[AAR] Battle Ventures in Averon

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[AAR] Battle Ventures in Averon

Post by Tomlin »

I decided to take out some Battle Ventures to cruise around the new mining campus in Averon. Jalxan and the Events Department graciously provided us with 30 of them to go out, and we used all of them up perfectly. Literally contracted the 30th one to someone for the final reship for our last fight.

Anyhow, we had ~20 people in fleet form up. 19 of us in Ventures and Urzuu in a Malediction scouting ahead for us. This was a lowsec roam around Averon, so we started out by going to SW Everyshore. It was pretty quiet, so we headed into Sinq Liason. We scared a Venture off a gate, and then off a belt, so we just headed to outgate. While we were sitting on the outgate I saw it on d-scan at another belt, so I just cold-warped the entire fleet to it. We landed on it and managed to lock it down before it could get off. It popped quick. Afterwards many fleetmates felt guilty and sent some isk to the new player, so they profited off their death at least. And it seemed fitting to kill a venture as our first kill on a venture fleet.

After that we continued into Northern Domain. A bifrost landed on us at a gate and tried to boosh us off, but something failed (somebody scrammed it perhaps?). We beat it down, and lost a few people to gate guns as we did.
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They then reshipped to an Enyo and followed us for a few jumps. Similar results here, we fought it on a gate, and killed it, but lost a few people to scrams and gate guns.

We continued on into Kador and then Genesis looking for fights. We had a few close calls with people cloaking up on gates with us, but no catches. I called for a break in Petidu in Genesis for 5 mins. At this point we were talking about making a trip to the New Eden Gate, and there were people ratting near it, so I figured we could potentially get more kills and maybe see the gate then sacrifice ourselves to it or something. As we were getting ready to undock, I got a message from GnI saying he had a battleship back near Averon if we wanted to fight. I put it to a vote for the fleet, and I think we had 8 votes for fighting Gni, 4 for going to the gate. So we turned back and headed back towards Averon. Someone did mention they would set up a gate pilgrimage fleet soon however.

On the way back we had a Praxis jump into us and seem like it wanted to play. Urzuu tackled it, so we all joined in the fun. We tried to manage bouncing off and back as people were primaried. We lost a few people again, but definitely traded well as we took it down.
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We reformed and got a bunch of the people who had died back into Ventures, like I said earlier, using up exactly all of the ones ordered. Pro FC logistics planning right there.

GnI was in a belt, so we warped in and started shooting his Tempest. He was fighting back well, but people just were warping off as he tried to scram them and primary them down. We killed his Tempest, podded him, and then he came back in a hauler which we took out to. It was a bit of a slaughter, but fun practice. We did unfortunately lose Alex to Concord when we jumped into High-sec, they didn't like that he podded Gni apparently.

After that we got the fleet back to High-sec and I stood it down. Some people kept their ships, others sent them back, so we've got a few kicking around for the next time someone wants to do Battle Ventures

Turlough generously donated 5 Venture skins to be given out as prizes during the event. I picked a few categories beforehand, and here are the winners:
First to join fleet: Amfion Bravais
First Killmail: Tommy Yaken
Highest Damage on First Killmail: Turlough, who refused, so I changed it to:
Second Killmail: Mindy Mercury
First Death: OstryZbyszek
Punniest: Bates Larsson (this was originally going to the first person to make a "Rock and Stone" joke or DRG quote, but Bates was just on fire with puns for each system name, so he got this. He (or ChatGPT perhaps) even wrote me a limerick.)
There once was a pilot named Tomlin,
Whose ventures in battle were quite uncommon.
In Eve's starry expanse,
He'd make enemies dance,
With a ship built for mining—what an odd one!

~624 mil destroyed (or 1.3bil counting Gni's pre-arranged fight) and ~194 mil lost. I must admit, I did not expect this fleet to go isk-positive.

Lots of fun everyone, thanks for coming along. Don't forget to submit any screenshots to the competition if you took any. And thank you again to Jalxan and Turlough/Events for sponsoring the free ships for all.
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Re: [AAR] Battle Ventures in Averon

Post by Turlough Dominian »

Thank you very much for the fleet was enjoyable

I even got a new toy so im super happy
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