Reflections
Gate guns were a pain in lowsec, but I'm glad we found some stuff in Nullsec. Real good numbers today too. It sounds like people had a good time overall and was a fun fleet.

I think the Nidhoggur stuff was fun in a way. In any other ships they would have been hostile towards us, but there was lots of local banter and them just letting us shoot them. Fun part of flying meme fleets there when even hostiles are being friendly.

For some reason, people were channeling their inner Ryan Stiles with us tonight too
youngpuke2 > do you guys want a fight?
ELF Prince > you all want a fight
Darius Caliente > let me find a ship and I'll give you a 1vAll and everyone will stay out

~134 mil destroyed and ~340 mil lost. Darius did give away ships worth more than that in value to the fleet as well, so some people didn't walk away empty-handed.
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Re: [AAR] Wednesday Night Battle Ventures - We Shoot Big Stuff

Post by Lord AARP »

The Top Ships section on my zkill account after last night.

Venture 2
Manticore 1
Capsule 1

Sounds about right for a Wednesday Night update. Thanks again Tomlin, scouts and fleet for another epic Eve Uni adventure.
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