[FW] Scheduled FW Fleet 2023-09-15

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[FW] Scheduled FW Fleet 2023-09-15

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Roam members (6)
Berkhe Boynukara - Thrasher
Gurna Smunkle - Thrasher
Jay iron - Thrasher, Punisher
Michael Tempest - Thrasher
Talianium Benim - Thrasher
Ying Ti Charen-Teng - Thrasher, Celestis
We started to patrol the war zone from Abune to Pynekastoh, taking size-5 plexes and destroying enemy supply caches. While we were plexing in Pynekastoh, I saw there were a bunch of kills in Oicx so we went over, however, the fight was already over when we got there, and the system was empty.

Kills and Losses

(02:40:06) Aldranette
On our way back to Pynekastoh, we killed an afk pod on the gate.
Capsule +0.01m

(02:59:05) Nennamaila
After plexing in Pynekastoh, we moved on to Nennamaila, where there were 25 Calmil in local. We went to a small plex to bait a fight, and killed a kestrel who was sitting in it. However the locals didn't come out to fight us, so we moved on to Aldranette.
Kestrel +5.79m

(03:08:01) Aldranette
In Aldranette, we engaged a Harpy gang in a medium plex. We managed to kill 2 before we had to warp away.
Thrasher -10.41m
Harpy +38.13m
Harpy +35.15m
Thrasher -12.7m
Thrasher -10.46m
Thrasher -9.23m

(03:14:45) Vlillirier
When reshipping in Vlil, the Harpy gang landed on station and engaged a friendly Cyno. We undocked to try to save the Cyno, but it died, and Michael got booshed off and got killed by the Harpy gang.
Thrasher -13.81m

(03:40:56) Evaulon, Aldranette
Afterwards, we just danced around in Aldranette and Evaulon trying to evade the hostile Harpy gang. Since we only had 5 thrashers left, it wasn't a good idea to engage while they had double our numbers and in better ships. Michael tackled a Coercer Navy Issue on a gate, it jumped through, but died later to a friendly. After I thought the coast was clear, we jumped back into Aldranette straight into the Harpy gang. We tried to burn back to the gate to jump back to Evaulon, but one of us didn't make it.
Coercer Navy Issue +33.26m
Thrasher -10.59m

(03:47:14) Aldranette
After the Harpy gang left, we went back to Aldranette and caught a Cormorant on a gate.
Cormorant +3.4m
Capsule +0.01m

(04:29:34) Nennamaila
When we were plexing in Oicx, a battlefield spawned in Nennamaila. We joined comms with the Galmil fleet forming to take the BF, and went in support ships. We were able to take the BF without contest, but not before a neutral Imicus warped in and got blobbed.
Imicus +1.06m

LP Gained: around 270,723 LP
ISK Value (assuming 700 ISK per LP): 189,506,100 ISK per person

ISK Destroyed: 116,804,914.66
ISK Lost: 67,194,233.75
ISK Delta: 49,610,680.91
Efficiency: 63.481%

Overall evaluation
  • Pretty good LP gain
    Didn't have enough to fight John Revenant's Harpy gang
    We were able to get some skirmishes with the Harpy gang and ended up ISK positive.
    Got chased around by the Harpy gang and we couldn't reach the promised land of Eha, where plexes are abundant and LP flows like water.
    Once during the fleet we jumped straight into the hostile fleet, this could have been prevented with better scouting.
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