[AAR] Magic Merlin 19.11.2023

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Shukken Tekitsu
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[AAR] Magic Merlin 19.11.2023

Post by Shukken Tekitsu »

Roam members (24)
Abnotus - Merlin
Alex EpicPotato - Merlin
Amfion Bravais - Merlin
Benu Six - Merlin
Bolas Underwhelmer - Stiletto
Brotakul o7 - Merlin
ChosunOne - Merlin
Clarityz - Burst
Gabriel CHL - Merlin
InsideCat - Merlin
Kirk en Hammett - Merlin
Lykos Zahir - Merlin
Nessie Black - Burst
Rhiandia - Merlin
Rubius V - Merlin
Sev'ra Soule - Merlin
Shaemus O'Conor - Merlin, Griffin
Shukken Tekitsu - Jackdaw
Spooky Splore - Merlin
Taka Bassam - Burst
Tron401 - Burst
bazingamogus - Crow
stop posting cringe - Sabre
Kills and Losses

Quick formup with all key roles (Dictor, Scout, Combat Probes, Logi, DPS) but we missed ECM which will be important later.
We only filamented once today and had some Ishtars on D-Scan. But Scouts were not able to catch them.
After some attempts we finally got a Vexor. First blood.

(13:39:19) I1-BE8
Vexor +23.76m

Then, the fun began. A multiboxer warped his Ishtars into us. We were already setup at the gate with Bubbles to catch something else.
Quickly killed the Ishtars and waited for our timers to disappear to take gate.

(13:48:48) T-K10W
Ishtar +233.32m
Merlin -7.34m
Capsule +0.01m
Ishtar +271.83m
Merlin -3.73m

A Scorpion lands. I hear Bazinga say "Whut" in disbelive and the Scorpion lands in our Bubble. Half the Fleet aggressed and after the Scorpion did not break, I decided to let the whole Fleet aggress and Bazinga would catch it on the other side. Scorpion took gate, Bazinga caught it, Fleet followed 1min later and killed it. In the end the Scorpion was joined by 3 Basis, which were almost able to hold it. But we stayed on target and killed it.

(13:56:47) V-LDEJ
Scorpion +350.13m

Tried our luck on the Basis but were not able to break them. Got some intel from the other side that there was more to fight. So, took gate and killed some more stuff. At first we were not able to break the Basi reps but our ECM-Hero Shaemus O'Conor (lost his merlin, reshipped in thera into a griffin) made the difference. Jamming the basis and together with FC (who damped their sensor res) we were able to break the reps and kill more ships.

(14:02:53) T-K10W
Muninn +238.86m
Capsule +0.01m
Merlin -6.89m
Merlin -7.18m
Merlin -6.05m
Capsule -0.01m

(14:14:04) T-K10W, V-LDEJ
Burst -7.22m
Loki +521.15m
Merlin -3.81m
Hurricane +86.99m
Merlin -6.9m
Manticore +64.79m
Capsule +0.01m
Hurricane +84.58m
Sabre -83.53m
Myrmidon +84.73m
Caracal +33.48m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule +0.01m

The fight was really great. Everybody did an awesome job and we were able to punch way above our weight. We were even able to extract almost 10 pilots. Thanks to everybody who came to this fleet o7

ISK Destroyed: 1,993,643,576.98
ISK Lost: 132,666,033
ISK Delta: 1,860,977,543.98
Efficiency: 93.761%

Overall evaluation
  • Nessi is back \o/
    New players in their first fleet
    Combat probing targets on grid
    ECM from the start next time, maybe
    Almost not enough Ammo :D
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Re: [AAR] Magic Merlin 19.11.2023

Post by Clarityz »

After the two hurricanes you managed to extract most of us off-grid and while we were breathing you were talking with bazinga about the loki fit. And how it's a logi loki with links. Great target selection. Bazinga provided a warp in, we broke it with jams/damps on the logi, it was awesome! Love going back in!

I was the last logi to get shot at, I managed to bounce and stay alive the rest of the fleet! When our logi wing was breaking it broke real slow, giving us time to kill the hurricanes. Everyone did a good job

Hope people had fun, was a great engagement!
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Shaemus O'Conor
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Re: [AAR] Magic Merlin 19.11.2023

Post by Shaemus O'Conor »

The decision to take us back into the fight Shukken, that was a great call!

But your initial reasoning to not bring EWAR but more DPS instead still is valid, it is rare on these kind of yeeting fleets to fight more than one target at once. That was indeed surprising that things went the way they did. Also in a way with me being blapped off the field early on and with Thera only 6 jumps out, being able to reship specifically for what you were fighting helped a lot, 3 blue jammers against the Basis were way more useful than a rainbow fit if we had the Griffin along from the start.

Happy to fly with you again, was a fun fleet. My ECM boats are ready! :wink: The salt must flow.
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Spooky Splore
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Re: [AAR] Magic Merlin 19.11.2023

Post by Spooky Splore »

Incredible first real PvP fleet for me, learned a ton and didn't even pick up half of what you've run down here as it happened. Thanks to you and the team for crushing it!
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