[AAR] PVP with Yuri

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[AAR] PVP with Yuri

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Went for a roam, came out ISK positive despite FC's screwup.

Roam members (8)
Altair Nullwing - Merlin
Ezzanator - Caracal
Flando Prime - Sabre
Kitava Stardust - Osprey Navy Issue
Lykos Zahir - Caracal
Menelmir - Osprey Navy Issue
StJordi Endaviour - Scythe
Yuri Levnik - Hecate
Kills and Losses

We yeeted into Horde space and drew a small response. A pesky Eris bubbled us, but then a PVE Tengu friend of his landed in the bubble. Kaboom! Evac'ed most of the loot too!

(16:17:33) XTJ-5Q
Tengu +965.12m
Capsule +613.05m

They chased us slowly and without probes but I made a mistake and instead of filamenting us out I kept jumping ahead of them. They formed ahead of us and caught a few of us, ouch. My bad y'all.
(16:44:51) F48K-D, BZ-BCK
Scythe -25.56m
Capsule -0.01m
Osprey Navy Issue -83.05m
Caracal -32.72m
Hecate -131.05m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 1,578,173,051.59
ISK Lost: 272,426,827.44
ISK Delta: 1,305,746,224.15
Efficiency: 85.279%

"He's like a shark; a shark doesn't eat you because he hates you. He eats you because he's hungry and you're there." - Elihugh Beecher
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