[AAR] Tuesday Nullsec Roam #2

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[AAR] Tuesday Nullsec Roam #2

Post by Tomlin »

Whew, we found some fights this time.

Formed up with ~21 people in fleet, including a few first time PVPers, new logi folks, a new scout, and a first time 2IC. We did some basics on fleet manuevers, then yeeted off into Outer Ring. We headed down into Fountain in search of our good buddy Archimedes and his crew, and got an offer for a fight from Odin's Call along the way. I opted to take them up on their offer, so we held in system and they brought in 13 Thrasher Fleet Issues. They warped in on us, we took the fight, and got some kills before going down. Trading more would have been a bit nicer, but they had the DPS advantage and got the jump on us. I think shotcalling got a bit confusing and hard for some people to follow here since I was calling names out and might have missed a target broadcast or 2.


Some of them sent ISK to some players in our fleet as well to cover their ship losses. Classy folks there.

We reformed because that had been less than an hour. Lost a few folks and had a few new ones join in, so we went out again with ~19. Filament took us to Stain this time, so we decided to head over to Esoteria. We lost a scout to a Flycatcher on a gate, and then 2nd scout reported a few battleships and marauders in the next system with the flycatcher friend. Mumble was dying on us here a bit, and I decided we could use some more practice on bigger ships, so we jumped in and took the fight. It was a losing situation, but we tried to burn down a Dominix on gate. We got it to 3/4 hull before our losses were too great. In hindsight perhaps the Caracal Navy Issue sitting 30km+ off gate would have been a better target. We did try for the flycatcher, but he just kept jumping gate or burning out. No kills for us on this one sadly.


Today was a bit painful for the isk delta and wallets. 92 mil destroyed and 836 mil lost. But on the plus side, it was far from boring, and we had a lot of people get experience in new roles and combat situations. Realistically I shouldn't have taken the 2nd fight and just gone taken us elsewhere, but frustrations with Mumble being unreliable made me a bit more risk-taking than normal.
And hey, we didn't kill any poor innocent miners or ratters minding their own business, it was all consensual PVP.
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Re: [AAR] Tuesday Nullsec Roam #2

Post by Alex Maillar »

I was expecting the 2nd run to go overtime for me, so I was only there for the first part.

Those thrashers warping directly on top of use tore my Kirin apart in like 3 seconds, first salvo took 1/3rd of my shield away, I'm not sure anyone even got a rep on me before I exploded. So in hindsight just sitting there and trying to tank the damage doesn't seem like a good idea.

I wonder if the logi group should have activated MWDs as soon as they started warping to us and get some range from the engagement. Or not be in one ball of ships in the first place.

With the hail that they seem to have fitted, their falloff was something like 8 km, so getting just 10 or 20 km away would probably have reduced the incoming damage quite a bit. Granted, I only got an optimal of 5km on my ship, but shield boosting in falloff sound still way better than watching from a capsule. Their damage seemed overwhelming any way, but maybe we could have prolonged the battle for a bit and have gotten a better exchange rate with some reps.

From what I could see, they wiped the logis off the field in seconds practically unopposed before going to town on the DD ships.
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