[FW] Scheduled FW Fleet 2023-09-19

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Ying Ti Charen-Teng
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[FW] Scheduled FW Fleet 2023-09-19

Post by Ying Ti Charen-Teng »

Roam members (7)
AidenPryde - Thrasher
Auryn Aurelius - Thrasher
Gurna Smunkle - Thrasher
Jay iron - Thrasher
Michael Tempest - Thrasher
Ying Ti Charen-Teng - Thrasher, Talwar
Zeros Mu - Thrasher
Initially we went with high-projection destroyers to help take the Alparena Battlefield, which was successfully secured. Then we patrolled around the war zone, taking some size-5 plexes and supply caches as we looked for kills.

The southern war zone was completely dead so we went up north.

Kills and Losses

(04:10:16) Nennamaila
A pirate slicer slid in on us inside a small advanced plex in Nennamaila, and didn't successfully get off the warp point.
Imperial Navy Slicer +23.28m
Capsule +0.01m

(04:23:03) Aldranette
We fought a 6-man cruiser/frigate fleet in Aldranette, knowing we'll lose but hoping we could take down some of them with us. Another 2 enemy ENIs warped in after the fighting started and the fight didn't go our favor, but we still came out ahead in ISK.
Exequror Navy Issue +96.06m
Thrasher -16.71m
Thrasher -8.88m
Thorax +47.36m
Thrasher -3.62m
Thrasher -3.58m
Thrasher -10.27m
Thrasher -10.49m

LP Gained: around 252,281 LP
ISK Value (assuming 700 ISK per LP): 176,596,700 ISK per person

ISK Destroyed: 166,709,830.65
ISK Lost: 53,544,593.04
ISK Delta: 113,165,237.61
Efficiency: 75.69%

Overall evaluation
  • Won a battlefield
  • Earned a lot of LP
  • We had a few newbros joining us!
  • The form-up was a bit slow. It was due to me pinging at the undock time rather than a little beforehand.
  • Not a lot of fights
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Clevin Reinaps
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Re: [FW] Scheduled FW Fleet 2023-09-19

Post by Clevin Reinaps »

Aug Navy from the Aldranette fight here, thanks (as always!) for taking the fight with us last night. We had some good learning opportunities from it as well.

We could have planned our engagement terms better, positioning the ENI and Thorax further off the beacon, hopefully enticing you to go after the closer, tankier target (me, the NAug). We also had some miscommunications on who the primary target was, splitting some damage unnecessarily.

Unfortunately I was messaging the other ENI (Kiramati) about coordinating engaging you guys at the Large plex...as you repositioned to take the fight to us, so he was able to join in quickly. He otherwise wasn't in our comms.

FWIW I forgot to tell him when you were sliding (or that you hadn't yet), so was hoping you'd slide quick to prevent him feeding directly into you. I can do a better job there.

GF's, looking forward to the next one o7
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